Monday, November 21, 2011

Mr Coop's Scrumptious Food

To start off our first day of camp, Mr Coop our camp cook, had got up early in the morning to bake us campers fresh and delicious bread. Right after our usual morning fitness trail, we would come back smelling the most freshly and yummiest baked bread ever. Breakfast was always the best meal of the day for me.

Lunch had came and this time we could smell grilled sausages ready for hot dog making. As each child were lining up ready to make their own hot dog, some of us were really hungry so they didn’t take any notice of the line and pushed in. One bite in my
hot dog and I was in heaven. I didn’t want to go back to Auckland.

Then came dinner. The meal that would finish off the day which was spectacular. We had a meal that I would say was yummier than my Dad’s dishes. (Not saying that he can actually cook no offence) This made me want to stay for even longer.

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  1. Hey Makerita,

    Mmmm your description made me hungry, sounds like you guys had fun :) camp usually is though.

    Do you know what you had for dinner? maybe you could find a recipe and see if you could make it for your family (show your dad how to cook ;P )


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