Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

For our feast this Christmas we had only the usual Christmas feast any family would have. The traditional ham, chicken, potato salad, and crab salad. Just those and then, cake and ice cream for desert. It was really simple but I heaps of fun. After we had fully filled ourselves up with all the scrumptious food we decided to open our presents. First person to get a present had to be James, my little brother. He was lucky cause he got a Psp, and two games for it. Then it was my turn to open my presents. I first had to open an envelope which only contained 50 dollars in it, then they gave me a shoe box. It obviously had shoes in it. I was wishing for it to have been some new vans. But nope I got Converse All Star flats. They look really cool though. And I got some new swag pants, and am hoping to buy more summer dresses with the money. And then the gift give away carried on. My sister Nive got cheetah looking chuck taylor's, and 50 dollars also. And she got a really pretty sun hat for summer. My eldest sister, got a box of Ferrero Rocher. So did my mum. And then my grandma got 3 boxes of Ferrero Rocher. Then the whole present thing was over and we were just going to stay in for the rest of the day and watch new movies. Since the whether was quite bad itself. We watched Snow White and The Huntsman, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, and Wreck It Ralph. After all these movies, we looked at the time and it was going onto 10pm. So we decided to hit the showers then hit the hay. Over all the day was really fun. Got some new cool looking things, and had an awesome Lunch. I cant wait for next years Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brooklyn's Slumber Party (Dancing Diva's)

It's been the first couple of days for the holidays, and I've already been invited to go to a sleep over. And it was Brooklyn's. The note said to come at 11am, and bring whatever. Like it literally said whatever. It was 11am, and I was so not ready yet. So I ended up leaving home round about half past 11. When I got to Brooklyn's, Huelo-Ata, and herself were just up the drive way, going to Shoals Nana's house. My mum then dropped me off, and we said our goodbyes. It was a sleepover after all we couldn't see each other till tomorrow. Since Shoal had to help with her little cousins birthday party we decided to help her as well.

After we did so, we went back to Brooklyn's and we played a little bit of Wii. Then planned out where we were sleeping, and also planned out the rest of the evening. Ashleigh was arriving much later so we waited for her. When she arrived all the girls decided to go to the movies. Since Ariana, Brooklyn's little sister had a slumber party going on as well, they had to go with her mum, and us older girls went to Sylvia Park by ourselves. We got ready and were off. When we got there it was around quarter to 5. And the movie started at 6:30pm. So we walked down to Noel Leeming and played there for a bit, on this dancing game that was on display in the front. We actually kind of attracted a crowd. The time went by so fast the movie had already started when we finally turned to look at the time. We then left the game and scurried off to our movie.  

When we got there we were able to catch the movie in a nick-o-time. We were going to watch Wreck It Ralph. The movie ended, and it appealingly made it into my top 5 favoured movies. Number 1 to be exact. All us girlie's, Brooklyn, Shoal, Ashleigh, Huelo-Ata and I ran down the escalator to Dick Smith, and played on the i-pads in there, while waiting for Brooklyn's mum to come and pick us up. When she picked us up, we were starving, so we got home and decided to help Jacintha, Brooke's mum with the cooking, we were going to have Nacho's for dinner. After everyone ate, we took our showers, and headed to bed. Since the little girls took up the whole living room, the older girls had to sleep in a tent outside. It sounds uncomfortable but really it was nice and cosy. It was awesome, first we played blinds man buff, then we tried prank calling people, which failed. Then we just decided to lay anywhere in the tent, and talk.

Most of us just drifted away to sleep like me. So after I went to sleep I didn't know what happened after that. When I woke up, I saw Brooklyn walking around video recording everyone. It was really funny, but they eventually woke up and realised she took photo's of them sleeping. So she got forced to delete them. We all got up cleaned our things, and got ready for breakfast. But first thing was first, we had to ruin the little girls sleep over. It was funny, cause we tried barging in through the door and jumping on them without making a noise, well that was the plan, but the door was wide open, and they saw us trying to sneak in. So we just gave up and help make breakfast.

For breakfast we were going to have Pancakes, with maple syrup, bacon, cocoa puffs, and some other scrumptious looking things. After we ate we all decided to walk down to the local reserve and go for a morning swim, so we got ready, all keen to swim, when suddenly Jacintha got a text from my mum, saying I could get dropped off home right then. So dream kill, I had to get my things packed and get dropped off home. All the girls dropped me off, and I thanked Jacintha for everything. Even though my sleep over got cut off so early over all I had an awesome time. Me and the girls had heaps and heaps of fun together at least. And we made memories at Sylvia Park, being the dance diva's of Noel Leeming. But overall, I had an awesome as time.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Outlook For Someday Prizes

Today we received our prizes from the Outlook For Someday competition category we had won. The bag contained a certificate with my name on it. A t-shirt with the Outlook For Someday logo on it. A cup with its logo on it. A shower gel gift pack, a soap and it was all also from its supporting key partner the Body Shop. I seriously can't wait to try them all out!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prize giving of 2012

Thursday evening was the most splendid night of my life. During the day I had received a letter to say that I was getting a prize for prizegiving, so when it came to the evening I was much more than eager to find out what I was going to get. Mrs Langitupu led us into the hall, and the heat straight away hit me like a ray of sun beating on me viciously. We sat down and I was real nervous.

Grade by grade went past. Their items were awesome, and the awards I would say were definitely given to each of the right and well deserved child. Then it went onto the yr 7 grade. I’m pretty sure everyone, like seriously everyone of our grades students hearts were pumping.

The first part of the yr 7 awards were getting called. For instance the Citizenship award, as well as 100% attendance, Best effort, and much much more. Then after that came the top of year 7 grade awards. By then my name still hadn’t been called out. “Drum roll please. Stop. 3rd academic award goes to, Miss Vivienne Alofi” said Mr Burt. He paused while she walked up on the stage, and then carried on. “Drum roll please, Stop. 2nd academic goes to, Miss Makerita Isaako” he said. I paused for a moment and thought for a split second was that my name. Then without even thinking about what I was supposed to do next, I stood up loud and proud, with dignity and walked right onto the stage. I just couldn’t believe anything at the time. I was extremely proud of myself.

I was so overwhelmed I just started to cry, with blurry eyes, I looked out to the crowd and smiled so hard my cheeks started to hurt. I lowered my eyes to the floor to see who was approaching the stage, and apparently it was my sister Nive walking towards me, with a packet of mini picnik chocolate bars, and a Black Forest block of chocolate. She reached the stage and just handed it directly to me. It was pretty funny. “And 1st academic awards goes to, Miss Chante Fillipo” Mr Burt said into the mike. I was really happy for all of us, like VERY happy for all of us.

After photos were taken, we walked down to the ground and I sat down straight away. I looked up and everyone was walking past me, because I didn’t know that we were supposed to perform our item right after that category was all called out. So I dropped everything, and walked up with tears rolling down my red cheeks. We performed exceptionally well I would say. We aced it.

The evening went on, and it came right up to the part where the new prefects were to be called out. Everyone was eager to find out who the new prefects for next year was going to be. The boys were called out first, which went in order like this Gabriel Inia, Darius Lavakula, Raenan Garcia, and Crusdaer Faletangoai. Then the girls Vivienne Alofi, Brooklyn Alves-Culley, Shoal Makata, and last but not least Makerita Isaako. Once again I was still really shocked!! I love the new badges, it looks awesome. Over all the night was all like a dream. And I couldn’t be more happier then to have been there that very evening.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Future Career

My future career. Hmmmmm, I could be a superhero. Na to unrealistic. How about a plumber! Na to boyish. I know the perfect thing I should be when I grow up, how about to become a lawyer. That’s what I’ve always admired to be ever since I was quite little.

Being a lawyer, I was told took a lot of hard work. Things wouldn’t always go the way it was planned. You would win, and loose some of your cases, but the person who I look up to is my auntie Vavae who is a lawyer herself. She's an awesome aunty, and I heard that she gets paid up to $2000 every fort night.

I think that is one of the reasons why I would like to become a lawyer, cause of the pay, and at the same time, because it is what I have wanted to be since I was little. But to be able to become one, I will have to study hard, focus on school, and mostly listen to any good advice I get.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12 The Day of Superstitiousness

12.12.12 that's the date today. It's a day when people start saying very superstitious things about the date. For instance I hear people whaling "OH NO THE WORLDS GOING TO END!" Pretty pathetic don't you think? Anyway, the date means nothing, it all depends on the Lord, and when he wants the world to end. But by the teachings I have learnt, we're actually going to have a very long period of time on this earth. So yeah, according to things we're fine just the way we are.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best Of Friends

The photo up top, are of all the people in our little cluster of friends. Each of them have their very own way of being unique to me. Vivienne, she's a very talented friend of mine. Mary L, well she's a really good singer. Shoal, she's my very close teddy bear. Huelo Ata, she's the fit one of the group and she is also one of my close friends. Brooklyn she's the weird and unique one of the clan. Ashleigh, haha, she has a lot of things in common with me. Crusader, he's like an older brother. Darius, he's like my twin brother. Each of them are very special and dear to me. I can't wait for next year trying to spend the most time with each of them as possible.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Outlook for Someday Evening Awards

The evening was young and Mrs Langitupu, Miss Muliaumaseali'i, Kingston, Shoal, and I were on our way to one of the venues in the Aotea Centre. It was a very special evening for us all, we were going to be receiving the award for a category we had won from the Outlook for Someday event.

When we had arrived we were directed right into the medium sized auditorium and sat down near the back. Then we were all directed to another set of seats that we would sit on for the rest of the evening. We were at the very front, right next to the red carpet.

The evening award started, and the first category called out was the Body Shop. Then category by category went past, and precisely on the 16th one, which was the Tagata Pasifika award "Lost Paradise" was called out as the winner. And guess what, that was US! It was called out by the one and only John Pulu, one of the shows very well known presenters. We thanked him, and delivered our speech, then sat right back in our seat, with that buzz of amazement still running through our veins.

Later on after the ceremony had finished, there were light refreshments going on in the foyer of the venue. They served sausage rolls, and quiche which filled me up just fine. The evening over all was spectacular. It was my first time, but definitely shouldn't be my last.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Year 8's

I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I actually miss those loud and very noisy year 8's. Ever since they've gone the whole school has pretty much been quiet. But at the same time, I'm very jealous because Selena had been telling us all about the place they'd be staying at, the day before they left us. She said that there were going to be heated pools, nice clean cabins, and much more things. And the place was up North as well, which would probably take a good hour till they would reach the destination.

I actually miss them, and their loud and noisy ways. But other then that, I can't wait till we get to go next year. Can't WAIT for next YEAR !!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Manaiakalani evening Session

The evening session started off with all the very fun and ecstatic films. And ended with the emotional ones. The same feeling I had rushed through my adrenaline as the day time session.

Me and Toreka were set to the second to last partners to present. The person that opened the whole event for the evening, was very funny. He used to be a presenter on the famous kids show What Now. One of the things he did that made me awe, was he stuck a sharp stick right through a balloon with out popping it. It was amazing.

But then the lights dimmed down, and the whole festival started.

Movie after movie, things were going very fast. My favourite movie for the whole evening was 'The Test'. It was hilarious. The actors were really good. But at the same time as I was enjoying myself it came closer to being our turns. We then saw the students sitting before us in the line walk up. The we suddenly faced each other mouthed the words.

Their movie then played, and I then thought to myself, what's the hassle it'll be like the day time session. So I relaxed and got ready to walk on stage. Mrs Burt handed us the mike and it went silent. "Which will you take" then came out of both our mouths and we realised we were finished.

We scurried quickly back to our seats and relaxed for the very last movie being presented by Irasa and Tatianna from Tamaki Intermediate. Their movie was thanking their Principal Mr Horan for all of his hard work he has contributed to the school for the past many many years.

But soon after the movie had finished we all gave a huge applaud to the people who had made the whole thing possible. So from me to those people, Thank You so much!! It was an awesome evening!!

Part 1 of my Telecom Tree Lighting Trip

On the bus going towards the city, the boys were cracking funny jokes, making the whole crowd sitting near the back of the bus burst into laughter, half of the time. Where were we going? Why are we sitting on a bus you may be asking? Well some students got the huge privilege and opportunity to go to the big Telecom Tree Lighting Ceremony in the city. The very kind and thoughtful people who worked for Telecom provided buses that would take us there, food that would fill us, and heaps of fun we were to have.

“Okay guy’s we’re off here” Mr Burt called from the front door of the bus. Vivienne, Ashleigh, Litia, Samson, Darius, Kingston, Tui, Miracle and I all stood up and slowly walked off of the bus, looking lifeless. But as soon as we received our little packages filled with our evening meals we automatically looked like we had some actual life in us.

One of the Telecom people that directed us as to where we had to go, walked us right down to where the main event was happening. When we got there, we put down our bags, and ran over to this little phone box we had to go in and ring Santa, and ask politely what we wanted for Christmas. Vivienne, Tyrece and I jumped in all at once. Tyrece was much to shy, so Vivienne asked Santa for Tyrece, then I asked Santa what I wanted, then Vivienne. We all exited the little phone box giggling, and actually thinking we would get what we asked for. Well my hopes are up.

Then we scurried off to our bags craving for our food. I had beef and Litia had Vegetarian which is not what she wanted. After Vivienne and I ate we went to a little tent, that was pretty crowded but could just about fit a few more people. There was a circular table in the centre of the tent, and a line going towards a popcorn stand, and a massive drawing that anyone could colour in if they wanted to do so.

We stood in the line of the popcorn stand, and it took quite a while, but Darius, Kingston, Samson, Tui and Miracle were at the front of the line and they were mocking us when they walked past us. We finally reached the front of the line, and the machine broke. So we waited an extra 5 minutes. When we got our popcorn, we headed right to the massive drawing that anyone could colour in. Vivienne and I were colouring in, and all of a sudden, Ashleigh and the boys joined us.

After we drew our names on the massive picture, we then went to the line that were giving out balloons. Denny, one of the telecom helpers came and asked us if we wanted to join him, with his little Gangnam Style flash mob that was going to happen in the centre of the stage. "YEAH SURE" we all replied. And once a pumping song came on, we ditched the line, and ran to the stage. "We got this guys" Samson was saying to all of us, in a nervous toned voice. We each ran on the stage pumped and ready, then the beat came on, and we were all jumping around like maniacs. "Hahahahaha, this is crack up" Sean said from the back with a huge smile on his face. When we were dancing, there were also proper professional dancers dancing at the same time, so we copied their actions, and they were pretty slick. Then the song ended with a huge finale, we all said "EEEHHH." We then went off stage and gave Denny huge high five's and went to play bulrush on the field.

In the photo: The man with the blue coloured Santa hat is Denny.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

This generation has more modern ways to learn. For example, we now use high tech fashion mini netbooks, a couple of iPads in each classes, and many of us pretty much have moved on from using pencil and paper.

You know how we use netbooks now a days? Well yes, they have been a huge help this entire year. They’ve pretty much changed the way we learn, and made it more efficient. For me using a netbook instead of pencil and paper, has been way better then looking back at a good 2 years ago. It’s only been 2 years since the manaiakalani programme has kicked in and people’s grades have been rising very rapidly.

The internet connection that we have now is much better than last years that’s all I know. The only thing that’s a bummer, is that the manaiakalani connection that we are supposed to use at home, hasn’t yet been fully wired up.

I think that using netbooks is awesome! And things are running smoothly. But I definitely reckon that without the help of our wonderful principal Mr Burt, and his first lady, Mrs Burt this whole programme with the netbooks, never would have happened. So I am so grateful for them, and the huge knowledge I have gained from using this one very tool to learn with.