Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who am I?

Today the year 7 and 8 extension group had a little activity. It was about careers. Mrs Tele'a stuck a piece of sticky paper onto our foreheads which had a job that people work as. We had to work together to find out what each of us had stuck to our own foreheads. We had to ask yes or no questions to each other. I think that it took me about 10 or even more questions to finally get to the state of saying what career I had on my forehead. It was a very funny game because Shoal had a mans job which was A Police Man. And Gabriel's one was a Police Woman. Finally my job is a researcher. I think that my job has to have experience working with computers.  You would also have to have be able to think of key words to find the subject that you are looking for much easier. It is really good because you get to work at home and look after your kids at the same time.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

All About Me Symbols

            This is the first project for our year 7 and 8 extension group. These are just four things about me. The cross is my belief, I love to go to church and read the bible. To be specific I am a Mormon, I love my church a lot. I also love joy, usually I am joyful unless my brother makes me unhappy, which I hate. I always get ticked off by him. Peace, peace is what I love most. I hate arguing and I hate war. I wish that this whole world would be able to co operate together. My last symbol, well not really a symbol more of a flag is my ethnicity. I am Samoan, but I can't really speak it properly. I can only understand it when my parents speak to me. Well, these are just four things about me but I have a lot more. I hope you enjoyed my graphics and paragraph. If you have a flickr account, then you can check out my 'All About Me Symbols' and leave a comment.  Click here thank You.


On a hot and steamy Thursday afternoon, Room 21 had a netball skills session with Liz. The session was all about defending. We had to get into one long line and then turn to our partner next to us. My partner was Lorenzo. He was alright but I would have preferred a girl.

After getting into pairs we had to side skip to the field or the classrooms. I kept on winning because I really didn’t know what I was doing. But it was a good work out though.

After that we had to either get on a x or a o, that was set out for all the partners. Me and Lorenzo went onto the o’s. And then we had to face the partners to our left, if we were facing the classes. Then Lorenzo had to try and jump in front of me and intercept the ball.

It was extremely funny because everybody (well I think everybody) wasn’t really getting the hang of things. When I had my turn Caroline didn’t even chest pass it to me. More like passing to my legs. And then when I was passing the ball to Caroline it actually went over her head and almost to the field.

I couldn’t believe it and I could when I felt that I was actually sweating on my forehead. And things didn’t stop there. We had an actual game of ball tiggy but on one third of the netball court only. It was the bibs vs non bibs. It was really hard because of the steaming hot weather. That caused me to sweat even more. But it fun because I was the last one of my team to get tagged out.

By the end of the session I learnt that shooters don’t really have all the glory, but the defenders actually help out a lot. Also I learnt a lot about defending, I can’t wait for the next time we have a session.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Tapu Tree

I have been reading a book called The Tapu Tree and it is written by Sally McMeikan-Cash. The Tapu Tree is about a boy named Tama that wants to figure out why one of the tree’s outside his Auntie Mel’s house is named the Tapu Tree. So he asks his Auntie Mel and she told him to ask his Koro (grandpa). He asked his Koro and he said it was because long ago some people buried a whenua and then planted a tree over it. A whenua is a part that connects you to your mother when your growing. After Tama and his cousin Michael had been told the story they went for a swim at the creek and promised each other they would not tell anyone.

This is 3 graphs that I have made on a website called, Create a Graph. The whole of Room 21 had been assigned to do so. We had a lot of fun with this website. And I encourage you to go on this website. Click on this URL and it will lead you to the place where these graphs had been made.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Day Full Of Laughing, Then Crying, Then Bye's and Exhaustion

The last and final day for The Big Family Reunion was filled with all sorts of emotions. I was filled with joy at first because there was a lot of food. And then tears, because my relatives from Australia were going back. And then I felt tired and wanted to go home.

On the last day of the big family reunion, everybody was tired from the night before. When I walked into my aunties house, most of the people were sleeping. Some were up, mainly the adults. Most of the children were in the garage playing ping pong and pool. I really wondered what time everybody left the night before.

It was the last day of the reunion and no one had the spirit of being active, and making the most of it. So my sisters, brothers and some of my other cousins and I sat and watched T.V, and waited for everyone to come.

At about 2 o'clock that was when everyone started to feel the spirit. The BBQ was smelling very nice (maybe thats why they woke up). Anyways, it happened again. The stupid boys drew on the kids faces one more time. They had all sorts of things on their faces. It was very funny though.

The BBQ was very nice. After a little while it was desert time and the big boys took one whole box full of vanilla ice cream to the garage for them only. And when the box came back it was empty!!!! They have very large mouths. Willie one of the young boys took 5 scoops of ice cream at first, and then came back and took another 5 scoops, and then came back and took a bowl full of fruit salad. And he is freakishly skinny.

After everybody had their desert we all sat down and took a rest. Then AGAIN the dumb older boys came in the house and saw Rachel sleeping. So they drew on her arms, and face. It was crack up because when she woke up she was trying to figure out why some of the kids were looking at her and laughing.

Later on in the early evening it was time for the people that came from Australia to go back home. Most of the children were crying because they knew that they would miss them and I sure do. This was the time for crying and to be emotional. I really was. After they had left it was very quiet. And most kids wanted to go to sleep so they did.

And this time the big boys just left the kids alone. At around 9 o'clock at night was round about the time we had left.I was extremely exhausted and my eyes were getting red. So I went straight through the door and jumped on the bed then went to sleep. The next morning I thought that we were still at the Marae but I just clicked. I wish it could all rewind back and start over. I really miss everyone.
                      So this was the final episode of THE BIG FAMILY REUNION.
                                              HOPE YOU ENJOYED.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Long Bay more like Torture Bay

As I was squelching my feet into the sand, my cousin snuck up behind me and squirted me with a bottle full of sea water. I was really mad at him. The beach where we were at was Long Bay. It was a sunny Monday and my family, relatives and I, decided to have a BBQ at the beach.

The water was extremely cold, and I was freezing. “Aren’t you cold” I asked my cousin Faith. She wasn’t cold at all. So then she started to splash me to try and get me warmer but it didn’t help. So then my other cousin Potato (nick name) pushed me by accident into the water, he thought I was angry but I was trying to thank him. But he was to scared so he ran away.

Then came along the big boys, more like the Torture boys. My brother Kenny, and my cousins Siu, Kepoua and Pati. They came and grabbed a kid each and slammed them on the water. It was really fun because Kenny came to me but I punched his face by accident because, I was getting scared. So then all of us kids decided to make a plan to get back at them.

We all decided to fake cry to our mums and dads.  And then go back and tell them that our parents said we weren’t allowed to play. And then when they are relaxing we would  jump on them and strangle them. That was exactly what we did.

They were so angry, that they started to chase all of us kids back to shore and around the volley ball net. Then finally near the BBQ where no one wet was allowed to be. They were running around there trying to catch us when all of a sudden we heard a big “OI” it was my dad. All the kids ran away, but the big boys got caught. All the kids laughed and said SHAME.

Then finally the slow pokes caught us and took us back to the sea, then started to chuck us all around. Then came our parents and told us it was time to eat. Sausages, chicken legs, chicken hearts, Steaks and a lot more were what we ate.

After our feed we had went for our last swim. Then we finally retreated back and got changed. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep for a little while before we had to leave.

It was a day full of fun and excitement  and it was all over. I wish I could go back and torture them some more, but I bet I would be too tired to. I was so exhausted and needed a rest badly.