Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Manaiakalani evening Session

The evening session started off with all the very fun and ecstatic films. And ended with the emotional ones. The same feeling I had rushed through my adrenaline as the day time session.

Me and Toreka were set to the second to last partners to present. The person that opened the whole event for the evening, was very funny. He used to be a presenter on the famous kids show What Now. One of the things he did that made me awe, was he stuck a sharp stick right through a balloon with out popping it. It was amazing.

But then the lights dimmed down, and the whole festival started.

Movie after movie, things were going very fast. My favourite movie for the whole evening was 'The Test'. It was hilarious. The actors were really good. But at the same time as I was enjoying myself it came closer to being our turns. We then saw the students sitting before us in the line walk up. The we suddenly faced each other mouthed the words.

Their movie then played, and I then thought to myself, what's the hassle it'll be like the day time session. So I relaxed and got ready to walk on stage. Mrs Burt handed us the mike and it went silent. "Which will you take" then came out of both our mouths and we realised we were finished.

We scurried quickly back to our seats and relaxed for the very last movie being presented by Irasa and Tatianna from Tamaki Intermediate. Their movie was thanking their Principal Mr Horan for all of his hard work he has contributed to the school for the past many many years.

But soon after the movie had finished we all gave a huge applaud to the people who had made the whole thing possible. So from me to those people, Thank You so much!! It was an awesome evening!!

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