Saturday, January 26, 2013

Holidays What To Do? What To Do?

My holidays started off with me being so ecstatic and all. To being bored and getting much lazier each day at home. Things haven't been that exciting at home. I even wish at times that school could just start by the next minute. But that could never happen. I just have to stay patient and wait for the fourth of February. When school will surely start. The holidays for me have been real nerve racking. First of all it's my last year here at Pt England and I just can't decide what college I might go to. And second of all, I can't believe that I would have to be leaving my splendid school that I have attended for pretty much my whole life, and head for lame old college. But I have to. Anyway school is just around the corner and I've been reading many books each week. Parts of my holidays have been splendid, but I just can't wait for school to get started, and for my holidays to finally be over.

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 The Final Destination/Year

2012 was awesome no doubt about that, but it's 2013 now and things have certainly kicked off brilliantly for me. On new years eve we stayed up right till it was midnight, and the clock stoke 12:00 am. Watching the clock tick by each second knowing that 2012 was going to end by the next minute, made me just click right back to the many memories I had made in that certain year. For instance the really good friends I had made, the many opportunities I had taken and developed some skills in, and most importantly having Mrs Langitupu as my awesome teacher for the year. Any way back to the countdown. In the meantime to keep my family from falling asleep we watched the mother of all comedy movies. The one and only Medea. We sat and munched on some pizza's which was mainly our new years eve feast. Doesn't sound like much, but it sure did fill me. It was 11:55 pm, and we all waited impatiently. Once the clock stroke midnight we obviously heard all of the fireworks exploding from each side of our house, by the neighboring houses. So we decided to run outside and watch the very first seconds of 2013 go by. As we did I was seriously thinking about everything that could happen this year. But no one knows what life will throw at them, I guess it's full of surprises, and I like surprises. So this year has to be one of my best years since it will be my last year at Pt England School. I have spent 8 years at this school and this will be my ninth and it has to be my very best. So I have to make the very most of things in 2013 and it starts right now!