Thursday, September 23, 2010


As the topic for my group is polynesians we have been studying about Kupe and how he sailed to New Zealand. Many people figured that Kupe had fought a octupus on the journey.
Please sit back and relax.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Canterbury Earthquake

On Saturday morning at 4:30AM in Christchurch, a 7.1 earthquake on the ritcher scale had hit Christchurch with out any warning. As the people were to pick up there children and run along, the ground was still making buildings collapse and tilt to the back of their yards. As the devastation of Christchurch grew by the second, the unstable buildings made extensive damage. Many problems such as floods were caused by the liquefaction of the mud and water merging together. During the Earthquake roads were littered with water and mud.

The many dangers for Christchurch when this had happened was the doorways because the people were affraid of it collapsing down on them. Many people had been dangered with the triggered gas leaks that unexpectinglly had happened. As the people had evacuated out of the dangered place they all used to call home people who were homeless still in pyjama’s and still wandering what had just happened.

The End By Rita.