Ambassador 2011

In 2011 I was one of the  8 Pt England Ambassadors who included;  Litia, Kingston, Crusader, Waata, Darius, Vivienne, Chante and Rita. We often spoke to visitors on behalf of the school about how we learn, create and share at Pt England School.

These are some of the visitors we spoke to in 2011.

We also went to speak at other places when we were invited.
This video shows us speaking at the TUANZ conference in Wellington in May, 2011.  We were invited as Keynote speakers. There was an article about this in the EasternBays Courier too
On June 21st 2011 we were invited to address Ko Awatea at Middlemore Hospital alongside Pat Sneddon, the outgoing chair of the Auckland District Health Board.  The video of this can be viewed below:

Towards the end of the year I was asked to represent the school at the Home Show and worked on the Chorus stand for a couple of days.

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