Saturday, April 27, 2013

What The Holidays Bring

(photo above of me and my friend Brooklyn)
Since I have spare time. I usually log on to my email to see if I have any to check. But I usually see Brooklyn on-line. So we video chat. We help each other with holiday work we need to get done. Like I help her with some presentations. She's shares it with me, and I tweak some mistakes in it. She buddy checks with me, and I buddy check my work with her. As simple as that. This is exactly what I mean by it being awesome working on-line outside of school. It lets us students be able to learn how to work individually in a way. It's been great working like this. And it's been great fun video chatting with Brooklyn and catching up also. But I can't wait till school starts to see her in real life.

Just Around The Corner (Sisters 21st)

Lately me and my sister Nive have been practising our item we will be performing at my eldest sisters 21st birthday celebration. Next Saturday we'll be celebrating my sisters 21st birthday. Even though it'll be on Wednesday it's best to do it on the Saturday, since my sister will be working on her birthday. I can't wait to perform our item. It'll be a Samoan dance, as well as a hip-hop dance later on after. I just can't wait. Hopefully Nive and I will please the Birthday girl.

The Thrills Of Performance (Fiafia night Kapa-Haka Group)

My feet were plastered to the ground hesitating to move forward onto the stage. But it was show time and I proceeded along. I took a huge breath before placing one foot onto the black hard surface called the stage. I was the first person to walk onto the stage and the first person to be greeted by a roaring cheer of my name. "Tena ra kotou nga iwi ote motu nei" started off Whaea Sophie. And along after her voice came the melody of the whole Kapa-Haka group. We sounded amazing, and for sure looked astounding.

The girls Haka started off, and the stage was now full of energy. I was certainly putting all my hard effort into it, as I was one of the kaea's. Straining my fists to form the actions to the Haka, I glared out to the crowd to have a good look at how many estimated people were watching. Most likely over 800 people were out in the crowd, and that's even discluding the schools children that were sitting up in the front.

"Aue hi, aue ha, aue hi" the girls Haka was over, and and I was completely, and utterly out of breath. Now it was the boys turn to astound the crowd. They were so good that I felt like even crying from where I was standing. And I don't usual give away free tears. To even prove how passionate they looked, you could see that they had scratch marks against their chest. As it was one of the actions, to look as if your scraping your hands against your chest.

As soon as the boys haka finished, we then had to sing a song to welcome onto the stage the Junior Kapa-Haka group. From hence forth they performed their own thing that they had been practising for the past 6-7 weeks also. After the All Blacks haka that was performed by everyone on the stage, it was the end of our turn. Well not just quite.

Up stood Lorenz from the crowd. He was doing a haka. A haka to thank us for our hard work and effort and passion we had put into our performance. Then out of nowhere Chantee Lee and another girl ran and joined in with him. It was so awesome to see something like that get performed right in front of your eyes. Something that would rarely happen to you. After he had finished it was now time to look forward to our Niuean performance. But also to embrace the fact that our group had just finished performing. Performing something that we had practised for plenty of weeks. And pulled it off with ease. (Well not really)

The children were led off of the stage first, then the seniors. I took a step onto the grass and started to jump up and down with excitement. "We did it" I turned around and said to Mele.
"You looked awesome" she said to me.
"Haha. Did you do a massive pukana like I told you too" I said to her.
"The biggest one ever" she replied back to me with a huge smile.

We then headed off back to the Library, everyone excited, and happy. But then I think again. Now Brooklyn and I would now have to run back and forth with doing our hair, costume, and especially hair for the Niuean Group performance. Things were now heating up a bit with the atmosphere and all.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Remembrance Poppy (ANZAC)

(In the photo above, it reads of a poem called 'In Flanders Fields' written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae)

Everyone seems to be wearing these red poppy's everywhere I turn. 'Why' I ask myself. I think it through and then remember that this coming Thursday is Australian and New Zealand Army Corps also known as (ANZAC) Day itself. A day to remember and embrace the brave soldiers that fought at Gallipoli through World War I.

At first I wondered why people wore the red poppy's. But as I came to know and research upon the very subject, I found out that people seemed to wear these very specific flowers because in the time of the war, there was only mud as surface in the Flanders Fields. But the only plant that seemed to want to grow over the time of the war were poppy's. They surrounded the dead bodies in the field, which seemed to be very strange but an acute mystery. Which therefore the red poppy has become a symbol that has been used since 1920 to commemorate who have died in war.

Tomorrow there will be a dawn service down at the Auckland Museum. I may not attend but I do so pay my respects from where ever I may be at the time. And I do hope everyone else would do the same too!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just The Beginning (Fiafia Night)

Fiafia night. The one night where all cultures from Samoa and Tonga, right down to Bollywood and Asia get the awesome chance to perform their very own cultural and unique dances. But guess what! At Pt England School we did exactly that. We had an awesome fiafia night, that started off with laughter, smiles, hugs, food, and fun. That transitioned into cultural performances, on going cheering and support from the audience. And finally more hugs and kisses and farewells as it was the last day/night of the Term.

For the past few weeks our individual groups had to practise our items at least twice a week. And just knowing that tonight all of that hard work would be unleashed on stage in front of all of our (aiga) family and beloved ones, was just amazing.

The night started off with an awesome note. All us girls Ata, Shoal, Brooklyn, Ash and I walked around to each stall that were set out in the courtyard. Everywhere I looked I saw food. And it was such perfect timing, as I was on a diet at the time. But that diet went away just as soon as I saw the sausage sizzle. It was so funny because when I got to the stall I didn't feel as hungry any more. So Shoal, and Ash bought themselves a drink each.

We then carried on knowing that soon Mr Burt would ring the bell, buzz the beeper, and then tell all the students that it was time to go and get ready into our performance costumes. Not to mention, all us girls happened to be in the same awesome, amazing group. The Niuean group.

The bell then rang and everyone was yelling and running, just as well as the parents. Wishing their children good luck and all. I turned to reality and realised that me and Brooklyn had to be heading off to our first group. Kapa-Haka. We were fortunate enough to be participating in two groups. But it was all about hard work and effort in the time of practises we had in each cultural group.

We then headed off to the Library where our group was based. We reached there and had to search for our name tags on a certain piupiu, and dress. I was extremely ecstatic, and couldn't wait to get into it. Then as soon as I did I felt the rush start to kick in. I stared out the window and saw a lot of the other groups already sitting down. I easily recognised the Niuean group with their giant bushy hairs. Everything and everyone looked perfect. Then with in a split second I clicked back to reality. I looked at my group and knew we were going to rock that stage.

I then glared out the window once again the seats started to fill, and so did the nervousness in my heart. Everyone had their piupiu's on. The girls with their moko's, and the boys with their energized pukana's. It was time to shine. My heart pounding. My palms sweating. My mind thinking to hard on the negative, when I should be focusing on the positive. Brooklyn and I faced each other and exchanged the most biggest boldest pukana's we could ever give. Our faces showed pride, and so did our heart.

As the head of the line I had to move in first. The stairs were approaching me. Or shall I say, I was approaching the stairs. I turned my head to the audience and saw so many shaded heads. I could only hear voices, shouting, all one word description. I could hear ongoing cheering as Mr Burt, Vivienne, and Gabriel welcomed on stage the Senior Kapa-Haka group.

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Term 1 Overall thoughts

Wow. Everything flashed by in an instant. Term one of my very last year at Pt England school is practically over. And half of the time I didn’t even notice the time fly by. Since this term the prefects have been quite busy planning occasions, it took up most of my time.

Being prefect has been such a privilege. We’ve been planning and executing activities for our school. Like for instance our Karaoke day was quite a success. Along with our wacky hair day we planned and succeeded in doing so. Those were for sure some highlights for this Term. And another big highlight coming up is Fiafia night! I reckon it’ll be an awesome way to end this Term.

Some downsides about this Term were the numerous times I had got in trouble, because of my silly actions. They were definitely some poor memos of Term 1. But it shouldn’t happen again. And some tasks that I work on aren’t really up to my expectations but I’m planning on working on that for next term.

Our subjects that we learn at school are, Maths, Reading, Writing and P.E. But each Thursday for the morning block we get to go down to Tamaki College to study the subjects, Cooking, Hard Materials and Graphics. I reckon that in my writing curriculum I’ve improved a lot with the help of Miss Squires, and my friends supporting me. The tasks that I get assigned in this very subject usually get handed in on time, with the fact that it has reached to my standard, and expectations.

In all the subjects I reckon that I did well in co-operating with other people, when it came to a stage of working together. This term my goal was to be more independent in my work, so most of the stuff and assignments I get given, instead of choosing a partner I usually find myself wanting to work individually.

I’m really looking forward to Term 2, except with less growling's and more achievements. And I’m also looking ahead to the socials we are going to be planning with the prefects, and house captains. It’s going to be amazing.

Some goals I really want to accomplish for next term is to do much more podcasts. And to improve in my maths. But overall Term 1 has been an awesome first Term of my last year of attending Pt England School.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back To Them Old Days

So this is just a little clip that I found, when I was just snooping around the Pt England website. It shows in some parts of me when I was just a child. In room 9. With the splendid Miss Wood as my teacher. This movie is about recycling, and how it helps the world. Hope you enjoy, because I sure did when I watched it this very morning.

Click on the link below .

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Awesome Triathlon

A Triathlon is very difficult. It is where three sports get put into one whole massive race. It consists of swimming, cycling and running. Today room 20 got the awesome opportunity to do the very event at school with some well trained people.

The process went in order, the girls first then boys. Luckily room 15 was with us. They were told to go before our class, so we had an advantage of getting ready. “Awww! Miss can I go to the toilet” some of us girls were saying aloud to have an excuse. Including me. But the sooner I got this over and done with I thought to myself, the better.

We were now walking sluggishly over to the starting line ready for some star jumps, while Serenity being the only girl who had brought change to school could do the water slide. “Ready and GO!” the man who organised the stuff yelled out to us.

Half of the girls in my class weren’t even trying their hardest, and neither was I. “C’mon Rita. Proper star jumps” Mrs Squires was saying to me. So then I took it seriously. After Serenity slid on the tarpaulin 4 times we were now suppose to head to the clan bikes awaiting us to be ridden.

As the whole pack of girls were sprinting for a bike, one of them pushed me which caused me to want to walk. I got to a bike then realised that the helmet couldn’t fit properly so I didn’t clip it on but just rode off like nothing happened. I reached to the end of the cycling round and found that I was coming last place. I jogged my way around the field and carelessly flopped myself to the ground at the end. I wasn’t tired at all. But felt like doing it since some other girls were.

It had now came to the second time round. This time I was determined to do it right. I jumped up with enthusiasm and made my way towards the same starting line.

“And GO!” the very same man yelled out to us. I was now doing star jumps like a pro. Watching Serenity attentively as she slid the last one, I sprinted my way towards a bike nearer to the end of the bike aisle there was. That was the bike that Logan had set up for me to use after he did.

I took the helmet and this time it had fortunately fitted perfectly on to my head. It felt as if the bike was on gear one so I tried to paddle my fastest as Laita was just trailing behind me. I was now coming in first place when the end of the cycling round had finished.

Then as were settling our bikes back into place as it was before, in the corner of my eye I could see that Laita was starting to jog the course of the running track. I placed my helmet onto the ground and started jogging just a few steps behind her. Then sprinting near the finish line with the last of the breath, strength, power I had in me. But it wasn't enough, so I placed 2nd overall.

I collapsed to the ground at the finish line, just gasping for air. That was the most I have ever pushed myself too. But it was all worth it because I had come 2nd place overall. Just like my placing when we did the triathlon last year in room 21. Nearly all the girls copied me and Laita collapsing to the ground when they had passed the finish line.

When the boys had finished their triathlon all the girls then decided to start walking back to where everyone else was sitting. We all yelled out our thank you's to all the men that ran the whole programme, and headed back to class. I liked the fact that I gave it my all, but I disliked the fact that I had forgotten my spare change of clothes. Doing the Triathlon was only a one off thing. So it would be awesome if we could get to do these type of activities in college next year.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Writing Exam Final Product

Teresa was a girl that attended Junior Massey High. She kept to herself all the time. She had long golden blonde hair, that would glitter brightly in the sun. She had big baby blue eyes. She had a perfect figured body, and she wasn't quite popular. Hard to believe aye? Her father worked as a CEO of a fast food company which made her family quite wealthy. Her mum was a stay at home type of mum. (Which kind of gives you a picture of where Teresa gets her sort of personality from.)  Teresa was quite lucky that she was an only child. She had her privileges at times. But as she grew older, those privileges went out of hand.

By the time she hit Massey High, she was practically ‘Miss Popularity’ and figured, that if she was ‘Miss Popularity” that she could throw big parties whenever she felt like. It was quite cruel and gruesome of her to take advantage of her dad, and use his money and credit card to hold these parties. But he didn't really care, he found himself happy if his daughter were to be happy too.

So this girl Teresa went from being the loving and caring little girl she was, to a pretty much big time spoilt brat, that threw parties whenever, wherever. So this act of hers carried right on through to final year of high school. In the beginning of the year she threw a party to celebrate the start of the year. After the party, she and her friends helped pack up.

The next day when she went to school, she felt that something was missing. She felt that she had forgotten something, someone. She looked around, some students were now crowding her, commenting on the awesome party she had the night before. She thanked them and walked away to use the loo. She stood in the bathroom staring in the mirror trying to remember what she had forgotten. Then she clicked, it was her phone. She rummaged through her bag to see if she had put it in this morning. No she hadn't, first time. By the time school finished she went home to see if she had abandoned it on her dressing table. Still no sign. “Mom have you seen my phone?” Teresa asked her mum.

Her mum stared at her puzzled knowing that wherever Teresa went she would always have her phone with her. “No I haven’t seen it anywhere, sorry darling” she said. Teresa didn't really mind, cause she knew that her father could buy her a new one in an instant. So she carried on with life. The next day she found that her laptop had gone missing. She still didn't mind, cause, once again her father is wealthy enough to buy her a new one. Then two days later something much more exceedingly valuable had gone missing of hers, her grandmother's pearl necklace she had deliberately handed down to her before she had passed away. This time she knew her dad couldn't put a price on that one. They scavenged everywhere to find that necklace. From top to bottom of her house.

Unfortunately they had came to the very last room and still found nothing. The basement. They glanced around and saw a little sparkle of some sort come from behind the washing machine. Mum, and Teresa tried with all they’re muscle they had to push the heavy object away, and did so. They then saw all the objects that were missing of Teresa’s. Her phone, her laptop, and her granny’s pearl necklace. And some other goods she didn't notice that had been lost for quite a long time. Like her softball glove she owned when she was a little girl, and her pyjama set of Dora The Explorer. She put the objects into her arms and cried with remembrance of all the memories she had made with them. She then realised that she was completely changed. That she was now a grown adult, and she needed to take charge of her responsibilities.

So from that day on, she became a whole new changed girl.

Derelict House

The thought of the old abandoned house kept running through my mind, just taunting me it made me feel sick. I was dared to go in at midnight tonight. You know that old wonky looking house, on Maybury street was it. That has had no cars go in and out of the driveway for years. Yeah well that’s the exact house I have to step inside tonight. “Why did you dare me that. It’s scary enough walking past it every morning but going inside it? Worse. C’mon dare me something else” I begged Jake, my so called best friend. “Nahr. No backing out” I forgot I had promised to not back out. Shoot.

We were now standing outside the house. Oh well, um I guess a half broke down rubble loaded house. It was going onto midnight, and my nerves were now getting the best of me. I lurked around to the back of the decrepit house, and found that the grass was waist high. Quite believable. I felt the grass rustle against my legs, but at the same time heard the sound of footsteps hitting against the long grasses roots coming toward me. With the beam of my phones light just being able to reach two metres away, I shone it to my left and saw a glimpse of Jake’s appearance getting bigger, and bigger, coming toward me.

“Finally. Where were you. Let’s get this over and done with. Okay” I said with a heavy heart.

We were now on the first step going up towards the front door. The creaking noise coming from each step I took, made my heart feel more, and more petrified. I gazed down to my phone, and it was now midnight. Exactly. I put my hand on the cold rusty doorknob. I twisted it very slowly, like in those movies, and it opened to a musty scent coming from the inside. Now I couldn't turn back. Half of my body was now inside the house, and the other half hesitating to go in.

Reluctantly I stepped over a gaping hole, which I could visibly see right through to the house’s broken down foundations. I gawk around and see that there are cobwebs everywhere. My heart starts to pound faster. I’m now making my through the kitchen. It seems to be very, very derelict and creaky. The back door was in sight and I was hurrying towards it. Jake was behind me. Being very cautious of where he was stepping as well.

My heart sighed with a relief as I stepped outside of the house. “I did it!” I turned to Jake and laughed. I thought that I couldn’t do it, but I did it! Ecstatic with my accomplishments, I checked the time and saw that is was now 12:30am. Time to be heading off home.

The Haunted Lake (My Independent Writing)

People often talk about spirits that overtake Puriri Lake at dawn. Spirits, and dead souls that lurk the lake. Ever since the massive incident that occurred in the 1980’s, spirits haunt the place. A boat filled with about 20 to 40 passengers, had all died when the boat capsized after its engine malfunctioned. And since then the myths of spirits getting you at night time often got to peoples minds.

Well it won’t get to mine. My dad and I were planning to go fishing tomorrow at that very lake. But lucky for me, I got to choose one of my friends to accompany me on this trip.

The sparkling water. As clear as the sunny blue skies above. Listening to the sound of it flow made all my thoughts fade away. Then in a blink of an eye everything rushed back to reality. “What are you thinking about?” Natalie said to me as we stepped out of the car back into the fresh cool air. “Awwr just. Nothing really.” I replied back. “Come on girls lets grab our stuff and get a move on” dad said peering out to the lake.

Dad, Natalie and I, had finally made it through that devastating road trip. Dads singing was definitely a downside. “So this is what Puriri Lake looks like. Hmmm. Sounds may be deceiving” said Natalie my best friend.

We were now in the middle of lake just waiting for at least one fish to swim by and catch on one of our lines. Just one. When suddenly our boat started to rock back and forth. But the catch was there were no waves. So me and Natalie popped our heads to each side of the boat and saw nothing. “What the heck was that?” I questioned dad. He glared at me with shocked eyes. “I don’t know but we need to get out of here!” He said in an alarmed tone.

As we were rowing our way back to shore the thought of those myths might just be true. Who knows what shook our boat. It might have just been an average sized fish teasing us. Or it could have been some ghouls warning us to leave. It could have just been anything.

So we paddled our way back to shore and rang mom to inform her about what had just happened. She said that we should come home to some hot chocolate that were awaiting us. So like any other child who loves hot chocolates we decided to go home.

Me and Natalie talked about what could have been rocking our boat the whole time we were in the car heading off for home. But one thing's for sure, we both don’t know what it was. And neither did dad.