Saturday, April 21, 2012

Skate Land

Finally something popped up. Me and my family were off to Skateland in Panmure. There was pretty much nothing to do so I asked my mum if we were allowed to go roller skating. It was 12:30pm when we had arrived at the rink. So we had to wait till it was 2 o'clock for the next session. It was worth the wait. When we had got in my mum paid and then we got to get our roller skates.

"What happened to being really good aye Rita" said my older sister Patricia. "I am a little rusty and be quiet your not even better then me". When I got up with my skates I was a little off balanced but then I got used to it.

As I entered the rink whoosshh this boy went past me really fast. I can go faster then that I said in my head. Maybe no. But I started skating and it went fine. I learnt how to stop by jumping and leaning to a side. It looks awesome. After a little while of free skating the speaker said 'okay soon we will be doing races'."YES"!!! I said to myself.

'On your marks get set go"!!! said the man starting off the race. It was for the 10 and under mixed girls and boys. There was this little boy that went extremely fast I think it was the boy that went really fast past me in the beginning. Anyway then came 10 to 14 year old. The boys that played hockey had to do 4 laps and regular people had to do 2 laps.

"GO"!! said the man off we went. One lap had went then the second and I was done. I was the first one to finish out of the regular people.  but I think that some of the hockey people over lapped me. "Okay now this race is the backwards race" I didn't join this one.

After that race we had got to free skate. Then there was the limbo. For the limbo I missed out because I could feel a blister starting to form on my foot. So I took off my skates and exchanged them for roller skates instead of in-line skates. But it still hurt. Made no difference. And plus I'm not used to these sort of skates.

So I spent the last 15 minutes of the session trying to master the roller skates. "okay guys all of you who are on the rink can you please come off and return the skates". I wanted to be the last one on the rink but no it was the same boy that went on first.

At the end of the day we finished off with the classic fish and chips at home. My legs were extremely exhausted. I enjoyed the day very much. I can't wait for the next time I go.

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