Sunday, September 23, 2012


Have you seen the flowers in my beautiful bouquet?
They were gathered one by one, as I went along my way.
The flowers are distinctive, for each represents a friend,
Of very special beauty, and I love each one of them.

Their species doesn't matter, nor their colour, nor their size,
Everyone delights me, each, a joy in my eyes.
Some are long stemmed-others, short, a few have many leaves,
Others have no leaves at all, and some, pherhaps, are weeds.

Those with thorns are welcome, too, although they may cause trouble,
But to find a bud amongst those thorns is worth every bit of struggle.,
Each bloom's a beauty by itself, though collectively, they're grand,
I wouldn't trade a single one for all the gold in the land.

They're all of value to me, they're all part of my bouquet,
They nurture and sustain me, they get me through each day.
I never meant to let one go, though I have lost a few,
If somehow I could find them, that's exactly what I'd do.

My heart is broken when one fades, or when one petal drops,
And how I ache if one stem breaks, and it's blooming has been stopped.
My friends are all those flowers, I have held in my bouquet,
They've added life to my life and I'm blest they've come my way.

One day I know they'll have to go, and soon my time will also end,
One by one we'll disappear, but .......... we'll meet up again.
In a more exquisite garden, at another time and day,
Then my precious friends and I will become my Lord's bouquet.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Loud Shirt Assembly

This morning we had our usually every Friday assembly. But this Friday something special was going on in it. We had a Loud Shirt Day. It’s a day to help fundraise money for the deaf children around New Zealand. But the theme was Hawaii. Each child that had mufty or a Loud Shirt, they had to bring 2 dollars to school, to help donate. In assembly the best T-Shirts were crowned. And the loudest shirt was awarded to Tevita. Each person that had a Loud Shirt had been instructed to go onto the stage. It was seriously embarrassing, but looking around at what other people had worn was pretty similar to mine. So it made no difference. And then later on Mrs Va'afusuaga had announced the winner for the Olympic Sports day. It was IRELAND! Which was completely unbelievable. The seniors had lost all of their games, but the juniors won all of their games. It was not expected. But unfortunately my team Kenya didn’t come a placing.

Part 1 of the Olympic Sports day

Yesterday the whole school had an Olympic Sports day. Each child had been put into a country, I was put into Kenya which the leader was Miracle. I decided to help him and be his assistant with Huelo Ata. When we had arrived to the court we had to line up in our lines, the juniors and the seniors.

First of all each country had to stand up and walk around a circuit representing their very own countries. I was so hyped up that I was running around with our flag and waving it to. Then after we had completed the circuit, each team got ready to head off to their first activities.

Team Kenya were lost, so at the time we made up a chant. Our chant went a little like this “KENYAUSHER KENYAUSHER KENYAUSHR (everyone) CHOOHOOO!!” Our chant was ready when all of a sudden we got told that we were in the wrong place, we had to go to the street for four square. We were vs Uganda.

As partner by partner lost from our team, we kept on cheering our team on. Then it came up to me and Huelo Ata’s turn. We lost 3 times. But it came up to one time when we won 4 times in a row. Until Pesi and Mary L came and bullied us off the court. The referee Mrs Langitupu was quite a strict ref. But in the end we lost, which was disappointing but quite predictable.

Our next rotation was to head off to volley ball. Where again we had humbly lost to Mexico. As we exited we did our chant all the way to our next activity Handball. Our luck had been lifted, when we had vs Italy. Miracle was the player of the day for that game, cause he scored our team 3 goals. But I had only scored one goal because the goalie was distracted at the time.
We had FINALLY won a game.

Luckily it was morning tea cause I seriously needed a break.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rugby Girls Game against Koru

“OWWW!!” the crowd of spectators said as they were lined along the sideline, watching the intense rugby game of Pt England Girls vs Koru Girls.  Our intermediate girls rugby team had trained very hard and were going there hardest. Hits here hits there, they were making huge progress with the scoring. Our Pt England Intermediate girls were being very vicious against their opposition. Koru, which was a school located down South far from where we stayed.

Pesi caught hold of the ball and took her chances. She ran straight and bumped off one of Koru’s girls. She then charged onward heading for the try line, and bumped off another one of their girls. And then she dived for the try line with a huge pile of Koru’s team on top of her. Pesi was one of the most fierce and feisty players that were playing at the time. “SHOT PESI” as she scored one try for her team, and they were jumping for joy. And so was the long line of supporters of Pt England School.

I was feeling much sorrow for Koru so I then started cheering for their team. “GO KORUU!!” I yelled from the sideline. Out from the blue they scored a try. And then all my friends that I was surrounded by were staring at me. And I said “What be a good sport” with a grin on my face.

Number 11 for Koru was running with the ball and was heading straight towards the crowd. Joe yelled out “Jaylee that’s yours.” And for certain she got number 11 down. Jaylee was also another one of the most fierce and feistiest players in the match. When she made that hit, the whole crowd did their usual “OWWW.”  Hits were made here and there but to be honest the best hit was made by Tina Mapapalangi.

She is an astounding role model for those one’s that want to make big hits like her in rugby when they grow up. “OHHHH OWWW!!” the entire crowd chanted. I was probably the big mouth there going hard for Koru when she made that hit. By the end of the game it was draw. Each team scored 3 tries. So then they had an extra 5 minute play off.

Unfortunately we had to head back to class to pack up. But the rugby girls came back with humble hearts saying that they had sadly lost by one point. It was a harsh and intense game and our girls kept humble and made no conflict. As well as Koru.

Our girls stayed humble and that was the main thing. They tried their best but yet didn’t get their. But hopefully next time they would win. Overall the game was amazing and intense with huge hits. Their should be another game and next time I would go hard out for our girls.

Farewell to our dearest Mrs Verry

We all love you dearly and will mis you with all our hearts. Hope you can come back to our school to teach more, and be a loving and caring on duty teacher. WE LOVE YOU MRS VERRY!

Friday, September 14, 2012

What If I could go back in time?

What if I could go back in time? I would be able to do anything, rearrange the past, and the things that I did right and wrong. I could be able to get the things I weren’t allowed to have back then. And I would be able to replace the things I did wrong.

The first thing I would do if I could go back in time, would be to bomb out Nezinli Taufa in the dougie competition at the school social. As well as the cat-daddy competition.

I would also go back in time to when the Natzi’s were alive. And I would try and fight for the black people’s rights. Because it was not fair for them to be an outcast from the world.

But to travel back in time, is kind of unrealistic. And so I would rather stay in the time I’m in right now.

Monday, September 10, 2012

If I were a Billionaire

Becoming a billionaire would mean everything to me. I could change the way I live, have more higher chances to get into a highly classified college and much much more. I could change a
lives in Africa if I donate thousand’s to the Unicef foundation, and I could also be changing the way people look at me.

If I were a billionaire? People would probably use it on buying houses, and all of those likely to be expensive things. Inside I would love to do the same, but before doing something like that, I would have to pay the bills for our family, and do the right stuff that would help me and my family.
Then I would love to donate a couple of thousand’s to the Unicef foundation, and then save the rest of the money to be able to go to the world’s highest college and University.

Going to the best University in the world, can lead you to becoming the best in the world. After accomplishing my tasks at university then I would travel around the world to my hearts content.
I love my traveling as much as my family, so after travelling I would probably go back home and stay there for a little pit stop, then carry on with my journey. And be back to being busy as a bee.

Being a billionaire will be quite a lot of work, so I would actually love to just be as myself now and forever.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mini Olympics

Tainui 4 was written on my hand, and as I was looking for the exact same words on the walls of the hall, I was frightened from behind by Tyler Baker. She happened to be in the same group as me. So we sat down and were waiting impatiently for our team leader Jarna to lead us off to our first destination.

Today the students from years 6 to 8 all gathered in the hall. Ready for a whole first block of fun filled activities, related to the 2012 Olympics. Tainui 4 headed off to the street, the year 7 and  8 block. There we would be doing something alike to zumba with Mr Slade, but more slower.

After we had finished doing that activity we moved along to the Music room, where we would be watching just the beginning of The Toy Shop production we did in 2009. As I sat down straight away I saw my good friend Huelo-Ata as a little girl. Then out popped Julia who was the mother of Joshua, but in the Production. And then a shocker, out popped everyone, and from the corner of my eye I saw myself as a little girl.

Our next activity was in the Library, with Mrs Flavelle. We were going to be decorating cookies with icing, and seashells with felt tips. The cookies were left for one side of my team to decorate and the seashells were left to me and my side to decorate. It was a tough challenge because we were vs Taki 2, and from what they have produced by half time was pretty good. But we got back into the game and were decorating as fast as we could, and putting in a lot of creativeness that we had into it. In the end my teams result was much better than I had predicted it to be.

After that activity we moved onto doing Jump Jam in room 17 with Miss Muliaumaseali’i. Our first song we did with her was this song that is in the movie Rio. Then later on after 2 more song,s we had a freestyle competition. I obviously entered it, to get our group more points. By the end of the freestyle round we, Tainui, had scored up to 70 points. Me and Patrick scored the most. And Taki 2 scored quite a bit too.

Then kicked back and listened to the song I believe in the movie Honey. Then after that song, we had to retreat right back to the hall, ready to watch PENN. At the end of PENN, they played some movies, that we had made when we were really young. It was a shocker! Then it was time to depart.

The whole morning block was packed with fun. And I had the most. Hopefully we could do it another time, because it was really cool.