Friday, September 21, 2012

Loud Shirt Assembly

This morning we had our usually every Friday assembly. But this Friday something special was going on in it. We had a Loud Shirt Day. It’s a day to help fundraise money for the deaf children around New Zealand. But the theme was Hawaii. Each child that had mufty or a Loud Shirt, they had to bring 2 dollars to school, to help donate. In assembly the best T-Shirts were crowned. And the loudest shirt was awarded to Tevita. Each person that had a Loud Shirt had been instructed to go onto the stage. It was seriously embarrassing, but looking around at what other people had worn was pretty similar to mine. So it made no difference. And then later on Mrs Va'afusuaga had announced the winner for the Olympic Sports day. It was IRELAND! Which was completely unbelievable. The seniors had lost all of their games, but the juniors won all of their games. It was not expected. But unfortunately my team Kenya didn’t come a placing.

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  1. Hi Rita,
    My team Sweden came 3rd which was a huge surprise. Me and Samson (Leaders) were extremely happy. Anyway, loud shirt day was a success. We ended up raising over $390. I can't wait to read more interesting post. Keep up the great work Rita!!!



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