Friday, February 3, 2012

Long Bay more like Torture Bay

As I was squelching my feet into the sand, my cousin snuck up behind me and squirted me with a bottle full of sea water. I was really mad at him. The beach where we were at was Long Bay. It was a sunny Monday and my family, relatives and I, decided to have a BBQ at the beach.

The water was extremely cold, and I was freezing. “Aren’t you cold” I asked my cousin Faith. She wasn’t cold at all. So then she started to splash me to try and get me warmer but it didn’t help. So then my other cousin Potato (nick name) pushed me by accident into the water, he thought I was angry but I was trying to thank him. But he was to scared so he ran away.

Then came along the big boys, more like the Torture boys. My brother Kenny, and my cousins Siu, Kepoua and Pati. They came and grabbed a kid each and slammed them on the water. It was really fun because Kenny came to me but I punched his face by accident because, I was getting scared. So then all of us kids decided to make a plan to get back at them.

We all decided to fake cry to our mums and dads.  And then go back and tell them that our parents said we weren’t allowed to play. And then when they are relaxing we would  jump on them and strangle them. That was exactly what we did.

They were so angry, that they started to chase all of us kids back to shore and around the volley ball net. Then finally near the BBQ where no one wet was allowed to be. They were running around there trying to catch us when all of a sudden we heard a big “OI” it was my dad. All the kids ran away, but the big boys got caught. All the kids laughed and said SHAME.

Then finally the slow pokes caught us and took us back to the sea, then started to chuck us all around. Then came our parents and told us it was time to eat. Sausages, chicken legs, chicken hearts, Steaks and a lot more were what we ate.

After our feed we had went for our last swim. Then we finally retreated back and got changed. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep for a little while before we had to leave.

It was a day full of fun and excitement  and it was all over. I wish I could go back and torture them some more, but I bet I would be too tired to. I was so exhausted and needed a rest badly.


  1. Hi Makerita

    Great first post! It sounds like a fun day was had at the beach with your family. I liked the way you described what happened. Keep up the great work.

    Mrs L

  2. Hi Rita
    It sounds like you had a lot of fun at long bay. My cousins lift me up and throw me in to the water to. It hurts but I find it quite funny the first time they do it but when, they do it again it gets anoying. So I throw sand at them and run away but they allways have another way to pay me back.
    Keep up the great work

  3. Thank-you for the comment, Ashleigh and Mr's Langitupu.
    From Makerita.


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