Friday, December 16, 2011

Best Friends Farewell

We are all friends. Most of us will be splitting apart. So most times it will be quiet. We are all going to miss each other and remember all the laughs we had together. I am going to miss Litia. She is leaving. Hope we all have a good Christmas and new years. See you all in the future.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Planet Venus

This movie is about me going to another planet because there is a problem on earth. But when we get to Venus there is also a problem there as well. Watch my short clip to see what my solution is.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mr Coop's Scrumptious Food

To start off our first day of camp, Mr Coop our camp cook, had got up early in the morning to bake us campers fresh and delicious bread. Right after our usual morning fitness trail, we would come back smelling the most freshly and yummiest baked bread ever. Breakfast was always the best meal of the day for me.

Lunch had came and this time we could smell grilled sausages ready for hot dog making. As each child were lining up ready to make their own hot dog, some of us were really hungry so they didn’t take any notice of the line and pushed in. One bite in my
hot dog and I was in heaven. I didn’t want to go back to Auckland.

Then came dinner. The meal that would finish off the day which was spectacular. We had a meal that I would say was yummier than my Dad’s dishes. (Not saying that he can actually cook no offence) This made me want to stay for even longer.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ready for Year 6 Camp

In one more week we are off to Kawau Island for our Year 6 Camp. Yeayyyy.

Camp Benzon is in the North Cove of Kawau Island, and the one transport we use to travel there is by Ferry.

There are such amazing activities to do on Camp Benzon like the Confidence Course, which is one of the most favoured activities. Another cool activity there will be is Orienteering. This Course is set through large bushes around the Camp Site. And obviously we have to have Compasses.

The one thing that I am looking forward to is seeing the Dolphins as we go by them on the Ferry. I heard that they are really cute and this year we might be extremely lucky to see them.

A challenge for me will have to be Raft making, because if we make a raft that does not float, it will be extremely funny and embarrassing and will prove that you are not good at making rafts. (And proves that you are a bit heavy)

I just can’t wait for all of the fun activities that we are going to partake in. (Especially the eating)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tennis Coaching

OH MAN, this was bad, really bad. I do not know how to play Tennis, nor do I even know how to hold a Tennis racket properly. As Room 17 sat there on the steaming hot concrete, a man who was going to be our Tennis Coach introduced himself. His name was Marcel.

My fingers were really eager to hold a Racket. As soon as he had told us to pick up one as well as a Tennis ball, my heart started to beat faster. The first thing he had taught us to do, was how to hold a racket, which was one of the most worst problems I had with Tennis. The way he had told us how to hold it was like a frying pan. Soon I got the hang of being like a chef with a Tennis racket. Which was quiet odd.

After a little while, we had to get into partners. My partner was Serena, which was such a good choice. The reason why we had to get into Partners, was because we had to stand opposite each other from the net. Then one partner has to have the Tennis ball while the other has to have their racket with them. So obviously you could see that the one with the ball which was Serena had to chuck it over the net to me, so that I could wak it right back at her not to hard.

Sooner or later we had to move on to the next game which was King Ball. It was pretty much a mini game of Tennis, which was actually filled with fun and a lot of action. I had been put into a group of six. Our whole lesson we had been learning techniques and all of those techniques that we had learned had to be put in the matches that we were going to have with our opponents. The game did not go as planned, but it was still fun being King like only three times.

So today's first lesson didn't go so bad as I had expected. I just can't wait for next week see what Marcel will throw at us this time.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scrumptious Comets

“Please make a circle” Miss Garden had said elegantly. Today Room 17 and Room 16 were going to make Comets. (Well not the real ones) The Ingredients that we were going to use, to make them was; Ice Cream, for the main big Ice Rock, Biscuits to mash up into chunks , Ice Cream cones also, and last but not least the Chocolate decorations as well as Hundreds and Thousands sprinkles. As I was waiting impatiently in line, my fingers were extremely eager to touch the fresh from the fridge ice cream. There were two flavours. Vanilla and Chocolate. I obviously chose chocolate.

Did you know that Comets are made out of Ice and dust, kind of like a dirty snow ball. Did you also know that Comets can orbit the Solar System for at least 200 years, which is astonishing.

The way we were going to make our Comets was that we would get a nice round circle of Ice Cream, which would be the main body of the Comet. Then the biscuits would be for the bits of rock that are stuck inside and outside of a Comet. And the sprinkles would be for the dust that usually comes off of Comets. The cone, well that was for the tail.

As soon as I had got my massive chunk of Ice Cream, I sprinted as fast as I could outside to where they were making the most mess I have ever seen. Outside they were putting the mashed biscuits mixed with sprinkles on to our Ice Cram. Making it look as dusty as real Comet looks like. The mess outside was horrifying, because the dust (sprinkles and biscuits) were dropping everywhere in our Courtyard.

Phew, a sigh of relief covered my face. I had finished my beautiful Comet. To top it off after we were tossing it around with dust, we had to place the main body onto it’s tail, the cone. It looked superb and tasted superb as well.
Everything went very well, except for the mess that Mr Sommerville had made with both classes outside. Over all, everything was very good.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Swimming With The Turtles In Samoa

I got the most amazing opportunity to visit the beautiful island of Samoa. As I was just sitting there watching the turtles in fear thinking about what will happen when I hop into the water, was so dumb of me. I was wasting the most best chance of getting to swim with turtles. Luckily me and my relatives went while the sun was setting. It was so pretty.

“C’mon Rita come in they wont bite” my cousin named Peter yelled out in Samoan. I could see the expression on his face was HAHA you scared pants. Glancing to the right side of the shore I could see that my other little cousin named Methra was riding on a turtle. She made me look like a wuss because she is younger than me and she was already in. Out of the blue I stood up walked in and touched a baby turtle. Just like that.

Then suddenly somebody seized my hand and dragged me into the water. I was so surprised to see that it was my one and only Auntie Sela it was so lucky she was strong because she pigi banked me because I was so scared. As I was on her back I could see how the Turtles treat each other. I saw one turtle slap the other turtle in the face I felt sorry for the one that got slapped.

As I was soaking my feet in the water, my cousin whose name was Cina asked me if I wanted to feed the Turtles, and obviously I said yes straight away. This was the best opportunity ever. As I was getting handed the Yese, as they call the fruit in Samoan, I could see that the Turtles were already eager to get some. Slink, the noise of the fruit being sliced sounded like, the fruit I was feeding them was almost finished. These Turtles are such fast eaters.

As the time flew by the sun was almost set and it was getting darker. So we ended our whole fun day with the best, feast, ever. Samoan Saka (which contained Taro), Fish, Chicken, Luau (Samoan food), and etc. So that was just one day filled with fun I just couldn’t wait for the rest of my week.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wales vs Samoa

On September 18 on Sunday down in Hamilton, the game of Wales vs Samoa will be held at 3:30 pm. My prediction score of this will be,
Wales: 23
I am sorry Wales but this is my prediction please forgive me. And I also think that Samoa might win the Rugby World Cup.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cross Country

OH NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said to myself as I woke up this morning there is Cross Country today. Cross Country is when you get into your age group and run with all the children that are your age. But there obviously are boys races and girls races so we get separated. Oh man I remember last year my spot was not pretty. I really hope that this year my placing will be extremely better than last year. Thumbs up and I am hoping for a good place. Oh Yeah GO TAINUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Irish Presentation

Rugby World Cup

Going to the ASB Grounds and staying at the Chorus Stand

Today Mr Max Jacobsen, Mubasshira, Chante and I went to the ASB Show grounds in Greenlane.
We went there because we had to pretty much be ambassadors for the school, outside school.

In September 2011 some of our Pt England students worked at the Chorus stand demonstrating things we need USB for to help us learn.

The stall where we helped out was at the Chorus stall. It is the Company that is helping us to try to make our Broadband work way faster.

It was extremely fun because since Mr J was a hilarious clown we all had a heap of fun and made a lot of jokes. As we were there we had played a game. The point of the game was to try and get the most pamphlets. It was really hard because I thought that the pamphlets were only for adults and I was also way too shy to go up and get one. Most of the stalls had at least a bowl full of candy. After we all had a turn to have a go me and Chante were being a little crazy and sucking up the helium gas that was in our balloons. But yeah it was extremely fun and I wish to do it again some time. And thank you Mr J for the fun.

Historical Files about Camera's

I have been reading a story set in the future called Space Nuts Light Speed by Simon Cooke. Just like in this story, I have written a historical file about an object we use on earth, that someone could read about in the future.

Camera's are used to store photo's of any special occasion's and anything or anyone.
In the future there will be a camera installed in peoples eyes so that they won't miss a single time of their life that is funny. Or Sad or anything. In the future people will be able to scan their finger prints over their eyes so that they can print straight away.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Digestive System

The beginning of this term the Extension Group had a task to research about the Digestive System. We did this to find out about how Healthy bodies look like and how malnourished bodies looked like as well.

My bit in the movie is the Small intestine. It looks like sausages but really YUCK to eat. In an adults body it is about 7 meters long. And the fact that it lives in a humans body is astonishing. The small intestine (also known as small bowel) is the longest portion of the digestive track. It is also located in the abdomen.

I would rate my movie 5 out of ten because my voice over is really bad. But over all for the whole team I would give it a 9 out of ten which is excellent. And one mark off because of me. It is quiete funny as well.

Sit back relax and enjoy your way through the journey of the GUTS.






I've attempted to write about one main idea.

I have a key idea in the first sentence with supporting details in the following sentences.

I've used sentences that are connected and build up the main idea

Sentence Beginnings

I've attempted to use more than one varied sentence beginning.

I've used some carefully chosen vocabulary/clauses as sentence beginnings.

I've used carefully chosen vocabulary/clauses as sentence beginnings.

Variety of Sentences

I've attempted to use a variety of sentence types, lengths or complexities.

I've used a variety of sentence types (.?!"") and sentence lengths and complexities

I've carefully chosen a variety of sentence types, lengths & complexities to enhance the paragraph.


I've attempted to use some clever vocabulary.

I've chosen some clever vocabulary and have tried to use it appropriately.

I've carefully chosen clever vocabulary and have used it appropriately.


As we all were waiting impatiently to get a racket each, we had to learn how to hold the racket first. We had to grip the racket loosely and we had to act like we were shaking somebodies hand, which was quite awkward. And we had to let our wrist move and nothing else. Laureen taught us some of the ways we should hold it. One was the forehand it is when we are trying to hit the shuttle really hard over the net or when ever you like. Then there is a backhand when you would like to serve the shuttle or just hit it randomly.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Turtle Facts

My reading group has been learning to find information from a range or sources.
This presentation is about Sea Turtles, and shares facts I learnt about each species.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


When I walked past the hall, I saw that there were other classes playing a sport called Badminton which I haven’t heard of till it was Room seventeens turn to have a go. As soon as the tutor walked in through the doors of the hall, my hands started to tingle because they couldn’t stand any longer with out holding that racket. Anyways, when our tutor sat on the stage she introduced herself. Her name was Laureen.

As we all were waiting impatiently to get a racket each, we had to learn how to hold the racket first. We had to grip the racket loosely and we had to act like we were shaking somebodies hand, which was quite awkward. And we had to let our wrist move noting else. Laureen taught us some of the ways we should hold it. One was the forehand it is when we are trying to hit the shuttle really hard over the net or when ever you like. Then there is a backhand when you would like to serve the shuttle or just hit it randomly.

Finally the time had come to get our rackets. Everybody swung them around like those light sabers off Star Wars. But sooner or later each and every one of us got the hang of it. So then we started off by absorbing the shuttle and where abouts we should hit it. The shuttle has a plastic bottom with feathers to help it to fly.

Later we had to pair up with buddies. I paired up with Logan. He was not that good and neither was I. We kept on hitting the shuttle to far, to short, and sometimes we didn’t even hit the shuttle. But we did not mind.

After playing around with buddies we got to have a little game before we left. Laureen our tutor split our class in half. When that was sorted, we had to make a large circle and get five shuttles each. So the aim of the game was to have good grip on the racket and the way you should hit the shuttle. In the middle of the big circle was a bin for the shuttles to fly in to. Half of the class stood up the other sat down. And obviously some of us were good some were not.

At the end of the session I fest proud of myself because I hit two shuttles in the bin and because I had lots of fun. I can’t wait for next week if we play that game again I promise my self I would have improved even more.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

RWC competition

I believe that the good things and the bad things about New Zealnd hosting the Rugby World Cup are...... First the good things about it, we get a lot of tourists from all over the world. Secondly New Zealand could collect a heap of money from all the tickets people buy. Thirdly most of that money will head towards Christchurch and the terror they are going through.

Now the bad things firstly after game parties it will get seriously wild. Secondly drugs might come into our country from around the world. Thirdly people hate when their team looses and then they will take it out on the referees. Fourthly New Zealand might loose the World Cup and if they do it is all because THEY DID NOT KEEP THEIR EYE'S ON THE BALL.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Today is my birthday, not much people came but it was nice and sweet. For my birthday present I woke up to see my sister bring in a tray of breakfast for me. I thought that it was so unusual because she is always so jealous about me when I get something but today she was my, I would say, servant which was really wierd but it was real fun. My dad was not there so it was't as extreme as last year. Last year I woke up to find twenty dollars in my wallet and a lot of lunch. But this year I only got a really yummy birthday cake that me and my friend baked. It was so delicious that I only had a little slice of it. The next day when I woke up andwas going to have a slice it was all gone I was so surprised. But I could bake myself another one because I had twenty dollars again but yeah.I can't wait for next year. 12 is really special for my family.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Flag

This is my Flag that represents me and what I do.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pursuassive Writing

This is a Rubric that my classmate Darius has marked.

Room 17 needs an Extreme Make Over URGENTLY for their court yard. There are many reasons for this. In Winter we have to close the fields all the time and people get squashed on the court yards. Secondly the year seven and eight block have taken up most of the hard court space which means less space and more squished people. Thirdly, not much children play around our courtyard because of its plain looks. This is why we need to improve our courtyard.

In Winter, most kids do not have access to the fields because they are mostly closed. Which means, that all kids have to get squished on the hard courts, and in the breeze and also on the playground as well. In the breeze a lot of boys and girls like to play with their cards, so you can imagine what it is like.CHILDREN EVERY WHERE! It also means that we get squished even more.

Ever since the Intermediate block has moved in, it has taken up most of the hard court space that used to be there. Kids now have to get put up with fights most days because of the cramped conditions. Unfortunately older kids like to hang around the so called street, which is the Intermediate block. We have found out that year seven and eights like to just sit around and talk. So they don’t really use up the space that is around the school.

Unfortunately Room seventeen's court yard is unattractive. Kids do not like to play around here. It isn’t a kids attraction like a tourist attraction because of all the marks and scrapes across the walls. Besides that, it has a hideous drain in the middle of it which causes people to not play here. And it is also to small for everyone to fit in.

These are just a couple of reasons why we need an Extreme Make Over, you should see it for yourself. We need it and fast.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

This is what I have found out about Geckos.
It was made on a little website called Wordle.
If you have time you could check it out. Thank You.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Giving it a Shot

This is the first time I have done a story web and it looks fantastic. It has been really easy for me because it gets your work done faster.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Room 17's Hexagon group in maths are learning how to do Compensation. This is a poster informing you how to do this in math strategy.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Partly Cloudy

This movie review is called Partly Cloudy. The characters in the story are a Stork,Clouds and Animals.This short movie begins on the earth. At first the storks are delivering presents to human beings.

The main action is when the stork leaves his owner which is cloud. His owner thinks that his stork is going to another cloud. The short movie ends happily, the cloud just finds out that his stork is just going to get some protection for all the crazy things his owner is going to make.

I would rate this movie a 9 out of 10 because it is so nice. I think I could never make a movie like it. It is a short and sweet little clip.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme Maker Over Coutyard Edition

Room seventeen has the opportunity to change and customize our courtyard. In our spare times we have been having technology classes with Miss Ouano. It has been really cool. We had to choose three things we would add in to our courtyard plan. One of the things me an my partner, Vivienne, have decided to add was a basketball hoop. We chose this because we would like some kids to play in our courtyard, and so that it is not just a little place for us to just walk around in. I want the space to play in instead of walk. I play netball, and basketball hoops are good to practice with shooting.

The price of this was $40.00. That is pretty cheap. We all had to search up online at places that have like;wood, outdoor furniture, basketball hoops and all of the above. The place I had found the basketball hoops on was The Warehouse. They will deliver it.

The second thing we had decided to add on to our plan was Picnic Tables. We had chose this because we girls and boys are sick and tired of having prickles on our bottoms. It hurts. And so that we can put our food on a table and eat properly on a table. The table had cost $480.00 which is a lot and it would come already set up. I had found the table on Trade Me and of-course they would deliver it.

The last but not least was flowers. I wanted flowers so that it would beautify our courtyard. The best thing was that we could plant it instead of a already planted flower. It had been supplied on The Warehouse page again. It will be delivered by them.

When we have finished designing our courtyard I wish they have one of my ideas in it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brave Men and Women ( I Am Making Movies 2)

This movie is about a family that has been struggling in life. The mother of the family has to put up with being with her children all alone, because their father had go to war, and the most worst bit is that they have a farm. Every day it gets harder and harder for the mother. I think it will be best if you watch the movie yourself. It is better that way.

Before you do the Actors in this story are;Litia,Isara and Jonita. (Children)
(Mother)Makerita (Father)Darius

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh No Swimming!

Do you like swimming? Well I do not. I only like it when we get to splash around. Today was the first day of swimming for 2011, for room 17. As we were entering the pools ,I could feel my fingers trembling with fear ,knowing that I was going to drown. Then I said to myself, think positive Rita. You can do it.

As soon as I was in front of the line I decided to hop in the pool. When I hit rock bottom I started to struggle breathing. It felt like my lungs were going to explode. We had to stay in the nice and cool pool no matter what. And It was worth it.

The things I had to improve on the last couple of days for swimming was, my flimsy arms. As I started swimming I did notice my arms were quiet sloppy, but hey this is not my sport. When I was in the front of the line again, Mr Marks said I need to have straight legs. I started to groan.

My third time round I think I improved because Mr Marks didn’t say anything. I felt really proud of myself. As soon as I hit the end, my lungs started to burst with rage. I didn’t take many breaths. All of a sudden I heard a cheer. What was that? I said to myself. People came rushing down to the end of the pool, where I was. I accidentally screamed because it looked like a water stampede was heading my way.

At the end of the day I was really impressed by myself. I had tried my best, but tomorrow I am going to try even harder.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Octopodi Movie Review

The movie we had watched in order for us to do our writing, was called Octopodi. The movie was set in a small Greek village, where two octopus were in love. As you would know it would be a female and a male. The main action in the film, is I would think, fighting for their soul mates.

I think that the moral of the story was to never interfere with a strong relationship. I would recommend this movie to people who are madly in love. It can help them to pick up their feet, and help each other if they are in need of help.

Friday, May 27, 2011

40 Hour Famine

27th of May the 20 Hour Famine kicked off for Pt England School. The people who had participated had to stop eating at 12 o’clock noon. Right now as I am typing this, I am so hungry. I have just finished watching some movies about kids in East Timor, and it is horrible. This month is The Hungry Month for there village. Right now I feel so sorry for them. I am so tired. We are in the I.C.T room now. I am so tired. I think I would post the rest tomorrow.

Wellington Part 3

My fourth favorite bit about Te Papa was the High Ride. It was so cool. It felt like we were in the persons body who was in the screen. Man it was the first time the boys screamed louder than the girls.When it came to screaming, this time the boys had beaten the girls. Except for Mr Burt. They were so excited that it looked like they were going to fall off the ride. Right now while I am writing this, it feels like I am still on the ride. Mrs Burt was just relaxing. The next time I go down to Wellington I am sure to visit Te Papa Museum again. Just for the learning and for the rides.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beautiful Wellington Part 2

As soon as we got to the top, the ride was over. My eyes were shocked. I didn’t really know that Wellington was that big. It was so beautiful. The sun was dimming down, so a couple of lights were turned on. It looked like Christmas lights.

“ding, ding.” The bells were warning us that the cable car was going to board. After we took a couple of more photo’s we entered the cable car. I was sort of tired from the walking. Litia and Vivienne were up and awake with Chant’e. The boys were just playing boxing shadow.

After we exited the cable car we saw a Van waiting for us. It felt like the day was over. But it wasn’t. We still had the Koru Lounge to expect. It was quiet a long ride to get back to the airport.
As we were entering the Airport I heard my stomach grumble even though I wasn’t hungry.

The Koru Lounge was packed. I forgot why but it was packed. There was loads of food that I was fool with just a little plate of food. It was so cool because we got to pick what drink we wanted and desert. The best bit was desert and that we could access the Internet as well. "407 can you please start boarding 407 can you please start boarding, thank you." said the loud speakers.
We all started moaning but it was what we had to do. I sneaked back to the desert and took a Hokey Pokey cookie. They were so nice.

"Please fasten your seat belt the plane is about to depart"said the Pilot. Bye Wellington, bye Tepapa, bye big stone at the museum, bye everyone I thought. I wish we could come for a school trip all for free. Over all the best bit of the day was..........................
HAVING TO PRESENT TO ALL THE PEOPLE.(and the desert in the Koru Lounge)
I can't wait for the next time I go.

Pt England Kids at TUANZ TELCO Day from KPE TV on Vimeo.

Beautiful Wellington Part 1

Thursday 19th of May 2011, Pt England Ambassadors went down to the beautiful Wellington. Getting on the plane was such fun because we had to do our boarding passes. As we were looking for the gate we entered a place where we were supposed to be. It was a V.I.P area.

After having I would say breakfast we were off. Getting on the plane was really exciting. When we were on the plane we were nudging in through the isle. “Please take a seat” said the flight attendant. While we were sitting on the plane we were so excited and nervous at the same time.

As the plane landed I could feel the butterflies start to come. Soon we were at the place where we were going to be presenting. A couple of minutes later we were on the High Ride. It is I would say the best ride I had ever been on. It was like a Motion Master. Bang my head thwacked on the head of the chair, the ride was over. After all the screaming we found ourself sitting in the hall.

As we were all waiting behind the black curtain, my butterflies started to come back back. My heart started to thump harder and harder as we were walking on the stage. Believe it or not I found myself standing center of the stage speaking with ease. I got distracted from all the cameras that I nearly said the wrong words. Thank you lord. My turn was over. “No Reira Tena Kouto Tena Kouto Tena Kouto Katoa.”

Thump Thump Thump my heart was back to normal. Soon we were off again to the cable cars. We had to walk all the way there. It was worth it because we did get to see the city with our own eyes. My legs felt like they were going to fall off. Finally my legs came to an end. We were sitting on the cable cars. As we were getting to the middle of the rails, the other cable car was coming straight towards us. It felt like we were going to crash. But we didn’t.

From Wonderful Wellington

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Country Like Mine

Population in Iran is 77million people.

In New Zealand it is only 4 million people.

Iran's education is about:
1 year pre-elementry school (all off the children of age 6 must start studying in that age)
5 years of elementry school.
3 years of guidence school.
3 years of high school. (to gain 3 years diploma)
1 year of pre-university school to gain the certificate of going to university
after all these years there is a very difficult testing multiple choice exam to qualify the student to study at universities. ( which Iranians call it Konkoor)

Read more:

New Zealand is ranked 7th for International Student Asesment.
We have 6 years of Pre School.
2 years of intermidiate.
5 years of college.
3 years of university and 1 or 2 years of studying extra.
  • Persian, Luri, Gilaki and Mazandarani 58%
  • Azeri and other Turkic languages 26%
  • Kurdish 9%
  • Balochi 1%
  • Arabic 1%

Read more:

The Islamic Republic is the title of Iran , but there is no republicity in Iran because there is no democracy in Iran. The mullas are just rulling the country with the old fashioned rules of Quran (the religious book of Islam sience 14 centuries ago).
The Islamic Republic is the title of Iran , but there is no republicity in Iran because there is no democracy in Iran. The mullas are just rulling the country with the old fashioned rules of Quran (the religious book of Islam sience 14 centuries ago).

Read more:

Redesigning My Netbook Bag

Pop pop pop the idea’s came whizzing through my head. Today room 17 had to redesign our net-book bags using the tool bar called B.A.R. My net book bag looked sort of cranky so that is why I added an I-pad on the front of it and installed a Mp3 on the side.

Bigger was the handle bar. I extended it so that you wont have to carry it around all day. I added on a I pad because it would make everything a lot more fun, and it would make you more of a techie person. Putting an Mp3 was from my own Idea, I added it so that I won’t get board while doing my work. Last but not least I replaced the zips with a finger print lock so that no one can steal my net-book. I love these i-dea’s only if it were true.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marble Challenge part 2

Ten pieces of paper isn’t much for my group. My group has decided to do 2 right angles, because we had to. Me and Shoal were to roll the pieces of paper and Ashleigh, well she just had to sort out the cello tape. All three of us were to test out whether our invention succeeded.
What we did?
The creating of our invention was not quiet the best. We did not stick to the plan nor did we stick to our roles. I think we mucked up because we changed the whole plan through our heads, and thought it would be better. But it didn’t.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My reading group have been learing how to use Picaso. We have learnt how to make slideshows and how to put it on our blogs.

Vote for the best introduction

Room 17 had to write 2 paragraphs to show what we had to do to inform you,about what we did for our Easter Holiday's. If you want to vote please use the commenting box. Please comment and vote which is the best paragraph. Please choose wisely.

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! The moment I got my big box of chocolate, I started UN-Boxing it. My saliva started to fire up. When I see chocolate I can’t be held back. Then all of a sudden I heard my Uncle Mark enter the house. (His House) Oh I forgot to tell you that I was in the beautiful Tawa, near Porirua at the time. Anyways my Uncle Mark said “Guys you are not allowed to eat them right now you will have to eat them tonight, when everyone does.” I gave him a big frown. But I didn’t really mind because, in the end I will still end up eating them.

Do you like chocolate? I love chocolate, and that is all I can say about that. My family beside parents, have a passion for chocolate. When ever my sisters eat them, they can’t stop eating it. So I for one think that they are Chocoholic. One of my brothers likes it ,BUT, not loves it. Some times when I go to the dentist and they say that I am not allowed to eat chocolate or sweets, I feel really ,really ,really depressed. Oh I forgot that I am a chocoholic too!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wonderful Wellington

Wellington well it's cold but at the same time, it is nice and cool too. I am not exactly in Wellington I am in Porirua. I am having the best time down here at Wellington. Today (Saturday the 23rd of April) was so cool. I had loads of fun with my cousins. Their names are; Sina and Tiana. 13 and 14. We went with other relatives to the shopping centre of Porirua. K-mart was so packed that most of the things that were on sale were completely sweeped off of the benches. Most of the people were in the food court. Anyways back to me. After I shoped till I droped ,I sort of had the feeling that, when I go back to Auckland I really know that my sisters will be all over my new clothes. As I was speaking to my sister on the phone she went on bragging about it. She said to tell my Auntie that her birthday was coming up, and when is me and Nive's turn.So that's all from me today. I can't wait for tomorrow. EASTER EGGS!Sorry but I do not have any photo's of Porirua.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

All About Me

I am sorry if there is a long black scene in the end.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Service

In the weekends on a Sunday, me and my family went to my uncle’s family service. I hate it when I go to family services because you cry, and last night it was the crying sort of ones. My uncles name was Lamese. He was really cool in fact I am getting a little emotional even writing about it. I really think that it is really sad because, he died two days before his birthday. My uncle his son was there at the hospital to witness his last breaths.

One time I slept over their house. It was really fun because we done lots Sleep over games. The family Service was at my Church. The Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints. I really don’t want any more people from my family dying. Lamese’s family service was really cool and sad at the same time. All relatives had to speak. I was one of the lucky ones to not get to speak. All of his brothers and sister’s, my auntie and uncle’s had to speak. Nearly all of them cried in fact yeah they all cried.

The saddest bit of them all was when they had to carry the coffin out and take it away. We had to leave early and miss the best bit which were the Refreshments. (More like dinner.)My dad wanted to leave early to stay behind the car that had the coffin in it. But in the end we ended up turning in to a different road from the car that had the coffin in it. We said our final fair well ,and turned in to our street. It was really sad till I saw my little baby cousin which lit my heart.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Beautiful Poster

My poster is a inspiration to me because everything that I drew is very important to me. My School is Pt England. This is a very special school. I drew the word Joy because I am always happy. Every single day. Red and Yellow are my favourite colour’s that come from my heart. I love the pattern that I drew because it is a traditional

Apia Samoa is my Island. I haven’t finished my drawing but I still think that it is beautiful the way it is. I love my beach's in Samoa. I chose the colour green because it is a colour to me that reminds of Samoa. I drew a coconut tree because it means a lot to me. My Grandfather had been killed from one. I drew a Fale Samoa because Fale’s are everywhere in Samoa.

I can’t wait till I make more art work next Term with Miss Muliaumaseali’i.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Opo Summer

1. Because nobody would harass her.
He didn’t mind being famous
He loved it when people would pat her.
He liked the City

2. School or Pod.

3. Quiet interesting and not quiet good. People could use him for money.

4. Like there were trees and bushes around. It was wet and the tent was soggy.

5. 64 years ago

6. Does She bite?
Does she swim with you?
Does she like it when you pat her?
Where does she like to play?

7. Dolphins

Rounded dorsal fin

swim up and down
Intelligent animals
dolphins can surf
Their ears are on the side of their heads
Dolphins have live babies

They both swim fast
They live in the ocean
They both hunt for food
They prefer warm water
They both eat fish


Dorsal fin is straight

Swim back and forth motion
Sharks are fish
Sharks gills are on their sides
Sharks have eggs
Have two scenes that other fishes do not have

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why do Babies need more sleep than Adults

Why do babies need more sleep than adults? This is because babies need to grow two times faster than grown ups , so they need more sleep than the usual.

When babies are newly born ,all they need to do is to sleep and eat. As babies Sleep they grow two times faster than walking 3 year old babies. Little babies don’t need much sleep but they do need more sleep than Grown ups. They do very little compared to bigger babies.

Grown ups have to have a good period of sleep too. When they go to have a rest ,their cells that are worn out ,are busy being repaired. As long as they get a good amount of sleep, they will be ready and energized for work the next day. So as you can see Adults need some sleep to.

Adults and babies have a different schedule for food. Adults need food to energize them for work. Babies need milk or proper food for their muscles and bones to grow. And since they are running around between the age of 1 and 2 ,they surely need healthy food. Babies have a nice schedule for food and sleeping. I sort of wish I were a baby again.