Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 4 @ The Big Family Reunion

Day 4 was the last day at the Marae, and it was the big tidy up day. Everybody, well I think everybody woke up to having drawings on their faces. I had something, my cousin Maree had a Natzi sign,and Gome my other cousin had pimples and dots all over his face. Then was Asu my other cousin, he had on the top of his forehead, I heart u and then kisses all over his face. But then I saw my brother James's face when we told him about the drawing he started to cry. I started to laugh.

Then people started to say "OHHHH IT WAS KENNY AND KEPOUA AND SIU." I couldn't beleive it when I heard it, because Kepoua is married and already has a baby. And he is still acting like little kid. Siu had his girlfriend sleep at the Marae that night. She didn't get anything on her face. And Kenny he is a kid, but they all act so young from their actual age.

So everybody who had a drawing on their faces or bodies hid them and ran straight to the bathroom. Which was not far away. Everybody got angry and started to make plans to try and get back at them. One was to get buckets of water and sneak up from behind them and splash them. The other one was to try and do something to their foods.

Anyway, after getting over the dramatic morning we finally had to get started on the choirs and tidy up. The places where the girls had to clean up was the toilets for both  female and male. It was pretty easy because they weren't really messy. So our choirs were done quite quickly. So then we went back to Marae and started to pack our bags and get ready for the BBQ at my aunties house afterwards.

After everybody left the Marae the Reunion was officially over. The reunion for me was a big help learning who all of my relatives from my dads family were. There was still one or two more occasions to attend. The BBQ where everybody was going to, and the Big Feast the next day.

When we had arrived to the BBQ, everybody was inside and outside the house. All the kids were inside and the adults were out. After we had lunch, the garage was open for all the kids to play pool or ping pong. All the big boys played pool, and all the girls and the little kids played ping pong.

After a little while later was dessert. They were giving out the small blocks of chocolate. Everybody at least took 4 or 3, I took 3, because I llloooovvvveeeee chocolate. So we played a bit more ping pong and soon we had to go. but we were going to come back the next day.

I just couldn't wait for the last day. It would be the biggest day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 3 @ The Big Family Reunion

Today was day 3 for our big family reunion. Today were scheduled to be going to the swimming pools. But due to the whether and the amount of sick kids there were they had cancelled it. We all had to sit in the hall and reflect and see what we were going to be doing for the day. The adults had said that we would be doing sports again!!!!!! Then out came an awwwwww from all the kids. So all, by all I mean all the kids retreated back to the Whare to go to sleep.

Then the parents started to try and figure out what else we could do. Then we all had to go back in the hall to see what we were going to be doing now. They had finally come to say that we were going to the pools. Only the kids that wanted to go had said loud yeses. Everybody who had a car would help with transport.

The pools where we were going to, was The Mangere pools. I was one of the kids that wanted to go. When we had arrived at the pools we were the first ones there. So we had to wait for a long time till the others came. From the view outside it wasn't that full.

But the indoor pools were packed for the babies side. The outdoor pools was where we were going to be spending the day. There were 2 slides. One slide for the big kids, the other for the babies, or 9 and under. But I went on both. There were 2 bombing pools. One with no diving boards, the other with 2 diving boards the same height on each end.

First was first, we had decided to go on the slide, the big kids slide. In order for you to get to the top of the slide, you had to walk or run up a steep slippery, from the wet togs, hill. I actually wanted to go to the bombing pools first. But they were packed, no wonder where all the people were. Apparently the rest of my cousins, boy cousins beat us up the hill.

So which means that they took twice as long because they kept on fussing about who was going to go first and all that rubbish. Finally they had made up their minds. After they had went the line was way more quiet. My turn had come up and I was freaking out. If one of the older boys screamed then I would scream even louder. WHOSSHH, I went down as fast as it took me. And yesI scremed louder but not longer.

After a couple of turns running up the hill and coming down the slide we came to a stop. We were to exhausted to run more, so we stopped and started to swim. The boys were down there as well so they kind of took up the whole pool. So then we decided to lye outside the edge of the pool. SPLASH the stupid boys had ruined our relax time. So then we had to get revenge. We asked our 18 year old  cousin to help us to get back at them. So she did. We found their bags and took their clothes.

After the whole fun filled day we finally retreated to goand get changed. As we were getting changed we could hear the boys saying where is our clothes like little girls. Then we all high fived each other. Then finished getting changed and returned their clothes. And we were even.

When we got back to the Marae I felt even more drained then I felt the day before. And this time we were allowed a short rest, before the rest of the day.

Friday, January 20, 2012

No more Pencil and Paper

Netbooks are such a huge help to our schools future. They give us a lot of access to things happening online. It helps with all sorts of subjects, since we have connection also to websites teaching us educational things.

The negative bits about having a net book, is that we really can’t record anything. It would be really nice if we could record podcasts with it. Positive point about having a net book was that we could do projects more independently now. And having no Teacher teach me at times makes me feel like a pro.

Comparing last year to this year would be so easy. Everything is different and more efficient because of our net books. We don’t have to go back home with sore aching wrists. And most importantly we all have improved with each and every subject.

Back in the days (Last Year) the learning was so so boooorrriiinnnggg. We had to wait for turns on the big screens. Separately we had to use a pencil and paper, which took me 1 hundred years to write one sentence. (Joking) So obviously you could see that we were pretty much dying for something faster and way better to use.

Writing used to also be a big toughie for me personally. It was really hard to try to improve a lot of things in one sentence. Now that we have this technical device it saves our wrists from having to move around real often.

Now that we have a net book it makes me feel at ease, because I know that things now a days can be done more faster. I really want my net book to stay and if it doesn’t, I don’t know whether I will survive. But anyway having a net book has been the best experience ever.I would hate it if it had to be taken away, and I hope it doesn't.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 2 @ The Big Family Reunion

Day 2 was to me the most funnest, because it was sports day. It was held in the Marae, because there was a big field in the grounds. So the games on sports day we were scheduled to play were,

1: Tug of War
2:The Spoon and Egg race
3: Rubbish bag race (instead of potato sacks we used rubbish bags)
4: Throwing Water Balloon
5: Then all of a sudden water fight turned out to be one of the games.

Starting off with the Tug of War was extremely fun. First we had to be put into categories. Children's, Women's, Men's and then everybody. I had accidentally came late so then I had to join the women's challenges. My side kept on winning everything except for the very last game. We had
the useless men so we ended up loosing. (nah just joking)

Game two was The Egg Race. We each had been given a spoon and then an egg. The aim of the game was to get to the other side with the spoon in our mouth's while the egg was also attached to it. I was the first one to go, it was really easy, but sadly we came third in that relay. As we had came to sit down and check the leader board, we were coming third. Not quite bad.

Game three, the rubbish bag race. This game was the most hilarious one of them all. People cheated, and tried to poke holes through the bags to make places for their feet to go. This game was a catastrophe. Luckily I didn't cheat, because I wanted win that chocolate fair and square.

Game number four, was the water balloon throwing contest. This was when everybody knew that they were going to get wet. So most sat out. But everybody that participated had a heap of fun. Like me. I was very annoyed when I saw that my partner was a little girl that was only 7 years old. Our fist and second try was successful, but when it had come to our third try I was the one that had been pooped with water all over me. The same team that had won the rest of the other relays had won it again.

Game number five was the all of a sudden WATER FIGHT!!!!!!!! My cousin Haze from Australia had started it. He chucked a balloon at one of our uncles and then our uncle yelled the two magic words that were going to get everybody wet. Even the people that sat out finally wanted to take part. So everybody but one person didn't get wet. The person that started it. Haze, so everyone had put their water balloons together and chucked them all at once. He wad the one that was mostly wet.

After all of those fantastic activities we had come to sit down and read the points board. Obviously with no doubt Arasi's team had won by a long mile. Then came Nive's team, then came Patricia's team (my team), Last but not least came Tafina's team. All the teams still got the same amount of chocolate as everybody else.

At the end of the day my body was drained of energy. I guess what tomorrow will be like.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day One @ The Big Family Reunion

The family reunion had just come.  It is when your Cousins, Uncles and Aunties come from all over the world. Most of my family had come from Australia and  Wellington. The place where we would be staying at was, Ruapiti Marae. Not to far away from the Auckland Airport.

On the day we had been welcomed into the Marae, was the day that we could find out who and where everybody came from. After having to sit in the Marae for a little while, we were welcomed into the hall for the first time. When we all entered we had told to be seatten in one massive circle. It was so embarrassing because we had to stand up and say our names. Whew I thought, glad to get that off my chest, as I was sitting down.

Following that, we were finally allowed to settle in. (like see who is sleeping where) I didn't have much to bring in. Seeing the rest of the other people bring theirs in was like seeing a avalanche. But we could all still manage. This was also only day one, and we were still expecting a lot more people arriving at 2 in the morning.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. That was all I had been given for Christmas. That was all I wanted as well. To celebrate we had a BBQ and invited friends over. We had all sorts of food It wasn't as good as the past few years, but it was all right. Now all I want is clothes and new shoes. I can't wait for next year. And lets see if it is better then this year.