Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wonderful Wellington

Wellington well it's cold but at the same time, it is nice and cool too. I am not exactly in Wellington I am in Porirua. I am having the best time down here at Wellington. Today (Saturday the 23rd of April) was so cool. I had loads of fun with my cousins. Their names are; Sina and Tiana. 13 and 14. We went with other relatives to the shopping centre of Porirua. K-mart was so packed that most of the things that were on sale were completely sweeped off of the benches. Most of the people were in the food court. Anyways back to me. After I shoped till I droped ,I sort of had the feeling that, when I go back to Auckland I really know that my sisters will be all over my new clothes. As I was speaking to my sister on the phone she went on bragging about it. She said to tell my Auntie that her birthday was coming up, and when is me and Nive's turn.So that's all from me today. I can't wait for tomorrow. EASTER EGGS!Sorry but I do not have any photo's of Porirua.


  1. Malo Makerita. Lovely to read about what you've been up to in Porirua. I also have family there. I understand what you mean by it being 'cool'. My family have plenty of heaters and fireplaces down there as it can get very cold. It's much colder than Auckland. I hope you enjoy your Sunday with all the family. Yes easter eggs tomorrow! I've had a hard time keeping my kids away from them, I've told them to wait until Sunday so many times now : ) I hope you have a safe trip back home when you return. Take care. Ia faamanuia atu le Atua ia te oe ma lou aiga atoa. Aleluia - ua toe tu mai Iesu!

  2. Great post Rita! I love sitting here at the beach and reading about what you have been up to in Wellington. Sounds like the mall was CRAZY on Saturday! I hope you let us in to your Easter egg experience next post :)

    Mrs Burt


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