Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AFL Kiwi kick

On Thursday after Lunch time our class  and room 13 also had the opportunity to be able to have a session of AFL with Sam, the tutor. The first session was really fun, we had a warm up with the game of Flush the Toilet. First there would be 3 or more people holding a ball. If you get hit by one ball then you will have to kneel down on one knee and put your hand up at the height of your head, and wait for somebody to come and flush you.

After that cool warm up, we got started with our lesson. We had to try and do a drop plant which is kind of like a drop kick but instead a more begginers type of way. We had to spread out on the field and try doing it to each other. It was really funny because I had a partner that was from room 13. His name was Calvin, and I bet that he was way better then me at drop planting.

The next activity we were set out to do was to try and use the skills that we learnt today and try to aim accurately at some objects and people. Like our teacher Mrs Langitupu, the netball hoop, the instructor (Sam) and the netball pole. At the beginning of the session we had to figure out who would be the Lion and who would be the Snail. I was the snail at first then I was the Lion when it came to this lesson.

Lions were kicking the ball first and I was nervous. I was nervous that all of that hard work wouldn’t payed off and that I might kick it way off the mark. But I kicked it and it went perfectly. I was trying to aim for Mrs Langitupu which was the furthest away, but unfortunately I didn’t get her. After a couple of rounds back and forth the snails won.

After the whole session I felt very happy to get out of class and do some sport lessons with our class. I can’t wait till next Thursday when our next session is.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pre Astle Test for Science

Year 7 Science pre-exam

                                                                      100% YAY!!

This was my mark that I got when I was practicing for our Extension Astle test next week. I am not completely confident that my final results would end up like this. I am really nervous and hope that my marks would be good enough for me to stay in extension.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

First and Last day of Tech with Mr Grundy

The first day of tech for me was very nerve racking. I really didn’t know what to do, I was practically lost. Well not fully lost. Mr Grundy who was our Hard Materials teacher was very kind and friendly.

First of all we would have to be seated and then be given a paper. Where you would have to draw and plan about what you would want to create to get top marks for the next few weeks. But before that we had to learn the rules and basics of becoming a great hard materials person.

Throughout the couple of weeks I was in Hard Materials I learnt a lot. I learnt how to make a housing joint, I learnt a lot about the tools we could use and I also learnt that building things are very very fun. For my project I was making was supposed to be a jet boat, when all of a sudden it turned out to be a space car. It still looks very cool though.

It was very hard in the making of this project, but it all was worth it because I got a top mark for it which was 5. I am very pleased with my final product because it looks very good and it is also one of the first wooden craft things I have ever made.

On the last day being in Hard Materials was very fun. All I had to do was burn in my number plates, which was my name Rita. At the end of the session, I thanked Mr Grundy for everything he has done for me and then left. I loved my class and I wish that I could stay in that class for the rest of the year. But I also want to do cooking as well.

Friday, May 18, 2012

'The Weeping Women' and 'A Day in Paradise'

In Room 21 we have been required to compare and contrast two famous artists paintings. ’The weeping woman’ by Pablo Picasso and ‘A Lazy Day in Paradise’ by Daniella Hulme. These two very talented artists have very complicated ways of their own original style of art.

Secondly I had to carefully examine the painting ‘A lazy day in paradise’ by Daniella Hulme. I noticed that in this artwork of hers she likes to use a lot of bright and vibrant colours. Her style of art is very unique and is very beautiful. She also likes to use exquisite patterns, lines and shapes in the cushions in the background. Daniella Hulme also uses oil base paint to make her paintings pop out as well. It makes the pacific island girls in her painting look glamorous.

‘The weeping Women’ is a very sophisticated piece of art. I noticed that Picasso liked to use different shapes lines and always changed perspectives. He has used a lot of yellow in this painting of his. Pablo Picasso’s style of art is Cubism. His technique and his hard effort that he puts into this painting of his really makes it look 3D.

They have a couple of similarities between each other like how they both  like to use a lot of shapes lines and patterns. In Daniella Hulmes
painting she likes to use a lot of vibrant and bold colours. But in Picasso’s ‘The Weeping Woman’ he only uses plain colours, yellow and dark green which doesn’t make it as beautiful as the other painting.

Although there are many differences between ‘The weeping women’ and ‘A Day in Paradise’, there were a couple of similarities between them. They are very complicated pieces of art and are very unique in their ways.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse

In room 21 we have been required to compare and contrast the two famous artists Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse’s paintings. We looked at ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh and ‘La Musique’ by Matisse. These two very talented artists are well known around the world. Vincent Van Gogh had a very depressing life, and Henri Matisse had a regular life.The technique that they used to make their artwork come alive is very interesting.

First I had to look at Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’. He liked to use the style of Expressionism. In his artwork of the sunflowers they look dead and very fragile. His background looks dull and lazy. This artwork shows a lot of emotions that he has in him and used a lot of detail show it. He obviously took his time with the short and detailed vertical strokes. I also noticed that there was a lot of sunflowers that had no petals.

Secondly I had to carefully observe the painting of ‘La Musique’ by Henri Matisse. As I carefully looked at his artwork you could tell that the people were having a good time. And it showed that by the patterns and the colors that were going on in the background. There were different shapes and lines to show detail in his painting. They were bright and vibrant totally opposite to Van Gough’s piece of art. Henri Matisse took his time with putting detail in is entire artwork.

Henri Matisse and Vincent Van Gough have a couple of similarities in their style of Art. In the ‘Sunflowers’ artwork it is very dull and has a sad and depressing feeling in it. But in ‘La Musique’ it contains of bright and vibrant colors which uplifts you and has a fun feeling in it. They both like to use the technique of short vertical strokes.

Matisse and Van Gough were both famous artists, however they had different lives. Vincent Van Gough became famous after life, but Matisse was famous through life. Van Gogh did not get to feel the fame but Matisse did. In conclusion I think that they both have very interesting styles of ways to paint and are very good artists.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

ART Immersion Week

The first week of Term 2 has just passed and through that week the whole of team 5 had a big art rotation in each class. Everyday after morning tea we would go to a different class to observe a new artist's style of art. Every artist had an individual style of ways to paint.

After morning tea on Tuesday my class had to go to room 22 to where we would be looking at the style of Vincent Van Gogh. We had to try and sketch a sunflower of his before we would be able to paint it. He used the technique of vertical strokes, so that means that we had to use the same technique as well. I had a little trouble with painting in between the lines. I learnt that Vincent Van Gogh had a sad life and his painting showed some emotions that he felt. After he had died he became famous.

Then on Thursday our class went to room 18. We were going to be learning  about Pablo Picasso. His style of art was very strange. He would start from one angle of the person then change perspectives. It was extremely creative. My end product looked a little bit like his. I also learnt that during the 20th century his style of art changed as he experimented with different theories, techniques and ideas. That was how he found the creative idea of changing perspectives every time he drew a person from a different angle.

The next day we went to room 19. The artist we were observing  was Claude Monet. We had to try and use primary, intermediate and secondary colours. We could paint what ever we pleased but with the style of art from Claude Monet. I painted a mountain with a streaming ocean in the back, with a bright sun covered with clouds going from the darkest to the lightest one.

Then on Monday we went to room 20. Mrs Squires taught us the style of Daniella Hulme.
She loved the style of painting pacific island people. And painting a fruit bowl. In her class we had to try and mainly paint grapes. It sound so easy but really we had to add detail. We had to shade one side of the grape and make the other side a bit lighter. I learnt that Daniella Hulme paints in oils, with strong,  bright colours. Her paintings remind us of Pacific island tapa cloths and carvings. When I had finished my entire artwork I felt pleased with myself.

I felt very proud of myself for accomplishing all of my tasks properly. I can’t wait until we have another art immersion week. If we do have another one.