Friday, January 20, 2012

No more Pencil and Paper

Netbooks are such a huge help to our schools future. They give us a lot of access to things happening online. It helps with all sorts of subjects, since we have connection also to websites teaching us educational things.

The negative bits about having a net book, is that we really can’t record anything. It would be really nice if we could record podcasts with it. Positive point about having a net book was that we could do projects more independently now. And having no Teacher teach me at times makes me feel like a pro.

Comparing last year to this year would be so easy. Everything is different and more efficient because of our net books. We don’t have to go back home with sore aching wrists. And most importantly we all have improved with each and every subject.

Back in the days (Last Year) the learning was so so boooorrriiinnnggg. We had to wait for turns on the big screens. Separately we had to use a pencil and paper, which took me 1 hundred years to write one sentence. (Joking) So obviously you could see that we were pretty much dying for something faster and way better to use.

Writing used to also be a big toughie for me personally. It was really hard to try to improve a lot of things in one sentence. Now that we have this technical device it saves our wrists from having to move around real often.

Now that we have a net book it makes me feel at ease, because I know that things now a days can be done more faster. I really want my net book to stay and if it doesn’t, I don’t know whether I will survive. But anyway having a net book has been the best experience ever.I would hate it if it had to be taken away, and I hope it doesn't.

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  1. Hi Makerita,

    I hope you are enjoying your holidays.

    I really enjoyed reading you post 'No more pencils and paper', it was really interesting to me to here your perspective and thoughts about your netbook. I am really pleased you think it is helpful to your learning.

    I look forward to reading some of your posts this year.


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