Saturday, July 27, 2013

Recent Tragedys In My Family And World Wide

Recently the holidays haven't been all about fun, and exciting news. Since Sunday last week my family have been recieving very sad news one day after the other. So many deaths have been occurring, it's taking up all of my time attending services and everything. My uncle in Samoa had recently passed away, my Aunty in Australia has recently passed away also. And my grandpas sister in nz had just passed away. I attended her service, and her burial.

The first week of the holidays were amazing, and there ending off on a very low buzz. Hopefully things can be lifted up soon. R.I.P my beautiful family members. And just as well celebrities have been passing away. Corry Monteith a glee cast member had recently been found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver Canada. It's very sad because his girlfriend Lea Michele has been suffering from anxiety attacks from his death. R.I.P Corry Monteith. They're all in a better place now. <3

I'm Growing Up To Fast. Me 13 Already!!

I stumbled out of bed with a heavy mind remembering that today was my birthday, and everything was planned. As I was walking towards the door of my room, my sister Nive walked in with my present and said happy birthday to me and handed over my gift. She said it was sincerely from her and a friend of hers. I accepted her gift and found it to be 2 packets of my favourite chocolates. Picnic, and Moro Gold. "Thank-you" I said to her, and then headed for the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, then headed for the kitchen. Breakfast was nutri-grain because my mother knew that I would probably buy a lot of food for the movies. I had to be ready before 11am because by then we'd have to pick up Jasmine. My friend I had invited over for my birthday out.

The time ran by fast before I knew it, the clock had already struck 10:45. With a honk good-bye to my mother, my father, two sisters, little brother and I were off. First we picked up Jasmine then headed towards Sylvia Park, to the cinemas. And boy it was packed! As we looked at the list of movies and finalised which one Jasmine and I wanted to watch, we came to a conclusion of wanting to watch Despicable Me 2!

After buying our food the time had caught up with us. It was already going towards 1:00pm, and our movie was at 1:15pm. So we scurried along to the tickets person, handed in our tickets. Then made our way towards the Managers Lounge, which was the theatre our movie was displaying in. Surprisingly as we walked in, my brother, and father had already found their seats. The room was a perfect fit to my mood. Simple, not to small, not to big, but just right.

The movie went by very fast. It was so funny, it had me laughing like a haiena. After the movie had finished, my father, little brother, Jasmine and I had to wait for my older sisters movie to finish, which would take another half hour. So we spent that time, sitting, laughing, taking photos, andbuying kiwiyo. A yoghurt store just down from the cinemas.

As soon as the girls finished watching The Heat, which was the name of their movie, we started to head off back home. By now the time was just about to hit 3:00pm. My dad took the long way back home, which took us another half hour. When we got home, Jasmine and I thought we were feeling a bit lazy. So we went for a walk down to the park, and woke ourselves up. When we got back home we sat in front of the house munching back on our left over food from the movies. Which was quite a lot.

By the time the big feed was ready my nana had made it just in time. And it was rounding off to 6:00pm nearer to the time we were going to drop off Jasmine. For the big birthday feast there was, well marinated chicken, chao main, potato salad, rice, taro, sausages, chop-sue and much more. I was filled just by eating the chicken and rice. Once Jasmine and I finished eating we put our dishes in the sink and then suddenly my mum stopped us before we entered my room. She asked if Jasmine was allowed to sleep over. My mind was flipping be auss mum never usually allows me to have sleep overs. But this time I think she was calm about it. Jasmine and I were ecstatic! My mum gave us her mobile to ring Jasmines mother. When we did she agreed and let Jasmine sleep over. She told Jasmine that she would bring some clothes over in 30 minutes.

I was so excited! Once her mother dropped off her clothes, we started to plan out the night. First we would set out our food that would keep us up the whole night, then we were to have our showers, and then we would watch movies the whole night. Our plan was going as planned obviously, until the both of us finished our showers. Instead we stayed right up until 3:00am talking, then instead of watching movies. After having a good 4 hour school, we were up. Now we were to plan the rest of the day until 11:00am when her parents would pick her up.

Breakfast was obviously first. Instead of home made breakfast we wanted to go for a walk to the bakery to buy our breakfast. We each bought 2 sausage rolls each, a large up and go each and then set off to the park. We sat their eating our breakfast and talking. Once we would get home, the sleep over was going to practically be over. So we talked as much as we could at the park then headed back home. It was almost 11:00am and Jasmines parents had arrived. We said our goodbyes, and thank yous then she was off.

Overall I had an amazing time! This was definitely the best birthday ever. My 13th birthday, one to remember.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Holidays

 The holidays are supposed to be fun, happy, and full of new and different things. I think my holidays  are usually the complete opposite. Nothing fun to do. I just stay home and wait for something exciting to come to me. Well it's not completely true, my birthday is approaching. And to be exact it's tomorrow! And to this occasion I've got nothing planned either. I'm turning 13 which for me isn't really big. But every birthday is and should be spent wisely. Who knows something surprising might be in store for me. Ill just have to wait! I'm feeling ecstatic.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rock Climbing

This is a presentation informing you about what Rock climbing is. The inspired quote we took on making this was 'Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go' quoted by William Feather. I hope you enjoy this informative presentation :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should P.E.S Be A Single Gender School?

Topic Subject: Should P.E.S Be A Single Gender School?

From my perspective I think that P.E.S should definitely be an only girls school. Things would be more assorted properly, and it would be more nicer if girls only attended this school.

If it was a school mixed with boys and girls the female gender wouldn’t focus on their work as much as if they had girl mates supporting them all the way. Therefore if Pt England were an all girls school girls would work with each other to finish off their work together.

The downside to having an all girls school is the fact that girls always start dramas and gossip, which isn’t really nice. As well as fights, and girls not minding their own business, which lead to arguments, and parents getting called in.

But the upside if Pt England were to be an all girls school is that more girls would be much more focused towards their work, and be more confident and out there with their ideas. But if boys also attended the school they would have the urge to put down the girls if they had an idea to share. Which is a major distraction for the girls. And also if it were an only girls school, girls would be focused on their work more, which would lead to better exam results. Which is the best thing for girls futures.

This is my explanation to why Pt England should be an only girls school.

Mary & Rita Fairytale Mash-Up

Once upon a time there lived a pleasant, yet kind and graceful girl named Rose. She was an only child, and the only child her father could ever have, since her mother had passed away giving birth to her. She was the most strikingly feminine girl in her town, which caused her to become a main attraction at times. Rose on the other hand didn't like to be noticed. She kept herself humble, and kept her head low, so nobody would see her. But despite this, everyone noticed her.

She attended college and worked at a part time job as a pizza delivery girl. Her life was good. She was grateful for anything that fell her way. And on one specific day, while she was working, she was assigned to deliver to a house where no one hardly ever goes. A house known to be owned by a beast.

As Rose approached the large old fashioned mansion her palms began to sweat. Holding the pizza’s, she clenched one hand and made a fist ready to knock on the dusty door. But instead she used the doorbell. A loud chiming noise came from the inside of the house. Within seconds a beast appeared at the door. She didn’t find him as scary as others would describe, instead she felt a warm feeling that she had never felt before. She gave him his pizza and was about to turn away when he spoke and said “would you like to stay for dinner?” She was pleased and decided to stay.

Rose not like other girls, didn’t really mind the looks, but took most interest in what was on the inside.

His house inside was very nice. Things were set better than how it was displayed from the outside. Rose sat at the table with him eating. Things weren’t as awkward as expected. But instead the both of them felt it, that warm nice vibe. “Well thank-you for coming inside to have dinner with me. My name is Princeton, and I don’t often have visitors.” “Well thank-you for letting me in. Tonight was nice and I had a nice time.”

As soon as she had finished she decided to be heading off. He asked her once again if he could see her for dinner the next day. She gladly agreed and left.

The next day came and she was called in for work again. Rose delivered to a house that was owned by 7 dwarves. Grumpy answered the door and kindly took the pizza’s and paid for them. Then he asked her if she wanted to stay for dinner. She gladly replied with no. Grumpy asked her one more time, hoping she’d say yes, but again she replied no. She was eager to turn and leave when BAM! It was pitch black, her face was covered with a black sock. She was screaming from shock.

‘HELP!” she screamed out once more before she could feel herself being dragged into the house. She kicked, and kicked, and kicked but nothing was useful. She then was slumped in the corner of a room, and given space. The mask was taken off of her and a blinding light was flashed into her face, she screamed, louder than her screams ever were before.

Princeton was dusting around the mansion, getting ready for Rose’s arrival, when he heard a familiar voice scream. He suddenly knew Rose was in trouble. He dropped everything and ran out the door to where the scream had came from. Meanwhile Beauty was still kicking and punching to try and escape, she was trying every fighting skill she knew but the dwarfs were just too strong.

to be continued...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

V, S, R Hansel&Gretel Storyboard

This is our group planed storyboard for our movie trailer of our mashed up fairytale. Vivienne, Shoal and I have all worked hard on planning this during our Literacy hour with Miss King.