Friday, August 27, 2010

The whole school went to the court waiting for Cross Country.My legs were shaking starting to make me cold and my fingers were starting to get a bit numb. We were in our house colours. The house colours are TAKITUMU(yellow),TE ARAWA,(Red)TAKITIMu,(yellow) and MATAUA(green).My house colour was TAINUI
(Blue.) Go Tainui.
“10 year old come up onto the start line ready for your race” announced Mr Burt. Some of us were nervous. The clappers went bang and we went. We were all clumped together as some people were sprinting fast to get ahead of the bunch. When we were starting to spread out we left a couple of people behind.During the run I was trying not to stop like how champions never give up. It was really muddy that I almost got sunk in it.It was squishing through my toes. As I went past Mrs Squries she was taking videos of people. I was hoping that she wouldn’t take a video of me. Before I knew it I was getting closer to the finish line. I was starting to. With a burst of speed I was starting to sprint a little bit faster. As I was close to the finish line I could hear lots of people clapping and cheering for me. I was happy that my run was over. I had to quickly go and wash my feet and watch the other people run. I had fun doing that run.I had tried my hardest and it all payed off in the end.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Favourite

My favourite Ice Cream is cookies and chocolate because when ever I put it inside my mouth it makes my mouth dribble with saliva. My favourite smoothie is the Monkey shake at Valentines but that sometimes makes my stomach feel sore. I actually have a lot of other favourite Ice Creams. Many people like Cookies and Cream but that sometimes gets to yuck for me when I eat it to much. This is my favourite Ice Cream and Smoothie. Please keep commenting.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My favourite Model

My favourite model is Tyra Banks she is so good at modeling. Many people love her but when she has no make-up on she looks really weird but some people still love her when she has no make-up on.

All of the winners in the cycles I think are prettier than her. I really like this picture of her but I hate this picture because she has no make-up on. Well this is my favourite model. Please keep posting comments and hit the comments right back to you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Having to go to Australia for Good Is Really Sad

Having to go to Australia is really sad. I feel so excited but at the same time I would miss my best friends so much. Everything is going so fast but it is just how life is going on. I have never been to Australia before but things in Australia is really cool that is what my Auntie says. My Auntie says that everything inside Australia is really cheap. The Auntie that is living in Australia right now is living in Sydney but my favorite place in Australia is the Gold Coast. Many people say that the Gold Coast is really cool. When I go there I wish to go to Dream World. I always hear my auntie speaking about the place where she stays. She says that there are many sorts of Theme Parks we would be able to go to. I wish I could be there right now. Having to leave the class is really really sad. By the time I get there I would really like to enroll for a really cool school. I would like to make new friends and get to see my relatives I have never seen before. I am going to miss all my friends and my church members. Bye BF's.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My favourite Netball player

Wow this is really hard having to choose my favourite netball player. This award will have to go to a Samoan player named Maria Tutaia she is the woman. When ever she gets the ball she makes a good use of it and they get a goal. I wish I would be like her when I grow up. My second favourite netball player is the very tall shooter in the Silver Ferns. Irene van Dyk, she is really good at shooting.
Well these are my first and second favourite netball players.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Go Spain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wohooo!!!!!! Spain won. Amazing. This is a miracle. Olai,Olai,Olai,Olai. Spain rocks. The amazing goal was scored by a bold dude. He is the, man. At first the game was going really tough. Uruguay had a really good defence. BUT, near the end a bold dude had got a score. It was tiring having to watch the game early in the morning. My dad was taking over the remote. We all wanted to watch cartoons. It turned out to be a really good game. When the game had finished my brother and my mum went to the doctors and they saw these three girls singing a Spain song. It was pitch perfect. That made my day really cool.
The end. By Makerita.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My favourite Movie stars

My favourite movie stars are....
First would have to be Jaden Smith who is on Karate Kid, he is really good at acting. Second of all would have to be Will Smith he is really good at acting, like in the movie Hancock. He was really funny and also he acts on these really scary movies. Third of all would have to be a girl named Brenda Song on a program that is called The Suite Life On Deck. She is also really pretty to. So that is all the movie stars I have in my diary. Thanks for reading.