Sunday, September 23, 2012


Have you seen the flowers in my beautiful bouquet?
They were gathered one by one, as I went along my way.
The flowers are distinctive, for each represents a friend,
Of very special beauty, and I love each one of them.

Their species doesn't matter, nor their colour, nor their size,
Everyone delights me, each, a joy in my eyes.
Some are long stemmed-others, short, a few have many leaves,
Others have no leaves at all, and some, pherhaps, are weeds.

Those with thorns are welcome, too, although they may cause trouble,
But to find a bud amongst those thorns is worth every bit of struggle.,
Each bloom's a beauty by itself, though collectively, they're grand,
I wouldn't trade a single one for all the gold in the land.

They're all of value to me, they're all part of my bouquet,
They nurture and sustain me, they get me through each day.
I never meant to let one go, though I have lost a few,
If somehow I could find them, that's exactly what I'd do.

My heart is broken when one fades, or when one petal drops,
And how I ache if one stem breaks, and it's blooming has been stopped.
My friends are all those flowers, I have held in my bouquet,
They've added life to my life and I'm blest they've come my way.

One day I know they'll have to go, and soon my time will also end,
One by one we'll disappear, but .......... we'll meet up again.
In a more exquisite garden, at another time and day,
Then my precious friends and I will become my Lord's bouquet.

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