Monday, November 26, 2012

Welcoming the Minister of Education

Pasifika Education Plan Launch @ PES from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

On a very special day which was particularly on Thursday 22nd of November. The Minister of Education was going to visit our very own school, which was based in Glen Innes. A not very popular suburb. But with the Minister of Education visiting us, it was a huge privilege. And even much more for me, as I was the opening speaker, to welcome Hekia Parata, as well as her fellow people who came along with her.

As she entered the hall full of students, adults, and teachers, my heart started to race, just knowing that I would be speaking very very soon. And the next thing you know Mr Burt introduced my name, and I had to stand up, and deliver my opening part with Waata.

As I was standing there in awe from the sight of everyone just staring, the words just started flowing through my mouth, without me even thinking about it. But I muddled my words up one little time, but quickly reasserted them in my mind. Before I even knew it, I had finished my part, and Waata had already started. I was relieved I had finished it, and I was also pretty worried about the little muck up. But it was already over and done with, and there was nothing I could do about it.

That day, was definitely a huge day to remember for me, and it will definetly go down in my history book.  

Friday, November 16, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

As the van pulled up to it’s parking place, each and everyone of us presenters in the car quietened down. “Okay now we have to wait for Miss Va'afusuaga” said Mr Jacobsen loud and clear on the microphone connected to the cars speakers. We waited and waited for Miss V to come around, but by the time she came, our school was already lining up to be seated in the theatre. We rushed right past them on the escalator. I was very nervous that I tripped up while going off of the escalator.

The theatre started to fill as soon as me and Toreka placed down our bags. It was after 1:30pm, and me and Toreka were exhausted already. Toreka and I were in the que to be presenting. One by one the partners who would present did their thing and walked off. Then it came up to us. My adrenaline started to pump, and My cheeks were burning up. The stadium quieted after the movie before us had finished. All you could hear were me and Toreka’s footsteps going on to the stage. Looking out into the darkened crowd, my mind went blank. I completely forgot my words. Then my mouth opened and my memorised words came out. After we had finished an applause came accross the crowd once again. My heart had finally stopped pumping like a fierce cheetah pouncing onto it’s prey.

As we sat down, we both looked at each other and grinned as to how well we had done, then we had expected. I got comfortable and enjoyed the rest of the Maniakalani Film Festival.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This historic event had just occurred in Auckland, specifically in Glen Innes. It is an extreme event that includes the force of science. A once in a life time thing happened. It was an eclipse. The sight of it was extravagant. And was very VERY beautiful. Each kid from the intermediate block rushed outside, just to get a glimpse of this amazing moment. Now that it is over, it is absolutely something, I will never forget about. Just simply amazing.

Part two of Athletics day

After our half an hour break, we were back into fun filled activities. Our next activity was Relays. It was where we had to get into our house colours, and do little races, and earn points for our house. I was in Tainui, and we unfortunately lost. My favourite short race was the wheel burrow.

Our next activity was Shot put, with Mr J. We each had our go's so that we would get it over and done with. I had obviously placed nothing. But Stephanie came first. Then we had to do a new one, we had to try to chuck the shot put from beneath our knees. Things still didn't work out for me,

We then proceeded onto our next activity after thanking Mr J. This one was pretty much just a kick back activity. We had to get into these red type of sacks. And hop from one end to another in them. It was seriously ridiculous because I kept on falling, and making a huge fool of myself. But life goes on, and it was still very FUN!!

After that activity it was Lunch time. During Lunch time, me and my friends, we practising for our sprints we had next. *BEEP BEEP, the speaker went "may all of the 12 year old girls report the track." As soon as the announcement had finished, my heart was in serious condition. (just joking) As we were all walking up to the starting line I almost fainted....... TO BE CONTINUED.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Caleb Chung

In extension this afternoon we have had to skim over the internet to find a couple of facts about this person called Caleb Chung. Caleb Chung is a famous toy designer who has made the famous toy's Furby, and Pleo the dinosaur. If you have heard of these toys, you would have known that they were huge hits. Caleb Chung had also in the past been an actor, street mime and director. For our extension project we have to make a star map based upon him. It is going to be hard, but I'm going to try my best.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Athletics Day Part one out of Three

Yesterday we had our annual athletics day, and it was such a nice and sunny day for it. First off we started off with lining up on the courtyard in front of a chair with our age categories on it after the second bell rang. Then we were off with our individual assigned teachers for the rest of the day.

I was in the 12 year old girls category, with Miss Muliaumaseali'i. She was awesome. Our first activity was the Discuss. Most of our girls wanted to go last. But the time was almost up so we rushed and had our turns done. I was placed in 3rd, then I was bunked down to 4th. Then at lunch time we had our throw off. After everyone threw, I ended up placing 2nd, Oshania 1st, Hainite 3rd.

Our second activity was High Jump. It was very thrilling watching everyone make it over. I was the first one to jump, and I made it. Then the second time I ran I heard a voice say "GO RITA" I tried to look who it was and then all of a sudden I slipped and slammed my back onto the grass. It was extremely EMBARRASSING. Then I ran for a second chance but I sadly hit the pole. No one got over the height of that bar unfortunately. But we are fortunate enough to go again and try to make it over.

The next activity was Javelin with Mr Barks. He first set out instructions for what we should do, then the next thing you know it, some of us girls were throwing like pro's. But unfortunately when it came up to me, I threw like I was throwing a heavy item! So obviously it landed not far from where I was standing myself. The people who got a placing were very well predicted.

After Javelin we went off to softball throw. I wasn't feeling up to it, so I threw the ball carelessly. And as usual Oshania came first once again in an event. Then finally the first third of the day was done. But unfortunately we still had two more thirds to go.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Narrative Writing (WARNING this story is not true)

There once was a mother and son who lived in a cottage near the sea. “Timmy come and clean your dishes” mum failed to yell out. Mum and I had just finished eating dinner alone, which was the usual since it has been a year and a half since dad had passed away. Our house had been very quiet considering the loss of dad. So to do my part in our family I cleaned the dishes. Mum and I lived far away from the mainland, but luckily we had a car. “Mum can you please iron my uniform for school tomorrow?” I asked mum politely.

The next day mum got a phone call. “Hey Linda, how are you?” I could hear coming from the person on the other side of the line. It was a lady that sounded very familiar. Then I clicked, it was my favourite aunt Rosie. After mum hung up she explained to me that aunt Rosie was calling to see if mum and I could meet up with her at my favourite Cafe, the Mcdonalds Cafe at the Zoo. My favourite place to go when I was like 6, but now I’m 13. I’m too old for that place, but I have to go to see my favourite aunt though. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

After school on Friday I arrived home and shut the door behind me. To my amazement aunt Rosy was sitting on the couch in the living room. “AUNT ROSIE” I said in excitement. I ran to hug her, I was happy to see my aunt but at the same time I was really wondering why she was here so early? So I got changed out of my wrinkled school uniform and ran to the front to catch up with aunt Rosie. She explained that she just couldn’t wait to see me so she had to come.

Half an hour later we were off to the zoo. My used to be favourite place in the world. I took a pile of books just in case mum and auntie wanted to talk by themselves. We entered in the cafe after we deliberately stopped at each animal’s home and pretended to talk to them. “ahhhh finally I get to sit down!” I said relieved.

I unzipped my bag and picked up a random book from inside. I scanned the cover of it while in the meantime mum and aunt Rosie were chatting away and not minding me at all. So I sat there reading my book very interested  I was so bored I started questioning mum. “Mum what was the crocodile’s name he was my favourite animal?” I asked. “I think Crocko, son please don’t bother me again?” she replied, “okay sure thing mum” I then replied soon after.

I was reading my book when all of a sudden the crocodile named Crocko came into the cafe. He had escaped and was on the loose, and decided to come to the cafe? Such a weird crocodile. Mum stared back at me and jumped up and screeched to the sight of it. I couldn’t believe no one saw it come in, it’s bright skin ought to have made someone scream before my mum did.

The Cafe once upon a time was all quiet, but now it’s full of people screaming and yelling, like the world’s going to end. I just stood there amazed at the crocodile not actually running away from the whole crowd. But deciding to just stand there on it’s particularly small little so called hands and watch me. I exited the perimeter as soon as the zoo keepers told me so. I saw mum but I was still in awe from just staring at the crocodile. We all hoped in the car and I felt like wanting to see it happen again. But just not the screaming.


Halloween this year was awesome. Jasmine, Tanisha and I went down to Glendowie and St Heliers, to supposedly steal candy from the rich houses, but no they gave away the lollies. Our first house we went to apparently turned out to be Jay'Lee's house. She lived right across from Glendowie Collage, which is very sufficient for her if she wants to go to that collage in the future. Anyway we went to her house and got one small piece of a gob stopper. Then we proceeded further on down to St Heliers. We went to different houses and collected different lollies. My favourite house was the house that gave us lollies if we did a trick, or even sing a song. What my friends and I did was the haka. I started it off and then it trailed off along the way. Once it came to the chorus we were back into it. Then the kind lady said "okay hahaha that was a load to do for girls, you young ladies deserve lollies" and we all just smiled cheesy and said "YES PLEASE!" Then as she went inside to get our lollies, the boys showed up behind us, wanting for some lollies from the lady too.

Then when we got them we quickly scurried off to get in front of the boys which were, Xavier, Kendrix and Kane. They wanted some lollies from the same houses as us. The thieves were stealing our clients in a way. Our bags were hardly even filled up, and we were getting angry. But we proceeded on and they just decided to go away. By the end of the day, we managed to just get one quarter of our plastic bags filled. When we got home I felt very exhausted from our VERY long walk we had just done.

Victory will soon go to Barack Obama

The total of all the votes that have been added up recently have added up to this. Barack Obama with 274, and Mitt Romney with 203. So the news has recently been spread. That the past, present, and future president for USA will be Barack Obama. The stadium on t.v looked very packed almost certainly over flowed. But people waited impatiently and eagerly like me, for which name would be announced. People have now been saying that Barack Obama is going to certainly win, I think so to. (not being mean)Barack Obama was a good sport and thanked his opposing candidate for being a good competition. I feel very happy for president Barack Obama. And I am betting that many of his supporters in America are too. He has four very short more years to full fill his duties as the President of the United States of America. Not unless Mitt Romney has a MIRACLE!!

How to make a Toy Block Train

How to make a Toy Block Train
You will need:
Square wooden pieces of blocks (6)
Paint Colours ; Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, and Green
Carving knife
Little plastic eyeballs for the face (if you want a face on your train)
Super Glue
Little short rectangular blocks of wood


Step 1: Collect all of your equipment listed and lay them out in front of you. First out start off with the alignment of the blocks. Bring out 6 blocks and paint which may have to be all of the primary colours.

Step 2: Paint each block a primary colour. Then paint the beginning alphabet letters on top of it with white after it has dried.


Step 3: Then use short little strips of wood and super glue to glue the blocks together. After that you would have to then drill in holes near the bottom of the blocks so that you may be able to install the wheels of the train.

Step 4: After doing so, you may or may not want to decorate it. But if so you can go hard decorating and bedazzling it.

Step 5: Then finally test it out, and it should be able to work. :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Politic Re-election

So now there is only just about to be one very short day till the new or present president of USA will be announced. Every 2 years on November the 6th (American time) the United States of America have held a Politic re-election, for their country. This as many people now know, has almost been president's Obama's 4th year running as president. And now he is up against Mitt Romney. Who is also known to be a very good politic. The announcement of who the new president will be, is going to make history, and be breath taking. So therefore I can not wait for it to be announced.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

So as most people should now know that the president of America Barack Obama, now has an opponent up against him. His name is Mitt Romney. The two candidates have been going hard persuading the citizens of America to vote for them.

Barack Obama has officially been president of the USA since taking off in January 20, 2009. So which means by using your maths, this year is just about to be his 4th. If more people vote for him then Mitt then he would be able to stay for his 5th year as the president in the white house.

Mitt Romney the other candidate up against Barack Obama, is very intelligent in ways to persuade the citizens too. Mitt Romney criticized President Obama for a nearly identical green energy program Romney set up in his state. From 2003 to 2007, he served as the 70th Governor of Massachusetts. And now not only does he want to be the Governor of Massachusetts, he now wants to be the President of America!

There are only two short and days left for the people of America to vote for which candidate they want to run their very own country. And it is all up to Obama, and Romney to try and get the people's votes. And it will be life  changing for the one of them. GOOD LUCK!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Cookie Monster is a well known toy to young children now-a-days, as well as his best friend Elmo. But my favourite toy is the big cuddly Cookie Monster, that is kind of like a teddy bear, but blue. I’ve had my dearly beloved Cookie for at least 2 months now, and it feels like it has been forever. We’ve been to Carls Jr together, Burger King, Manukau Shopping Mall and Pak’n’save. And now my brothers and sisters think that I’m such a big baby. I kind of am, just speaking the truth.

My cookie monster is arms length, it is obviously blue and it is very, very CUTE! Well to me it is, I don’t know about other people and what they think of him. He loves to eat cookies. He would always usually tag along with me while I steal from our families cookie jar. But we would eventually give into being the guilty ones who stole from it. He has embarrassingly huge eyes, which bulge out but at the same time make him look cute.

Cookie makes me feel like I’m a five year old child again. It reminds me of when I had this other big white and pink teddy bear, which I named Rosalina who comforted me and made me feel loved. I miss her but Cookie has fortunately replaced her, because I lost her 2 years ago.

I have had so many memories with Cookie that the list will probably go on and on, but I’ll only put down my biggest memory with him. I once remember when I took him with my family to Valentines. I accidentally forgot him, and so I begged my mum if I could go back and get him with my eldest sister and she said “yeah sure.”

So we hopped in the car and drove back to the restaurant. I first looked around the table  we sat in, and he wasn’t there, so I then checked around the whole place. Then finally I gave up and as I walked past the front of the receptionist office I used my peripheral vision and I saw a glimpse of him, so I fully turned and there he was sitting on the office ladies desk. I had found him. So I asked for him and after the lady handed him over I hugged my dear Cookie very tightly. And that was my biggest memory with him, forgetting him at a restaurant. But now I promise I will never let him out of my sight, besides when I go to school.