Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh No Swimming!

Do you like swimming? Well I do not. I only like it when we get to splash around. Today was the first day of swimming for 2011, for room 17. As we were entering the pools ,I could feel my fingers trembling with fear ,knowing that I was going to drown. Then I said to myself, think positive Rita. You can do it.

As soon as I was in front of the line I decided to hop in the pool. When I hit rock bottom I started to struggle breathing. It felt like my lungs were going to explode. We had to stay in the nice and cool pool no matter what. And It was worth it.

The things I had to improve on the last couple of days for swimming was, my flimsy arms. As I started swimming I did notice my arms were quiet sloppy, but hey this is not my sport. When I was in the front of the line again, Mr Marks said I need to have straight legs. I started to groan.

My third time round I think I improved because Mr Marks didn’t say anything. I felt really proud of myself. As soon as I hit the end, my lungs started to burst with rage. I didn’t take many breaths. All of a sudden I heard a cheer. What was that? I said to myself. People came rushing down to the end of the pool, where I was. I accidentally screamed because it looked like a water stampede was heading my way.

At the end of the day I was really impressed by myself. I had tried my best, but tomorrow I am going to try even harder.

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