Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Demolishing the Old Dental Clinic.

As the Predatory digger started to demolish the Old Dental Clinic on Friday people stood round watching hopelessly going to miss it. Zion looked like she was lost when she saw the digger start to dig in to the building. I thought that the massive wasps nest would collapse and the wasps will go flying around.

When the digger started to dig everyone started to say the same as usual “WHOAAA”. Windows shattered everywhere except for one that had just dropped to the ground. The building was on precarious lean as if it were on the end of a cliff.

As we were saying our last good byes to the old dental clinic and headed back to class we saw a lot of rubble left on the concrete. An almighty crash ended the whole show.

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  1. Hi Rita,

    That was some really good writing.I remember seeing the big wasps nest. Did you know that at my old house when we were redoing our kitchen there was a huge wasps nest hanging from the roof. It was disgusting. Anyway well done. I can't wait to read more of your fantastic writing soon.
    Keep up the great work!



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