Monday, July 8, 2013

Should P.E.S Be A Single Gender School?

Topic Subject: Should P.E.S Be A Single Gender School?

From my perspective I think that P.E.S should definitely be an only girls school. Things would be more assorted properly, and it would be more nicer if girls only attended this school.

If it was a school mixed with boys and girls the female gender wouldn’t focus on their work as much as if they had girl mates supporting them all the way. Therefore if Pt England were an all girls school girls would work with each other to finish off their work together.

The downside to having an all girls school is the fact that girls always start dramas and gossip, which isn’t really nice. As well as fights, and girls not minding their own business, which lead to arguments, and parents getting called in.

But the upside if Pt England were to be an all girls school is that more girls would be much more focused towards their work, and be more confident and out there with their ideas. But if boys also attended the school they would have the urge to put down the girls if they had an idea to share. Which is a major distraction for the girls. And also if it were an only girls school, girls would be focused on their work more, which would lead to better exam results. Which is the best thing for girls futures.

This is my explanation to why Pt England should be an only girls school.

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