Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Day Full Of Laughing, Then Crying, Then Bye's and Exhaustion

The last and final day for The Big Family Reunion was filled with all sorts of emotions. I was filled with joy at first because there was a lot of food. And then tears, because my relatives from Australia were going back. And then I felt tired and wanted to go home.

On the last day of the big family reunion, everybody was tired from the night before. When I walked into my aunties house, most of the people were sleeping. Some were up, mainly the adults. Most of the children were in the garage playing ping pong and pool. I really wondered what time everybody left the night before.

It was the last day of the reunion and no one had the spirit of being active, and making the most of it. So my sisters, brothers and some of my other cousins and I sat and watched T.V, and waited for everyone to come.

At about 2 o'clock that was when everyone started to feel the spirit. The BBQ was smelling very nice (maybe thats why they woke up). Anyways, it happened again. The stupid boys drew on the kids faces one more time. They had all sorts of things on their faces. It was very funny though.

The BBQ was very nice. After a little while it was desert time and the big boys took one whole box full of vanilla ice cream to the garage for them only. And when the box came back it was empty!!!! They have very large mouths. Willie one of the young boys took 5 scoops of ice cream at first, and then came back and took another 5 scoops, and then came back and took a bowl full of fruit salad. And he is freakishly skinny.

After everybody had their desert we all sat down and took a rest. Then AGAIN the dumb older boys came in the house and saw Rachel sleeping. So they drew on her arms, and face. It was crack up because when she woke up she was trying to figure out why some of the kids were looking at her and laughing.

Later on in the early evening it was time for the people that came from Australia to go back home. Most of the children were crying because they knew that they would miss them and I sure do. This was the time for crying and to be emotional. I really was. After they had left it was very quiet. And most kids wanted to go to sleep so they did.

And this time the big boys just left the kids alone. At around 9 o'clock at night was round about the time we had left.I was extremely exhausted and my eyes were getting red. So I went straight through the door and jumped on the bed then went to sleep. The next morning I thought that we were still at the Marae but I just clicked. I wish it could all rewind back and start over. I really miss everyone.
                      So this was the final episode of THE BIG FAMILY REUNION.
                                              HOPE YOU ENJOYED.


  1. I am sorry about the late outcome with the final episode. Hope you enjoyed all of my series.
    From Makerita

  2. Hello Rita,
    That is a very LONG-yet interesting story. It is so funny how your older cousins took heaps of Ice-cream! And how they drew on everyone's faces. It really reminded me of my family before my nana passed and everyone decided to ditch New Zealand for Australia!!!!! Any way keep up the GREAT work!!!!



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