Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Demolishing the Old Dental Clinic.

As the Predatory digger started to demolish the Old Dental Clinic on Friday people stood round watching hopelessly going to miss it. Zion looked like she was lost when she saw the digger start to dig in to the building. I thought that the massive wasps nest would collapse and the wasps will go flying around.

When the digger started to dig everyone started to say the same as usual “WHOAAA”. Windows shattered everywhere except for one that had just dropped to the ground. The building was on precarious lean as if it were on the end of a cliff.

As we were saying our last good byes to the old dental clinic and headed back to class we saw a lot of rubble left on the concrete. An almighty crash ended the whole show.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Immersion Assembly

On the first day of the term we usually start off with a Immersion Assembly and this term was the same as usual. People in a huddle hugging each other at the door and blocking the way was very annoying. I was really shocked when the second bell rang and Ashleigh still hadn’t walked through that door. Shoal and I started moaning.

“C’mon Ashleigh”, I said to myself. Then we just had to deal with it and walk to the door to line up. Everyone was so happy to see their friends but me and Shoal weren’t. When we sat down in the hall for Assembly Ashleigh just came in and sat down beside us. I was so glad. “Look” I said to Ashleigh. “The topic for this term is Little Critters”, I said.

“I’m a pesky mosquito”, said Mr Burt in a mosquito costume crawling around on the floor when mosquito’s are meant to be flying. He was scaring all of the little kids.

Finally we got to see team 1. They were dressed up in black with white gloves. Mrs George also had a mask of spider man on. They were doing an item about Incy Wincy Spider it was ok. I would rate it 8/10.

My most favourite item was Team 4. They were acting out as if they were all a Colony of Bees. Mr Barks was the Queen Bee, Miss Squires was the servant she was feeding Mr Barks. The only thing Miss King and Miss Vaafusuanga were doing was dancing in the background. While Miss Garden was sweeping the floor. People were laughing really loud when Mr Barks the Queen Bee took out a fake baby from under him saying that they were twins

“Everybody say Little Critters on three.,1,2,3”, said Mr Burt. "Little Critters!!” All the little kids yelled even Sante the teacher. I felt a little tingle vibrate through my head saying that this term is going to be great.:)