Friday, May 31, 2013


What diabetes is:
Diabetes is a disorder where glucose (sugar) cannot enter the body’s cells because the pancreas doesn't make enough insulin. The insulin acts like a key so the carbohydrates can enter the cells. There are two different types of diabetes type 1 and type 2. Type 1 means that the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin. Glucose then builds up in the body which makes you fatigued or tired. Type 2 means the pancreas makes insulin but it doesn’t work properly. Sometimes if untreated, you may experience a different variety of disabilities.

How it works:
It starts in the stomach. All the food gets divided into 3 groups, carbohydrates, protein and fat . The carbohydrates break down to starches and glucose, which enter the bloodstream. While they’re travelling through the bloodstream, the pancreas then produces insulin. The insulin acts like keys so the glucose can enter the muscle and fat cells. This gives energy to the body.  

What goes wrong?

The consequences and the effects to having diabetes can be very severe. Things like blindness, tiredness, and lack of urine affect your body. To make it even worse, if you've been living with it for quite a while, as in years, you will quite possibly die from a sudden heart attack, stroke or even kidney failure. Having diabetes makes your life become more of a hassle.

There aren't many solutions to having diabetes. Instead, people try to reduce the effects of diabetes by oral medication from their doctor. The easiest way to monitor type 2 diabetes is to exercise. Running around the basin, bike rides, or any fitness is the key. Unfortunately type 1 diabetes can only be reduced by getting an insulin shots from your doctor.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Unique Savages (Fiafia Night Niuean Group)

I know it has been a while, but I still need to add this bit.

Things were getting a bit more intense by the minute. Or even by the second. Me and Brooklyn were now running around like headless chooks trying to get our costumes on. Just as well as getting our hairs look like we're savages. By the time we finished and walked outside to where everyone was sitting, we looked onto the stage and saw that after the Tongan boys would be the unicyclist's, and after the unicyclist's would be us. Things were going really fast while we were changing. And it certainly looked as if the crowd was enjoying it.

Kicking back and chilling with the rest of my Niuean group for the next few minutes enjoying the other 2 groups left before it was our turn, the nerves started to kick in. The same feelings flowed right through just like for the Kapa Haka group. But this was different I felt in the zone. I felt as if I was home. Like this was where my roots came from. It just felt right. Just then as the last lyrics from the unicyclist's song played, it was our turn to stand up and prepare ourselves.

Shoal, then me, then Ata, then Ash, and then Brooklyn were all lined up, holding one of the little girls  hands that were in the front line. We were entering on side wings, but the boys were entering from the front. It was our que and we started to walk onto the stage. Our rafia skirts were rustling, and were lucky enough to make more noise then my heavy breathing. Stevenson then pretended to blow the conch shell, and the boys looking a lot like they were naturals from the island started to make they're way to the stage. The drum started to be beat and the girls were now jogging to the centre stage. First up everyone did the Hopo (jump), then Ta me (Action Song), then my fav part of the night, the Takalo (War Dance).

Our item was over. And we exited the stage. Running through the field back to Room 13 felt awesome. The hip-hop group was performing, and the song they were performing to made the adrenaline pump. We were all so happy and excited by the time we got back to Room 13. Shoal, Huelo-Ata, Ash, Brooklyn and I huddled up and all were chatting to each other like crazy about how exhilarating it felt to be on that stage. After taking photo's we got changed and headed back to where the crowd was.

Overall the night was AMAZING. I loved it to bits. And really wish I could re-live it all over again. But everything couldn't have been possible without all the tutors. Miss Lavakula, and Mrs Lagitupu were our Niuean tutors. A HUGE THANKS goes towards you guys. And also Whaea Sophie, and Whaea Raewen were the tutors for the Kapa-haka group. HUGE THANKS to you guys to. Without all you guys the performances would not have been so awesome!

Something Suspicious

Everyday at dusk, the fog which surrounds these gigantic dark rocks, is always lifted. And everyday at dawn, it always falls again. There’s something about these rocks and how they are placed that gets to my mind. The chill that I feel by watching them from afar makes me wonder, why are these rocks placed into the form of a circle?

“Mother” I asked as I swallowed the last bit of my breakfast.
“What is it my daughter” she replied to me in a pleasant tone.
“Well” I said with a gulp “you know those massive rocks just over there by the hills, nearer to the forest.” she cut me right off.
“You better not be asking about those silly fantasies you’ve been wondering again” she threw right back at me.
“Well of course it is. You know that’s all I’ve been asking for the past 10 years of my life." I've always been wondering whether the myths I've been hearing are true. That these giant rocks light up on a certain evening and form a pathway to an undiscovered universe. I just don't know why she's always been trying to change the subject whenever I bring it up.
She pauses and then talks.
“Well” she begins........  

To be continued..........

Friday, May 24, 2013

Lightning at The Courts

Netball games happen every Tuesday for the year 8’s. But last night was different. My team, which was Yr 8 team 2, were so excited to play our game. We were pumped, our adrenaline’s were pounding, and we were ready. But when we were all loading into the van Mr Jacobsen gave us the bad news that our netball games might be cancelled. But we still kept our hopes high, and hoped for the best. Because we really wanted to play.

Half way towards the netball courts the grey clouds that had been circling the sky started to cry, in other words, it started to rain. And then when we finally got to the courts, the rain then started to plummet against the earths surface. As well as bolts of lightning! All the girls in the car were freaked out. Especially me. Apparently there were signs of a tornado approaching Glen Innes. The signs seemed to be almost accurate.

Since the weather was playing up, all the netball games were indeed cancelled. And so Mr J had to retreat back, and drop each and everyone of the girls home. First I was dropped off. And then one by one, the rest of the girls left. It was a bummer that the games were cancelled but, at the same time it was cool. When I got home, I had a long shower with hot water, and snuggled in my blankets with hot chocolate, and watched some movies, until it was time for bed.

Anyway, still pretty excited to play again next week. Hopefully the weather will be alright.

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Holiday Highlight Dress Hunting

Break times already over. The holidays have come to an end so fast. One moment I’m playing with my little cousins, to find out that the next day school starts. Well during the holidays my time was surely spent wisely. I was involved in so many activities during the holidays.

One of the many highlights was when me and my sister went shopping. Except we had to buy a specific dress we would wear for our eldest sisters 21st celebration. The colour theme was going to be orange, and black. Bright and joyful colours for a 21st celebration. But also a bright colour that would be quite hard to find as a dress.

Nive and I started our dress hunt at Sylvia Park. First we walked into Glassons. They had adorable dresses but unfortunately none of them came in the colour orange. We then proceeded along hoping to soon find a good looking dress.

We came across factorie. They had some very cute accessories, but that would have to wait for later. Factorie only seemed to have hoodies, and lots of in fasion season tights, and pants. But that was not what we were after. So we exited another shop yet again. Next we went into Dotti. Another shop which didn’t have many varieties of choices with in the colour range. So we left another shop yet again. At least 2 shop’s later we then encountered Supre on the top floor nearer to the cinema’s.

We entered Supre and searched around the store. I encountered an adorable dress, that was orange, and was appropriate, but the price just stammered my thoughts. It was well over $50 and I only had $50 to spend on a dress of my choice. So I peered around and looked for my sister to see if she could lend me an extra $10 to make up the rest of the amount for my dress.
She gladly gave me a $10 note, and I was off. The dress was perfect, and I wasn’t planning on leaving without it.

So I took my size off the rack, and put it onto the counter. The kind lady then scanned it and said “that would be $45 thank-you.” I gave a huge smile, and kindly handed over the money. Yes! I thought to myself. I look to where I got my dress from and it said 40 percent off. I was so happy and along with that I had $5 left over. Maybe I could go to Factorie and buy those oh so adorable bangles I had my eyes strapped onto.

Overall the dress hunt was awesome. And I got to buy some accessories to go with my dress. And the event was amazing also. My sisters 21st celebration was filled with laughter, smiles, and loads of food. The venue was at the Pakuranga Valentines, which definitely meant there was going to be heaps of food. And there was a whopping 86 people that came along to my sisters 21st. So many people. But overall my highlight from the holidays has to be dress hunting with my sister. It was so fun, and I wish we could do it again. Maybe next holiday break.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Splendid Gift From Will.I.Am

The feeling was amazing. When Mr Burt said that the one and only Will.I.Am would be coming to our school, my heart started to pound with excitement. It had been a secret for at least days. And now when we all finally find out who the anonymous guest was going to be, whispers started to lurk around the big room.

Brooklyn and I, as well as Raenan, Crusader and Darius were all addressed to show the special guest where his seat was placed. We all eagerly awaited outside for Will.I.Am to arrive. Also with the media crew around us. Then a big flash car pulled up to the car parks reserved for them. His body guards hoped out and walked around to secure the place. We were all so excited that we thought that each car that went pass our school was his. Then finally after a good 20 minutes later, he arrived in a flash car. Similar to his body guards. Except he had one car in the front of his , and another on the back.

The cameras started to flash and flicker. The gasps, and whispers started to lurk within the hall. And the butterflies started to fly around in my stomach. He was approaching all of us now. Me being the last to shake his hand,was really nerve racking. After shaking his and his managers hands, we then made our way towards the hall, with the prefects looking like his body guards. Me and him were having a little chat while we were walking towards the hall. It was really crazy though, talking to someone as famous as him. Talking like we're buddies. It was just something that wouldn't happen to you everyday.

We were making our way towards the hall, with the press being the press and flashing their camera's and videoing the moment. Before we entered into the ha;l we could already see full of amazed, and astonished looking children. We all including Will.I.Am proceeded along. We reached to where his seat was placed, and we all exchanged a smile to an fro Will.I.Am then left.

Brooklyn and I were now scurrying towards the music room. We striped off our jackets and then jumped in line, still enthusiastic from shaking Will.I.Am's hand. We were all ready. And within seconds we were all standing on the stage. And within minutes our performance was over.

Vivienne then introduced the Hip-hop group while the kapa-haka group was entering through the back of the hall. After they finished their dance, it was Will.I.Am's turn to talk. He sure did inspire me in many ways. He told us in his speech to choose the best friends possible, to strive to make your dreams a reality, and he sure did inspire me with his background story.

Then he mentions out of nowhere that he feels inspired by us so he has decided to donate our Manaiakalani Cluster a donation of $100,00.00. Everyone around the room started to applaud. But I started to cheer. The fact that he chose our school, out of the billions of schools around the world, to come and donate a huge gift towards, was just an astounding moment in life. With out the help of the Hallenstein Brothers, as well as Will.I.Am this huge koha wouldn't have been donated to us.

A million thanks and grace goes toward the one and only Will.I.Am, and his sponsors!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Rugby Training

On Monday the yr 7 and 8 rugby girls team had training. Pretty strange that we have our trainings in the holidays right, but it's all about practice makes perfect. We've been learning all sorts of different tactics and drills to perfect our rugby team. But the thing is, not many of our girls made it to training on that day, but we managed to get training through with the amount we had. It was an awesome training session with Miss V as the coach. But the down side was that the boys kept dropping the ball. Which caused the whole team to have to run all the way to the goal post and back. The boys were just  extras and all us girls really didn't want them there anymore. But overall it was an awesome training session.