Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Part two of Athletics day

After our half an hour break, we were back into fun filled activities. Our next activity was Relays. It was where we had to get into our house colours, and do little races, and earn points for our house. I was in Tainui, and we unfortunately lost. My favourite short race was the wheel burrow.

Our next activity was Shot put, with Mr J. We each had our go's so that we would get it over and done with. I had obviously placed nothing. But Stephanie came first. Then we had to do a new one, we had to try to chuck the shot put from beneath our knees. Things still didn't work out for me,

We then proceeded onto our next activity after thanking Mr J. This one was pretty much just a kick back activity. We had to get into these red type of sacks. And hop from one end to another in them. It was seriously ridiculous because I kept on falling, and making a huge fool of myself. But life goes on, and it was still very FUN!!

After that activity it was Lunch time. During Lunch time, me and my friends, we practising for our sprints we had next. *BEEP BEEP, the speaker went "may all of the 12 year old girls report the track." As soon as the announcement had finished, my heart was in serious condition. (just joking) As we were all walking up to the starting line I almost fainted....... TO BE CONTINUED.

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