Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vote for the best introduction

Room 17 had to write 2 paragraphs to show what we had to do to inform you,about what we did for our Easter Holiday's. If you want to vote please use the commenting box. Please comment and vote which is the best paragraph. Please choose wisely.

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! The moment I got my big box of chocolate, I started UN-Boxing it. My saliva started to fire up. When I see chocolate I can’t be held back. Then all of a sudden I heard my Uncle Mark enter the house. (His House) Oh I forgot to tell you that I was in the beautiful Tawa, near Porirua at the time. Anyways my Uncle Mark said “Guys you are not allowed to eat them right now you will have to eat them tonight, when everyone does.” I gave him a big frown. But I didn’t really mind because, in the end I will still end up eating them.

Do you like chocolate? I love chocolate, and that is all I can say about that. My family beside parents, have a passion for chocolate. When ever my sisters eat them, they can’t stop eating it. So I for one think that they are Chocoholic. One of my brothers likes it ,BUT, not loves it. Some times when I go to the dentist and they say that I am not allowed to eat chocolate or sweets, I feel really ,really ,really depressed. Oh I forgot that I am a chocoholic too!

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