Thursday, September 23, 2010


As the topic for my group is polynesians we have been studying about Kupe and how he sailed to New Zealand. Many people figured that Kupe had fought a octupus on the journey.
Please sit back and relax.


  1. Malo Makerita. This was a clever little movie. I like how you presented information about Kupe from the point of view of his wife. I enjoyed the sequence of images and animation, it helped to tell your story. I think you may need to edit this movie then upload again as there is a huge portion of black screen only at the end. Keep up the good work Makerita. Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Rita you have done A good jobe on your work.
    You have done good work. keep it up

  3. Hi Terina thanks for the comment.
    From Makerita.


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