Saturday, March 1, 2014


Everything's been going very well for me and things in college. I've been participating in a lot of different things, making a lot of new friends, and even getting along with the teachers. It's week four now and I've just finished a three day camp down at Matamata, at Totara Springs. It was amazing.

Even though I'm not the heights type of girl I tried my best to do every activity. The only activity I couldn't face was the abseiling one. It was much to difficult for me to even look at. Other than that one activity the whole camp was really great.

School in general has been amazing as well. Finding out the great news that I made it into the top yr 9 netball team at St Kent's was just amazing! The only thing I'm not so excited for are the training's but in time I'll get used to it. I'm just so thankful for all my past coaches at Pt England School that have helped me to get into that position.

Overall the college life hasn't been so harsh on me just yet. But I know sooner or later a lot more things are going to get tougher.