Thursday, October 27, 2011

Swimming With The Turtles In Samoa

I got the most amazing opportunity to visit the beautiful island of Samoa. As I was just sitting there watching the turtles in fear thinking about what will happen when I hop into the water, was so dumb of me. I was wasting the most best chance of getting to swim with turtles. Luckily me and my relatives went while the sun was setting. It was so pretty.

“C’mon Rita come in they wont bite” my cousin named Peter yelled out in Samoan. I could see the expression on his face was HAHA you scared pants. Glancing to the right side of the shore I could see that my other little cousin named Methra was riding on a turtle. She made me look like a wuss because she is younger than me and she was already in. Out of the blue I stood up walked in and touched a baby turtle. Just like that.

Then suddenly somebody seized my hand and dragged me into the water. I was so surprised to see that it was my one and only Auntie Sela it was so lucky she was strong because she pigi banked me because I was so scared. As I was on her back I could see how the Turtles treat each other. I saw one turtle slap the other turtle in the face I felt sorry for the one that got slapped.

As I was soaking my feet in the water, my cousin whose name was Cina asked me if I wanted to feed the Turtles, and obviously I said yes straight away. This was the best opportunity ever. As I was getting handed the Yese, as they call the fruit in Samoan, I could see that the Turtles were already eager to get some. Slink, the noise of the fruit being sliced sounded like, the fruit I was feeding them was almost finished. These Turtles are such fast eaters.

As the time flew by the sun was almost set and it was getting darker. So we ended our whole fun day with the best, feast, ever. Samoan Saka (which contained Taro), Fish, Chicken, Luau (Samoan food), and etc. So that was just one day filled with fun I just couldn’t wait for the rest of my week.