Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Haunted Lake (My Independent Writing)

People often talk about spirits that overtake Puriri Lake at dawn. Spirits, and dead souls that lurk the lake. Ever since the massive incident that occurred in the 1980’s, spirits haunt the place. A boat filled with about 20 to 40 passengers, had all died when the boat capsized after its engine malfunctioned. And since then the myths of spirits getting you at night time often got to peoples minds.

Well it won’t get to mine. My dad and I were planning to go fishing tomorrow at that very lake. But lucky for me, I got to choose one of my friends to accompany me on this trip.

The sparkling water. As clear as the sunny blue skies above. Listening to the sound of it flow made all my thoughts fade away. Then in a blink of an eye everything rushed back to reality. “What are you thinking about?” Natalie said to me as we stepped out of the car back into the fresh cool air. “Awwr just. Nothing really.” I replied back. “Come on girls lets grab our stuff and get a move on” dad said peering out to the lake.

Dad, Natalie and I, had finally made it through that devastating road trip. Dads singing was definitely a downside. “So this is what Puriri Lake looks like. Hmmm. Sounds may be deceiving” said Natalie my best friend.

We were now in the middle of lake just waiting for at least one fish to swim by and catch on one of our lines. Just one. When suddenly our boat started to rock back and forth. But the catch was there were no waves. So me and Natalie popped our heads to each side of the boat and saw nothing. “What the heck was that?” I questioned dad. He glared at me with shocked eyes. “I don’t know but we need to get out of here!” He said in an alarmed tone.

As we were rowing our way back to shore the thought of those myths might just be true. Who knows what shook our boat. It might have just been an average sized fish teasing us. Or it could have been some ghouls warning us to leave. It could have just been anything.

So we paddled our way back to shore and rang mom to inform her about what had just happened. She said that we should come home to some hot chocolate that were awaiting us. So like any other child who loves hot chocolates we decided to go home.

Me and Natalie talked about what could have been rocking our boat the whole time we were in the car heading off for home. But one thing's for sure, we both don’t know what it was. And neither did dad.

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