Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wonderful Wellington

Wellington well it's cold but at the same time, it is nice and cool too. I am not exactly in Wellington I am in Porirua. I am having the best time down here at Wellington. Today (Saturday the 23rd of April) was so cool. I had loads of fun with my cousins. Their names are; Sina and Tiana. 13 and 14. We went with other relatives to the shopping centre of Porirua. K-mart was so packed that most of the things that were on sale were completely sweeped off of the benches. Most of the people were in the food court. Anyways back to me. After I shoped till I droped ,I sort of had the feeling that, when I go back to Auckland I really know that my sisters will be all over my new clothes. As I was speaking to my sister on the phone she went on bragging about it. She said to tell my Auntie that her birthday was coming up, and when is me and Nive's turn.So that's all from me today. I can't wait for tomorrow. EASTER EGGS!Sorry but I do not have any photo's of Porirua.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

All About Me

I am sorry if there is a long black scene in the end.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Service

In the weekends on a Sunday, me and my family went to my uncle’s family service. I hate it when I go to family services because you cry, and last night it was the crying sort of ones. My uncles name was Lamese. He was really cool in fact I am getting a little emotional even writing about it. I really think that it is really sad because, he died two days before his birthday. My uncle his son was there at the hospital to witness his last breaths.

One time I slept over their house. It was really fun because we done lots Sleep over games. The family Service was at my Church. The Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints. I really don’t want any more people from my family dying. Lamese’s family service was really cool and sad at the same time. All relatives had to speak. I was one of the lucky ones to not get to speak. All of his brothers and sister’s, my auntie and uncle’s had to speak. Nearly all of them cried in fact yeah they all cried.

The saddest bit of them all was when they had to carry the coffin out and take it away. We had to leave early and miss the best bit which were the Refreshments. (More like dinner.)My dad wanted to leave early to stay behind the car that had the coffin in it. But in the end we ended up turning in to a different road from the car that had the coffin in it. We said our final fair well ,and turned in to our street. It was really sad till I saw my little baby cousin which lit my heart.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Beautiful Poster

My poster is a inspiration to me because everything that I drew is very important to me. My School is Pt England. This is a very special school. I drew the word Joy because I am always happy. Every single day. Red and Yellow are my favourite colour’s that come from my heart. I love the pattern that I drew because it is a traditional

Apia Samoa is my Island. I haven’t finished my drawing but I still think that it is beautiful the way it is. I love my beach's in Samoa. I chose the colour green because it is a colour to me that reminds of Samoa. I drew a coconut tree because it means a lot to me. My Grandfather had been killed from one. I drew a Fale Samoa because Fale’s are everywhere in Samoa.

I can’t wait till I make more art work next Term with Miss Muliaumaseali’i.