Thursday, February 23, 2012

All About Me Symbols

            This is the first project for our year 7 and 8 extension group. These are just four things about me. The cross is my belief, I love to go to church and read the bible. To be specific I am a Mormon, I love my church a lot. I also love joy, usually I am joyful unless my brother makes me unhappy, which I hate. I always get ticked off by him. Peace, peace is what I love most. I hate arguing and I hate war. I wish that this whole world would be able to co operate together. My last symbol, well not really a symbol more of a flag is my ethnicity. I am Samoan, but I can't really speak it properly. I can only understand it when my parents speak to me. Well, these are just four things about me but I have a lot more. I hope you enjoyed my graphics and paragraph. If you have a flickr account, then you can check out my 'All About Me Symbols' and leave a comment.  Click here thank You.

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  1. Hey Rita,

    I loved the way you explained your self to us I was really engaged by your writing and that is why you are one of my closest friends because we all love for who you are.

    Keep Up The Great Work


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