Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Halloween this year was awesome. Jasmine, Tanisha and I went down to Glendowie and St Heliers, to supposedly steal candy from the rich houses, but no they gave away the lollies. Our first house we went to apparently turned out to be Jay'Lee's house. She lived right across from Glendowie Collage, which is very sufficient for her if she wants to go to that collage in the future. Anyway we went to her house and got one small piece of a gob stopper. Then we proceeded further on down to St Heliers. We went to different houses and collected different lollies. My favourite house was the house that gave us lollies if we did a trick, or even sing a song. What my friends and I did was the haka. I started it off and then it trailed off along the way. Once it came to the chorus we were back into it. Then the kind lady said "okay hahaha that was a load to do for girls, you young ladies deserve lollies" and we all just smiled cheesy and said "YES PLEASE!" Then as she went inside to get our lollies, the boys showed up behind us, wanting for some lollies from the lady too.

Then when we got them we quickly scurried off to get in front of the boys which were, Xavier, Kendrix and Kane. They wanted some lollies from the same houses as us. The thieves were stealing our clients in a way. Our bags were hardly even filled up, and we were getting angry. But we proceeded on and they just decided to go away. By the end of the day, we managed to just get one quarter of our plastic bags filled. When we got home I felt very exhausted from our VERY long walk we had just done.

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