Friday, September 21, 2012

Part 1 of the Olympic Sports day

Yesterday the whole school had an Olympic Sports day. Each child had been put into a country, I was put into Kenya which the leader was Miracle. I decided to help him and be his assistant with Huelo Ata. When we had arrived to the court we had to line up in our lines, the juniors and the seniors.

First of all each country had to stand up and walk around a circuit representing their very own countries. I was so hyped up that I was running around with our flag and waving it to. Then after we had completed the circuit, each team got ready to head off to their first activities.

Team Kenya were lost, so at the time we made up a chant. Our chant went a little like this “KENYAUSHER KENYAUSHER KENYAUSHR (everyone) CHOOHOOO!!” Our chant was ready when all of a sudden we got told that we were in the wrong place, we had to go to the street for four square. We were vs Uganda.

As partner by partner lost from our team, we kept on cheering our team on. Then it came up to me and Huelo Ata’s turn. We lost 3 times. But it came up to one time when we won 4 times in a row. Until Pesi and Mary L came and bullied us off the court. The referee Mrs Langitupu was quite a strict ref. But in the end we lost, which was disappointing but quite predictable.

Our next rotation was to head off to volley ball. Where again we had humbly lost to Mexico. As we exited we did our chant all the way to our next activity Handball. Our luck had been lifted, when we had vs Italy. Miracle was the player of the day for that game, cause he scored our team 3 goals. But I had only scored one goal because the goalie was distracted at the time.
We had FINALLY won a game.

Luckily it was morning tea cause I seriously needed a break.

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  1. Hey Rita,
    I really like your piece of writing. Anyway, as you know I was in Sweden and Samson and I were team leaders. Our first game was Rounders with Miss Garden. We also got lost but found our way in the end. My favourite game was Fours Square with Mrs Lagitupu. My partner was Samson. We were the ULTIMATE TEAM!!! We were unstoppable until Kaiden and his partner finally beat us. Anyway, I can't wait to read more interesting post. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!



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