Thursday, February 23, 2012


On a hot and steamy Thursday afternoon, Room 21 had a netball skills session with Liz. The session was all about defending. We had to get into one long line and then turn to our partner next to us. My partner was Lorenzo. He was alright but I would have preferred a girl.

After getting into pairs we had to side skip to the field or the classrooms. I kept on winning because I really didn’t know what I was doing. But it was a good work out though.

After that we had to either get on a x or a o, that was set out for all the partners. Me and Lorenzo went onto the o’s. And then we had to face the partners to our left, if we were facing the classes. Then Lorenzo had to try and jump in front of me and intercept the ball.

It was extremely funny because everybody (well I think everybody) wasn’t really getting the hang of things. When I had my turn Caroline didn’t even chest pass it to me. More like passing to my legs. And then when I was passing the ball to Caroline it actually went over her head and almost to the field.

I couldn’t believe it and I could when I felt that I was actually sweating on my forehead. And things didn’t stop there. We had an actual game of ball tiggy but on one third of the netball court only. It was the bibs vs non bibs. It was really hard because of the steaming hot weather. That caused me to sweat even more. But it fun because I was the last one of my team to get tagged out.

By the end of the session I learnt that shooters don’t really have all the glory, but the defenders actually help out a lot. Also I learnt a lot about defending, I can’t wait for the next time we have a session.

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