Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brooklyn's Slumber Party (Dancing Diva's)

It's been the first couple of days for the holidays, and I've already been invited to go to a sleep over. And it was Brooklyn's. The note said to come at 11am, and bring whatever. Like it literally said whatever. It was 11am, and I was so not ready yet. So I ended up leaving home round about half past 11. When I got to Brooklyn's, Huelo-Ata, and herself were just up the drive way, going to Shoals Nana's house. My mum then dropped me off, and we said our goodbyes. It was a sleepover after all we couldn't see each other till tomorrow. Since Shoal had to help with her little cousins birthday party we decided to help her as well.

After we did so, we went back to Brooklyn's and we played a little bit of Wii. Then planned out where we were sleeping, and also planned out the rest of the evening. Ashleigh was arriving much later so we waited for her. When she arrived all the girls decided to go to the movies. Since Ariana, Brooklyn's little sister had a slumber party going on as well, they had to go with her mum, and us older girls went to Sylvia Park by ourselves. We got ready and were off. When we got there it was around quarter to 5. And the movie started at 6:30pm. So we walked down to Noel Leeming and played there for a bit, on this dancing game that was on display in the front. We actually kind of attracted a crowd. The time went by so fast the movie had already started when we finally turned to look at the time. We then left the game and scurried off to our movie.  

When we got there we were able to catch the movie in a nick-o-time. We were going to watch Wreck It Ralph. The movie ended, and it appealingly made it into my top 5 favoured movies. Number 1 to be exact. All us girlie's, Brooklyn, Shoal, Ashleigh, Huelo-Ata and I ran down the escalator to Dick Smith, and played on the i-pads in there, while waiting for Brooklyn's mum to come and pick us up. When she picked us up, we were starving, so we got home and decided to help Jacintha, Brooke's mum with the cooking, we were going to have Nacho's for dinner. After everyone ate, we took our showers, and headed to bed. Since the little girls took up the whole living room, the older girls had to sleep in a tent outside. It sounds uncomfortable but really it was nice and cosy. It was awesome, first we played blinds man buff, then we tried prank calling people, which failed. Then we just decided to lay anywhere in the tent, and talk.

Most of us just drifted away to sleep like me. So after I went to sleep I didn't know what happened after that. When I woke up, I saw Brooklyn walking around video recording everyone. It was really funny, but they eventually woke up and realised she took photo's of them sleeping. So she got forced to delete them. We all got up cleaned our things, and got ready for breakfast. But first thing was first, we had to ruin the little girls sleep over. It was funny, cause we tried barging in through the door and jumping on them without making a noise, well that was the plan, but the door was wide open, and they saw us trying to sneak in. So we just gave up and help make breakfast.

For breakfast we were going to have Pancakes, with maple syrup, bacon, cocoa puffs, and some other scrumptious looking things. After we ate we all decided to walk down to the local reserve and go for a morning swim, so we got ready, all keen to swim, when suddenly Jacintha got a text from my mum, saying I could get dropped off home right then. So dream kill, I had to get my things packed and get dropped off home. All the girls dropped me off, and I thanked Jacintha for everything. Even though my sleep over got cut off so early over all I had an awesome time. Me and the girls had heaps and heaps of fun together at least. And we made memories at Sylvia Park, being the dance diva's of Noel Leeming. But overall, I had an awesome as time.

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  1. It sounds like your holidays have started with a whole lot of fun. I wish I had seen the Dancing Divas in the mall!

    Mrs Burt


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