Monday, December 10, 2012

Outlook for Someday Evening Awards

The evening was young and Mrs Langitupu, Miss Muliaumaseali'i, Kingston, Shoal, and I were on our way to one of the venues in the Aotea Centre. It was a very special evening for us all, we were going to be receiving the award for a category we had won from the Outlook for Someday event.

When we had arrived we were directed right into the medium sized auditorium and sat down near the back. Then we were all directed to another set of seats that we would sit on for the rest of the evening. We were at the very front, right next to the red carpet.

The evening award started, and the first category called out was the Body Shop. Then category by category went past, and precisely on the 16th one, which was the Tagata Pasifika award "Lost Paradise" was called out as the winner. And guess what, that was US! It was called out by the one and only John Pulu, one of the shows very well known presenters. We thanked him, and delivered our speech, then sat right back in our seat, with that buzz of amazement still running through our veins.

Later on after the ceremony had finished, there were light refreshments going on in the foyer of the venue. They served sausage rolls, and quiche which filled me up just fine. The evening over all was spectacular. It was my first time, but definitely shouldn't be my last.

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