Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prize giving of 2012

Thursday evening was the most splendid night of my life. During the day I had received a letter to say that I was getting a prize for prizegiving, so when it came to the evening I was much more than eager to find out what I was going to get. Mrs Langitupu led us into the hall, and the heat straight away hit me like a ray of sun beating on me viciously. We sat down and I was real nervous.

Grade by grade went past. Their items were awesome, and the awards I would say were definitely given to each of the right and well deserved child. Then it went onto the yr 7 grade. I’m pretty sure everyone, like seriously everyone of our grades students hearts were pumping.

The first part of the yr 7 awards were getting called. For instance the Citizenship award, as well as 100% attendance, Best effort, and much much more. Then after that came the top of year 7 grade awards. By then my name still hadn’t been called out. “Drum roll please. Stop. 3rd academic award goes to, Miss Vivienne Alofi” said Mr Burt. He paused while she walked up on the stage, and then carried on. “Drum roll please, Stop. 2nd academic goes to, Miss Makerita Isaako” he said. I paused for a moment and thought for a split second was that my name. Then without even thinking about what I was supposed to do next, I stood up loud and proud, with dignity and walked right onto the stage. I just couldn’t believe anything at the time. I was extremely proud of myself.

I was so overwhelmed I just started to cry, with blurry eyes, I looked out to the crowd and smiled so hard my cheeks started to hurt. I lowered my eyes to the floor to see who was approaching the stage, and apparently it was my sister Nive walking towards me, with a packet of mini picnik chocolate bars, and a Black Forest block of chocolate. She reached the stage and just handed it directly to me. It was pretty funny. “And 1st academic awards goes to, Miss Chante Fillipo” Mr Burt said into the mike. I was really happy for all of us, like VERY happy for all of us.

After photos were taken, we walked down to the ground and I sat down straight away. I looked up and everyone was walking past me, because I didn’t know that we were supposed to perform our item right after that category was all called out. So I dropped everything, and walked up with tears rolling down my red cheeks. We performed exceptionally well I would say. We aced it.

The evening went on, and it came right up to the part where the new prefects were to be called out. Everyone was eager to find out who the new prefects for next year was going to be. The boys were called out first, which went in order like this Gabriel Inia, Darius Lavakula, Raenan Garcia, and Crusdaer Faletangoai. Then the girls Vivienne Alofi, Brooklyn Alves-Culley, Shoal Makata, and last but not least Makerita Isaako. Once again I was still really shocked!! I love the new badges, it looks awesome. Over all the night was all like a dream. And I couldn’t be more happier then to have been there that very evening.

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  1. Hi Makerita

    Congratulations! You deserved your awards because of all your hard work this year. I loved the way you expressed your feelings in this post. Well done!


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