Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Schools Carboot Sale

On Saturday the 24th of March there was a Carboot sale held at the School Car Park. Well on the day it was actually changed to In the Hall Sale instead of Carboot sale. There were a variety of stalls to choose to buy from like, there were food stalls, Clothing stalls, and many more stalls.

The stall that I was kind of in charge of was the year 7 and 8 extension stall. We were fund raising for the year 8 camp mostly. Our stall had cakes cupcakes and thick chocolate layered cakes. They looked so delicious but apparently they were for sale and not for me. I bought a cake for the stall. It was quite a big cake that were sold in pieces.

The day went by and we had a few buyers not that many. I would say that Mrs Tele'a's sisters stall sold some things and made quiet a lot of money. Her stall was famous for fruit as well as chocolate coating over it. It looked so nice but I didn't have any money. So then I asked my mom for a dollar but I got distracted by the raffle ticket stall.

So instead of buying a chocolate coated marshmallow and fruit on a stick I bought a number sixteen raffle ticket. Then I went back to the stall. It went very well with most of the things that were there set out on the table. People came and went wanting for seconds. It was a really good sales day. By the end of the Sales we had raised 204 dollars. It was amazing.

Then afterwards it was time for the raffle ticket drawing. I looked at my ticket hoping it was mine as Miss Va'afusuanga called it out. "Matthew Ryan" Miss Va'afusuanga said. He was shocked when he heard his name. He was standing right behind her while she was calling his name. "Oh man" I said what a waste of a one dollar.

Oh well another time. Then we packed up the stall and headed home. It was pretty fun. When I got home I sit on my couch and thinked about that chocolate layered cake. Thankfully my Nana stopped by and gave us some cake. I was starving for some cake.

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