Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ready for Year 6 Camp

In one more week we are off to Kawau Island for our Year 6 Camp. Yeayyyy.

Camp Benzon is in the North Cove of Kawau Island, and the one transport we use to travel there is by Ferry.

There are such amazing activities to do on Camp Benzon like the Confidence Course, which is one of the most favoured activities. Another cool activity there will be is Orienteering. This Course is set through large bushes around the Camp Site. And obviously we have to have Compasses.

The one thing that I am looking forward to is seeing the Dolphins as we go by them on the Ferry. I heard that they are really cute and this year we might be extremely lucky to see them.

A challenge for me will have to be Raft making, because if we make a raft that does not float, it will be extremely funny and embarrassing and will prove that you are not good at making rafts. (And proves that you are a bit heavy)

I just can’t wait for all of the fun activities that we are going to partake in. (Especially the eating)

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