Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion Assembly

Mighty Mariners
On a lovely morning with the sun gazing down on us all the teachers met up in the hall for an Immersion Assembly which is where we get to know what our new topic would be. I was so excited. When I walked through the door I heard laughter from here and there. Everybody was talking about the teachers costumes. The funniest one was Mr Barks costume because he was dressed up as a viking I had seen on How To Train You Dragon. Once I had looked on to the wide screen that was on the stage I had saw a Topic that said “Mighty Mariners”. No wonder why Mr Barks was dressed like something that was close to being a Mariner.

Once the voices of the children had lowered teachers started to walk up the stage. First was Mr J the small one. He was talking about all kinds of boats like Titanic. Second up was team one. That was my second favourite team. They had a lot of interesting facts about Kupe the person who had discovered New Zealand. Some things they were talking about I already knew. I really loved the Graphics Kingston L had drawn. I loved the animation he drew about Kupe sailing to New Zealand.

When team two had finished team three came out with a bang and with Arr me Hearty. They were all dressed up as pirates would be. There item was the best for me. It was what we all needed from a long holiday. They had a lot of party popper guns which explained why they came out with a bang. Near the end Mrs Mackinlay popped out and said that she had found treasure through the holiday. Her treasure was chocolate coins. Most people got some chocolate but I didn’t.

In the end I thought that everything was cool. I can’t wait till next Term. With all the wacky costumes. This term really looks like fun.