Friday, November 9, 2012

Athletics Day Part one out of Three

Yesterday we had our annual athletics day, and it was such a nice and sunny day for it. First off we started off with lining up on the courtyard in front of a chair with our age categories on it after the second bell rang. Then we were off with our individual assigned teachers for the rest of the day.

I was in the 12 year old girls category, with Miss Muliaumaseali'i. She was awesome. Our first activity was the Discuss. Most of our girls wanted to go last. But the time was almost up so we rushed and had our turns done. I was placed in 3rd, then I was bunked down to 4th. Then at lunch time we had our throw off. After everyone threw, I ended up placing 2nd, Oshania 1st, Hainite 3rd.

Our second activity was High Jump. It was very thrilling watching everyone make it over. I was the first one to jump, and I made it. Then the second time I ran I heard a voice say "GO RITA" I tried to look who it was and then all of a sudden I slipped and slammed my back onto the grass. It was extremely EMBARRASSING. Then I ran for a second chance but I sadly hit the pole. No one got over the height of that bar unfortunately. But we are fortunate enough to go again and try to make it over.

The next activity was Javelin with Mr Barks. He first set out instructions for what we should do, then the next thing you know it, some of us girls were throwing like pro's. But unfortunately when it came up to me, I threw like I was throwing a heavy item! So obviously it landed not far from where I was standing myself. The people who got a placing were very well predicted.

After Javelin we went off to softball throw. I wasn't feeling up to it, so I threw the ball carelessly. And as usual Oshania came first once again in an event. Then finally the first third of the day was done. But unfortunately we still had two more thirds to go.

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