Monday, September 10, 2012

If I were a Billionaire

Becoming a billionaire would mean everything to me. I could change the way I live, have more higher chances to get into a highly classified college and much much more. I could change a
lives in Africa if I donate thousand’s to the Unicef foundation, and I could also be changing the way people look at me.

If I were a billionaire? People would probably use it on buying houses, and all of those likely to be expensive things. Inside I would love to do the same, but before doing something like that, I would have to pay the bills for our family, and do the right stuff that would help me and my family.
Then I would love to donate a couple of thousand’s to the Unicef foundation, and then save the rest of the money to be able to go to the world’s highest college and University.

Going to the best University in the world, can lead you to becoming the best in the world. After accomplishing my tasks at university then I would travel around the world to my hearts content.
I love my traveling as much as my family, so after travelling I would probably go back home and stay there for a little pit stop, then carry on with my journey. And be back to being busy as a bee.

Being a billionaire will be quite a lot of work, so I would actually love to just be as myself now and forever.

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