Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Part 1 of my Telecom Tree Lighting Trip

On the bus going towards the city, the boys were cracking funny jokes, making the whole crowd sitting near the back of the bus burst into laughter, half of the time. Where were we going? Why are we sitting on a bus you may be asking? Well some students got the huge privilege and opportunity to go to the big Telecom Tree Lighting Ceremony in the city. The very kind and thoughtful people who worked for Telecom provided buses that would take us there, food that would fill us, and heaps of fun we were to have.

“Okay guy’s we’re off here” Mr Burt called from the front door of the bus. Vivienne, Ashleigh, Litia, Samson, Darius, Kingston, Tui, Miracle and I all stood up and slowly walked off of the bus, looking lifeless. But as soon as we received our little packages filled with our evening meals we automatically looked like we had some actual life in us.

One of the Telecom people that directed us as to where we had to go, walked us right down to where the main event was happening. When we got there, we put down our bags, and ran over to this little phone box we had to go in and ring Santa, and ask politely what we wanted for Christmas. Vivienne, Tyrece and I jumped in all at once. Tyrece was much to shy, so Vivienne asked Santa for Tyrece, then I asked Santa what I wanted, then Vivienne. We all exited the little phone box giggling, and actually thinking we would get what we asked for. Well my hopes are up.

Then we scurried off to our bags craving for our food. I had beef and Litia had Vegetarian which is not what she wanted. After Vivienne and I ate we went to a little tent, that was pretty crowded but could just about fit a few more people. There was a circular table in the centre of the tent, and a line going towards a popcorn stand, and a massive drawing that anyone could colour in if they wanted to do so.

We stood in the line of the popcorn stand, and it took quite a while, but Darius, Kingston, Samson, Tui and Miracle were at the front of the line and they were mocking us when they walked past us. We finally reached the front of the line, and the machine broke. So we waited an extra 5 minutes. When we got our popcorn, we headed right to the massive drawing that anyone could colour in. Vivienne and I were colouring in, and all of a sudden, Ashleigh and the boys joined us.

After we drew our names on the massive picture, we then went to the line that were giving out balloons. Denny, one of the telecom helpers came and asked us if we wanted to join him, with his little Gangnam Style flash mob that was going to happen in the centre of the stage. "YEAH SURE" we all replied. And once a pumping song came on, we ditched the line, and ran to the stage. "We got this guys" Samson was saying to all of us, in a nervous toned voice. We each ran on the stage pumped and ready, then the beat came on, and we were all jumping around like maniacs. "Hahahahaha, this is crack up" Sean said from the back with a huge smile on his face. When we were dancing, there were also proper professional dancers dancing at the same time, so we copied their actions, and they were pretty slick. Then the song ended with a huge finale, we all said "EEEHHH." We then went off stage and gave Denny huge high five's and went to play bulrush on the field.

In the photo: The man with the blue coloured Santa hat is Denny.

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