Friday, May 24, 2013

Lightning at The Courts

Netball games happen every Tuesday for the year 8’s. But last night was different. My team, which was Yr 8 team 2, were so excited to play our game. We were pumped, our adrenaline’s were pounding, and we were ready. But when we were all loading into the van Mr Jacobsen gave us the bad news that our netball games might be cancelled. But we still kept our hopes high, and hoped for the best. Because we really wanted to play.

Half way towards the netball courts the grey clouds that had been circling the sky started to cry, in other words, it started to rain. And then when we finally got to the courts, the rain then started to plummet against the earths surface. As well as bolts of lightning! All the girls in the car were freaked out. Especially me. Apparently there were signs of a tornado approaching Glen Innes. The signs seemed to be almost accurate.

Since the weather was playing up, all the netball games were indeed cancelled. And so Mr J had to retreat back, and drop each and everyone of the girls home. First I was dropped off. And then one by one, the rest of the girls left. It was a bummer that the games were cancelled but, at the same time it was cool. When I got home, I had a long shower with hot water, and snuggled in my blankets with hot chocolate, and watched some movies, until it was time for bed.

Anyway, still pretty excited to play again next week. Hopefully the weather will be alright.


  1. Hi Makerita, lol, it was pretty scary been out in the storm Really enjoyed reading your blog, keep up the good work..........Lets hope tomorrow the sun is shining and we can play our last grading match. Good luck....
    Ms Eadie

  2. Hi There Makerita, Ms Eadie showed me your post and I read it and then said - Wow, look at the descriptive language you used to describe the weather was a VERY powerful language choice. Your words painted a picture in my head. . .keep it up!

    Miss Wild


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