Monday, November 21, 2011

Mr Coop's Scrumptious Food

To start off our first day of camp, Mr Coop our camp cook, had got up early in the morning to bake us campers fresh and delicious bread. Right after our usual morning fitness trail, we would come back smelling the most freshly and yummiest baked bread ever. Breakfast was always the best meal of the day for me.

Lunch had came and this time we could smell grilled sausages ready for hot dog making. As each child were lining up ready to make their own hot dog, some of us were really hungry so they didn’t take any notice of the line and pushed in. One bite in my
hot dog and I was in heaven. I didn’t want to go back to Auckland.

Then came dinner. The meal that would finish off the day which was spectacular. We had a meal that I would say was yummier than my Dad’s dishes. (Not saying that he can actually cook no offence) This made me want to stay for even longer.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ready for Year 6 Camp

In one more week we are off to Kawau Island for our Year 6 Camp. Yeayyyy.

Camp Benzon is in the North Cove of Kawau Island, and the one transport we use to travel there is by Ferry.

There are such amazing activities to do on Camp Benzon like the Confidence Course, which is one of the most favoured activities. Another cool activity there will be is Orienteering. This Course is set through large bushes around the Camp Site. And obviously we have to have Compasses.

The one thing that I am looking forward to is seeing the Dolphins as we go by them on the Ferry. I heard that they are really cute and this year we might be extremely lucky to see them.

A challenge for me will have to be Raft making, because if we make a raft that does not float, it will be extremely funny and embarrassing and will prove that you are not good at making rafts. (And proves that you are a bit heavy)

I just can’t wait for all of the fun activities that we are going to partake in. (Especially the eating)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tennis Coaching

OH MAN, this was bad, really bad. I do not know how to play Tennis, nor do I even know how to hold a Tennis racket properly. As Room 17 sat there on the steaming hot concrete, a man who was going to be our Tennis Coach introduced himself. His name was Marcel.

My fingers were really eager to hold a Racket. As soon as he had told us to pick up one as well as a Tennis ball, my heart started to beat faster. The first thing he had taught us to do, was how to hold a racket, which was one of the most worst problems I had with Tennis. The way he had told us how to hold it was like a frying pan. Soon I got the hang of being like a chef with a Tennis racket. Which was quiet odd.

After a little while, we had to get into partners. My partner was Serena, which was such a good choice. The reason why we had to get into Partners, was because we had to stand opposite each other from the net. Then one partner has to have the Tennis ball while the other has to have their racket with them. So obviously you could see that the one with the ball which was Serena had to chuck it over the net to me, so that I could wak it right back at her not to hard.

Sooner or later we had to move on to the next game which was King Ball. It was pretty much a mini game of Tennis, which was actually filled with fun and a lot of action. I had been put into a group of six. Our whole lesson we had been learning techniques and all of those techniques that we had learned had to be put in the matches that we were going to have with our opponents. The game did not go as planned, but it was still fun being King like only three times.

So today's first lesson didn't go so bad as I had expected. I just can't wait for next week see what Marcel will throw at us this time.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scrumptious Comets

“Please make a circle” Miss Garden had said elegantly. Today Room 17 and Room 16 were going to make Comets. (Well not the real ones) The Ingredients that we were going to use, to make them was; Ice Cream, for the main big Ice Rock, Biscuits to mash up into chunks , Ice Cream cones also, and last but not least the Chocolate decorations as well as Hundreds and Thousands sprinkles. As I was waiting impatiently in line, my fingers were extremely eager to touch the fresh from the fridge ice cream. There were two flavours. Vanilla and Chocolate. I obviously chose chocolate.

Did you know that Comets are made out of Ice and dust, kind of like a dirty snow ball. Did you also know that Comets can orbit the Solar System for at least 200 years, which is astonishing.

The way we were going to make our Comets was that we would get a nice round circle of Ice Cream, which would be the main body of the Comet. Then the biscuits would be for the bits of rock that are stuck inside and outside of a Comet. And the sprinkles would be for the dust that usually comes off of Comets. The cone, well that was for the tail.

As soon as I had got my massive chunk of Ice Cream, I sprinted as fast as I could outside to where they were making the most mess I have ever seen. Outside they were putting the mashed biscuits mixed with sprinkles on to our Ice Cram. Making it look as dusty as real Comet looks like. The mess outside was horrifying, because the dust (sprinkles and biscuits) were dropping everywhere in our Courtyard.

Phew, a sigh of relief covered my face. I had finished my beautiful Comet. To top it off after we were tossing it around with dust, we had to place the main body onto it’s tail, the cone. It looked superb and tasted superb as well.
Everything went very well, except for the mess that Mr Sommerville had made with both classes outside. Over all, everything was very good.