Friday, April 27, 2012

Anzac Day Off

Unfortunately my family and I did not wake up early in the morning to go to the Anzac Day ceremony at the Museum. Due to late night Movies. Anyway when I woke up I heard the car turn on. I slowly hoped out of bed and looked through the window. And I shouted out asking them "WHERE ARE YOU GOING"!! I was half awake and half asleep. Then I heard them say "ARE YOU COMING"

I then ran to the bathroom quickly brushed my teeth and ran to the car. "where are we going" I asked "just sit and watch"said my mum. And a couple of seconds later we were heading for my grandpa's house. "yayyy" I thought to myself. I like their house because they have plenty of bikes for each of us.

When we got their I straight away went to get a bike bike but suddenly my mum said we were dropping something off and going again. "OH MANN"!! I said. But I still hesitated on riding a bike.  So a short ride was what I did.

When we were at home I was so bored, until my auntie said aloud 'we're going to mission bay'. 'Oohh' I thought, that sounds good. So I hoped in the car but this time knowing where we were going. I was packed and ready to go when all of a sudden more people hoped in. It was Petra and Nive. My sister and her friend. Then my other cousins came and then sooner or later the whole family was there packed in the car.

I couldn't wait to get to the beach. When we got there we found a spot to settle our things. Then we were off playing touch with a tennis ball since we had forgotten a rugby ball. It was still as fun as playing proper touch. After a little while of playing we were off to buy some ice cream. My sister wanted to buy one so we all went.

We were just standing there and waiting in line when all of a sudden my sister said "WOW! the one that you want is expensive Rita. We'll go to Burger King and buy a cheaper one". So my cousins and Nive went to BK to buy an ice cream for all of us.

As I was sitting and waiting impatiently for about 20 minutes for my ice cream, I decided to go for a swim at the fountain. When I had been walking there I didn't realise that I was being tricked. I saw from a long distance away my sister Nive playing volley ball instead of getting an ice cream. I was so mad I avoided all of them. After a short while of sitting on the edge of the fountain Jay'Lee scared me from behind. I almost tipped over in to the water.

I also didn't go in the water fully because it was extremely cold. But when Jay'Lee came we both got in to the water. We had this crawling competition in the water. I kept on holding onto Jay'Lee's legs, it was so funny. Then we had to depart to the showers. She left early and then I left. It was so fun.

 Over all the day was all right but it was all about the people that took their lives to die for our country. ANZAC day.


Today in assembly a couple of students from Room 21 received an award for entering a movie competition. Two people who's name were Josephine and Allen had come from the Maungakiekie Tamaki Local Board, to present to us our prizes for coming first place. The categories we had taken were
:12 and under
:Judges Choice (Group)
:Peoples Choice.
 Our movie was screened before we went on stage to collect our certificates. To me the movie deserved to be first place.

Our prizes that we would be receiving were a $300 voucher of your choice of music and art supplies, entry to the Auckland Art Gallery, movie tickets for you and an adult, and a $100 voucher of your choice of music and art supplies. It was a lot of prizes. We haven't yet received them yet but, I can't wait to use the movie voucher or either go to the Auckland Art Gallery.
Thank you so much Josephine and Allen, as well as the Maungakiekie Tamaki Local Board for everything.

At First Bite

This book is the most recent one I have read. It is about a girl who is a vampire. Ever since she became full-fledged vampire, things haven't been easy for twelve-year old Ashlee Lambert. After moving from New York City to Los Angeles, she is excited to make a fresh new start. But Ashlee never counted on a clique of popular mean girls or awful sunburns. Keeping her huge secret is suddenly harder than ever. And when something, or someone, starts attacking people at her school, Ashlee realizes she is not the only vampire in town. It was all up to Ashlee to figure out who they were before her cover is blown. This book is awesome for those of you who like vampire stories. It is very interesting and exciting at the same time. And I encourage those of you to read it. Thanks and please leave a comment.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Mihimihi

This clip is a digital mihimihi. Which features parts of things that are in my life. Like my close relatives and others things. So sit back get comfy and enjoy, for a short clip about my life.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Skate Land

Finally something popped up. Me and my family were off to Skateland in Panmure. There was pretty much nothing to do so I asked my mum if we were allowed to go roller skating. It was 12:30pm when we had arrived at the rink. So we had to wait till it was 2 o'clock for the next session. It was worth the wait. When we had got in my mum paid and then we got to get our roller skates.

"What happened to being really good aye Rita" said my older sister Patricia. "I am a little rusty and be quiet your not even better then me". When I got up with my skates I was a little off balanced but then I got used to it.

As I entered the rink whoosshh this boy went past me really fast. I can go faster then that I said in my head. Maybe no. But I started skating and it went fine. I learnt how to stop by jumping and leaning to a side. It looks awesome. After a little while of free skating the speaker said 'okay soon we will be doing races'."YES"!!! I said to myself.

'On your marks get set go"!!! said the man starting off the race. It was for the 10 and under mixed girls and boys. There was this little boy that went extremely fast I think it was the boy that went really fast past me in the beginning. Anyway then came 10 to 14 year old. The boys that played hockey had to do 4 laps and regular people had to do 2 laps.

"GO"!! said the man off we went. One lap had went then the second and I was done. I was the first one to finish out of the regular people.  but I think that some of the hockey people over lapped me. "Okay now this race is the backwards race" I didn't join this one.

After that race we had got to free skate. Then there was the limbo. For the limbo I missed out because I could feel a blister starting to form on my foot. So I took off my skates and exchanged them for roller skates instead of in-line skates. But it still hurt. Made no difference. And plus I'm not used to these sort of skates.

So I spent the last 15 minutes of the session trying to master the roller skates. "okay guys all of you who are on the rink can you please come off and return the skates". I wanted to be the last one on the rink but no it was the same boy that went on first.

At the end of the day we finished off with the classic fish and chips at home. My legs were extremely exhausted. I enjoyed the day very much. I can't wait for the next time I go.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 I think your wondering what BOOMM means. Well I got it off The Erin Simpson Show but pimped it up a bit. It means bored out of my mind!!!! And that is extremely how I feel right now. Nothing has popped up yet except for that show How To Train Your Dragon at Vector Arena. But apparently I am not going but my cousin Toafa and my brother James are with my mum. I am SSSOOOOOO BORED!!!! I need something to do. And FAST!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Things Are Getting Boring

 For the past few days I have had to sit inside and read. It is boring. I really miss school. There is nothing to do at home since easter has past. That was a blast. But now it's just straight boring. I really really want something to do. I hope something pops up out of the blues.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Schools Carboot Sale

On Saturday the 24th of March there was a Carboot sale held at the School Car Park. Well on the day it was actually changed to In the Hall Sale instead of Carboot sale. There were a variety of stalls to choose to buy from like, there were food stalls, Clothing stalls, and many more stalls.

The stall that I was kind of in charge of was the year 7 and 8 extension stall. We were fund raising for the year 8 camp mostly. Our stall had cakes cupcakes and thick chocolate layered cakes. They looked so delicious but apparently they were for sale and not for me. I bought a cake for the stall. It was quite a big cake that were sold in pieces.

The day went by and we had a few buyers not that many. I would say that Mrs Tele'a's sisters stall sold some things and made quiet a lot of money. Her stall was famous for fruit as well as chocolate coating over it. It looked so nice but I didn't have any money. So then I asked my mom for a dollar but I got distracted by the raffle ticket stall.

So instead of buying a chocolate coated marshmallow and fruit on a stick I bought a number sixteen raffle ticket. Then I went back to the stall. It went very well with most of the things that were there set out on the table. People came and went wanting for seconds. It was a really good sales day. By the end of the Sales we had raised 204 dollars. It was amazing.

Then afterwards it was time for the raffle ticket drawing. I looked at my ticket hoping it was mine as Miss Va'afusuanga called it out. "Matthew Ryan" Miss Va'afusuanga said. He was shocked when he heard his name. He was standing right behind her while she was calling his name. "Oh man" I said what a waste of a one dollar.

Oh well another time. Then we packed up the stall and headed home. It was pretty fun. When I got home I sit on my couch and thinked about that chocolate layered cake. Thankfully my Nana stopped by and gave us some cake. I was starving for some cake.

Easter Holidays was FUNN!!!!

Today is Saturday, the day after good Friday. Me, my Family and other relatives had one massive day planned ahead of us. Today we had our big family activity. First we started off the day with a big breakfast then we went off to the cinema's. At the cinema's we watched the famous novel book which has recently turned into a international sensation, The Hunger Games. It is such an epic movie and I encourage you who are reading to watch it.

Our Next activity we had planned was to go to the mall and get at least $80 each to spend. It was really fun but apparently I wanted a lot more things but didn't have enough money. After that was over the time was about 2 pm and we were all starving. Although I bought myself candy and a magnum gold I was still starving like everybody else. So on our way home we stopped by at the Carl's Junior. Their Burgers are huge! I remember the first time I went there the burgers were way to massive for me and they still are. I love their fries. I want to skip this subject because I am craving for one of their burgers.

Later on when we all had finished our meals we were heading home to get ready for a BBQ at the beach. We went to mission bay and the beach was packed. First we played touch on the sand and then we I mean me and my sister Nive went for a swim, because my other 2 cousins did not want to swim. So then me and Nive made an idea on how to get them in the water. We asked one of them to help us lift Aaron into the ocean. The plan was not successful instead Moses who was helping us went in first. "KIDS!!" my mum said "COME ND EAT!!"then it was time to have our feast. We had potato salad, crab salad, sausages, chicken hearts (YUMMY), chicken, pork ribblets and much much more.

We then afterwards continued on with our swimming for a little while. Then  later we had to retire to the showers and then head off home. The day was full of fun and exciting activities. And I was worn out. I couldn't wait to lye on my comfy bed.